As per Cagatay’s orders, Kulkan sells Efsun into slavery to a drug lord called Nazim. Efsun is a couple of months pregnant with Yamac’s child at this stage. In an attempt to rescue Efsun, falls into the hands of the psychopathic Kulkan. Yamac is transported to Afghanistan.

At the commencement of this week’s episode we see that Salih/Vartolu has returned from his stint in Afghanistan . He has brought with him an old man that he has befriended. The old man is very much like a father to Salih. Salih of course knows nothing of what has gone on between the Erdenets and Yamac and he has just missed Akin’s wedding.

Salih presents himself to Saadet. It has been so long since he saw her and she throws herself into his arms.

Saadet brings Salih up to date of what happened with Yamac and Efsun. She tells him that since the wedding they haven’t seen Yamac. Salih thinks that Yamac has taken time to please himself instead of his family and Cukur. He has no idea the trouble Yamac is in at the present time.

The old man turns out to be the brother of Idris Kocovali. He is introduced as Uncle Cumali. Cumali doesn’t seem to like his attitude and he has always thought that Uncle Cumali was dead. In saying that he knows that his grave in the Kocovali plot is empty. So why did he pretend to be dead.

Cumali walks Uncle Cumali to the front gates of the Kocovali mansion. Uncle Cumali offers the family any help they need and tells Cumali that he is very proud of him.

As Uncle Cumali drives off he is watched by Cumali who sees another person gets into the car. It is Nedim the right hand of Halil Ibrahim. Cumali thinks to himself, “What is your deal?”

Inside the car Nedim brings Uncle Cumali up to date about Yamac. He tells him that Kulkan has Yamac and has taken him to Afghanistan. In our past episode we saw that Kulkan and Nedim made a deal but we did not know what it was. In this episode we see that they worked together to set Yamac up and to remove him and Efsun.

So Uncle Cumali knows about Yamac. He has been in on his kidnapping. They have fooled Salih but can they fool Cumali. Already Cumali thinks that something is amiss and Uncle Cumali knows that Cumali will not accept him as the head of Cukur nor will he obey him. He tells Nedim to take care of Cumali and especially Medet who helps to draw Salih into his old life and attachment to Cukur. Uncle Cumali feels that this will help make the way clear for him to take over.

At the cemetery Salih visits his dead brother’s grave. He finds it hard to look at Selim’s grave stone and feels sadness that he wasn’t there when he needed him. He speaks to him and tells him that he was such a good person and Salih was just as evil.

Alico believes he is danger somewhere. He gets Salih to call him. So he texts. Kulkan has Yamac’s phone and sends a text to Salih and tells him not to worry about him and he isn’t coming back. Alico will not believe that the text was from Yamac. He and Emmi make the decision to track down Yamac.

Meanwhile in an abandoned village in Afghanistan, Yamac wakes to find himself in a cave with Kulkan standing over him. He has no idea that he is in Afghanistan. Kulkan tells him that this is the first day of his new life and from today on Kulkan will be moulding him into a new person with a new identity. He drives in the fact that nobody knows where he is and nobody will ever find him.

Kulkan’s names Yamac “Bug”. He tells him that he should have killed him when he had the chance because when he is finished he will not even be able to remember his name.

Yamac is tortured over week’s and months. He is made to live in the cave like an animal. Kulkan tells him that a “Bug” cannot have tattoo’s. He plans to remove the Cukur tattoo on Yamac’s chest.

Kulkan uses lemon juice and caustic soda and applies it to Yamac’s tattoo. The pain is excruciating and rips into his skin. Kulkan then wraps Yamac in plastic.

Months pass again and Yamac is subjected to even greater torture both emotionally and physically.

After months of solitary confinement, Yamac is drawn, thin, agitated, suffers from cold and heat and is mentally traumatised. He is exposed to lights on in the night combined with noises as he is exposed to unbelievable trauma. At times of deepest mental anguish he sees his father who tells him to have courage.

Over many more months Kulkan continues to torture Yamac. As long Yamac still responds to his name the torture will continue. Kulkan’s goal is to brain wash Yamac until he believes that he is the “bug”.

After two years Yamac eventually gives in and calls himself “Bug”. By this time his tattoo has gone and no remembrance of Cukur is left on his body.

Kulkan finally leaves Yamac and drives away into the desert. At first Yamac is too scared to venture out of his cave but hunger drives him to find something to eat. His first steps into the outside world were terrifying to him but his brave nature helps him to succeed.

Yamac befriends a family of goat herders who live in the abandoned village. He now acts as a shepherd for them for food and water. After a number of weeks fate brings Yamac two of his most beloved friends who have not given up on him. To Yamac they are strangers and to Emmi and Alico, Yamac is unrecognisable.

Alico and Emmi have travelled so far. Alico has a rope tied around his waste to stop Emmi wandering off. His dementia has progressed and he wanders in and out of the present time. He doesn’t recognise anybody and hallucinates.

Yamac takes them to his cave to show hospitality. Yamac does not know who they are but senses a closeness between them. It is Emmi that sees the mark of Cukur carved on the cave wall. Although Yamac has no tattoo now he has marked the wall when he was imprisoned. Emmi and Alico now know that the person who is facing them is none other than Yamac.

Alico and Emmi cry as they face Yamac. Alico tells him that he told him that he would never leave him. Yamac is scared but in time he recognises Alico and understands that his name really is “Yamac”. The three set out on the road trip by foot from Afghanistan to Turkey.

Our episode now turns to a scene where Efsun is singing in a night club. The night club also stands as a meeting place for men and prostitution. Conversation with the women around the tables tells you that Efsun is not allowed to mingle with the men at the night club. All the same the men desire Efsun as they watch her sing.

Efsun has a manager and his name is Nizam. He is the man that Kulkan sold Efsun to. He himself is completely smitten with Efsun but he is a cruel man and beats her. Efsun appears to be in Adana at the moment travelling and singing at various night clubs. She has been there for approximately two weeks.

After her appearance at the night club she is taken to a unit where she is reunited with her daughter who seems to be kept under lock and key. Her little girl looks to be about 2 years old. It seems that they have been separated for some time.

Efsun is only allowed to spend a little time with her daughter and she is then put into a garage to spend the night. You can see that her captive life has been traumatic. There are signs on her wrists that she has attempted to take her life. She also takes medications/drugs to help her cope.

It seems that Efsun is used as a singer forced into working for Nizam who uses Efsun as his business. He has a circuit of night clubs which pay him handsomely for Efsun’s entertainment. He keeps Efsun’s little daughter as blackmail to keep Efsun working for him.

So now we know that Yamac has a daughter who of course he has never seen. In his present state Yamac does not remember Efsun ever existed. His mental state will take some time to heal and for his memory to return. At the present time he doesn’t even know who he is.

At one time when they stop for food on the road, Yamac sees one of his abusers who tortured him in the cave. He attacks the man but he escapes and drives off in a red truck. The driver contacts Kulkan and let’s him know that Yamac has escaped the abandoned village and is on his way home with two travellers.

Kulkan cannot believe that Yamac could recognise the truck driver. He now knows that if he recognised the truck driver that he will eventually remember everything else. He tells the truck driver to kill him.

The three musketeers (Emmi, Alico and Yamac) take to the road once more with each step taking them ever closer to their home, Cukur. They are picked up this time by a Turkish speaking man who agrees to give them a lift. Not far behind them the red truck follows them. The truck runs them off the road. They lie injured inside the car and Yamac drags them out of the car.

Out of nowhere the truck driver attacks Yamac. Yamac fights him off and with no thought at all shoots him dead in a comfortable manner.

Yamac takes them all to the hospital. They are admitted and share a room together until their injuries heal. They are given bus tickets as a gift by their doctor to travel back to Istanbul. Yamac tells the doctor that if he needs any help to contact him in Cukur.

Meanwhile, Efsun who goes under the name of Simlay Alba has just been released from jail where she has withdrawn from her drug addiction.

As she lies on the floor Efsun promises herself that she will see her daughter again.

The three musketeers finally enter the streets of Cukur. Alico heads for his humpy down by the water. They have been gone for so long and things have changed . His humpy has been turned into a fish restaurant and it is unrecognisable.

Yamac also feels strange as he walks down the street in Cukur which was home to him. Cukur is also unrecognisable. It has been cleaned up. Everything has had a makeover.

Yamac can still see the Cukur sign which is visible on the wall outside the Coffee House.

He stands looking down at the street where his brother Selim died in his arms.

He walks to the Coffee House and gazes through the locked doors to see furniture stacked on the floor. His memory comes back and he says, “Cukur”.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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