Yamac promised himself that he would kill all the Erdenets and he dug four graves in preparation for their bodies. He has filled two graves completely and now he has the task of burying Cagatay, although Cagatay will have to be buried in pieces after he was blown up by a land mine.

Kulkan is the fourth and last Erdenet on Yamac’s list and his grave awaits his fate.

Meanwhile at the Kocovali mansion, Yamac returns home to find Efsun is not there. Sultan nervously lies to him and tells him that Efsun has willingly left him. All the other women in the household know that Sultan dragged Efsun out of the house and threw her into the snowy darkness of the night. Sultan has warned all of the Kocovali women not to say a word to Yamac.

Nobody knows that Efsun was picked up off the streets by the ever vigilent Kulkan.

Yamac cannot believe that Efsun would do such a thing without speaking to him first. He leaves the house to search for her. What he doesn’t know is that Kulkan has given Efsun to a drug dealer as requested by Cagatay’s in his last Will. Cagatay has ordered that Efsun is not to die but she should spend her remaining days in the pits of darkness.

Before Efsun is led away Kulkan takes a photo of her so he can send it to Yamac. The Drug Lord injects Efsun with narcotics and places her in his car. Where he takes her we don’t know.

It is hard for Yamac to believe that Efsun has left him. He knows her well enough to understand that she would at least have told him if she was leaving him. He checks out her home and finds it empty. He asks himself “Why”?

Kulkan is hiding. He knows that the Kocovali’s are looking for him. They nearly caught him but let him slip through their fingers.

Meanwhile at the Kocovali mansion the women and men of the family prepare for Akin’s wedding. They go on a shopping spree for clothes. Murteza follows them and watches Ayse from a distance. He drools with love for her. She meets him secretly and he tells her that he has looked for her for such a long time and now he has found her he will not let her go now. He gives her a phone for communication.

Although Yamac is happy for Akin he is very unhappy himself. His love for Efsun is great and her absence has made him miserable. The not knowing where she is and the lack of contact leaves him with an unsettled feeling inside his heart.

Our episode now travels to Afghanistan where Salih/Vartolu went on a killing spree when he found out that Selim was dead. He now visits an elderly man whom he will be escorting back to Turkey for safety. He now looks more like himself after he has had a haircut and shave and dons his black suit and red kerchief. Salih finds it strange to be going home after such a long time.

Salih travels with a three car escort on the roads of Afghanistan. They are ambushed as a militant group tries to kill the old man.

They make their way into the bush and try to escape. The gunmen follow them and the old man is shot trying to save Salih’s life. Salih gets mad and takes revenge.

Back in Istanbul, Kulkan feels scared that the Kocovali’s will find him. He finds Nedim who tells him to have patience and he only has to wait one more night.

Meanwhile the men of Cukur relax and enjoy each other company at Akin’s buck’s party. There will be many sore heads in the morning as the alcohol flows freely.

The wedding is a large gathering. Iskander is there and with the joining of Akin and Yasmin there is now a Turkish and Afghanistan connection in the family.

Karaca looks beautiful in her purple dress and Celasun is taken back by a vision of loveliness although he can see that Karaca has sadness thinking of her own disastrous wedding day. He follows her out onto terrace and puts his arms around her and hugs her to himself and shares her sorrow.

Cumali gets his own gift at the wedding. Damla tells him that she is pregnant.

Alcohol flows freely and its effects are felt by Saadet. It loosens her tongue and she tells Yamac that Sultan threw Efsun out of the house and into the street.

Yamac is furious. He takes his mother out of the wedding venue and confronts her. He defends Efsun and tells his mother that she is the mother of his child and he loves her. Sultan replies that she is the murderer of her husband and does not deserve a place within the family. She tells Yamac that he has made many mistakes already and she will not accept Efsun and his child into the family.

Although Yamac tells her that he is the murderer of his father and not Efsun, his mother will not accept it Efsun’s part. Yamac tells her that she was the one who brought him from Paris to be head of the family. He is now what she has moulded him into and he will not sacrifice his child or Efsun for her.

Yamac is now fuelled with anger and worry over what has happened to Efsun. He drives off and goes home and sits on his bed. He looks at a book belonging to Efsun called “Flowers of Evil”. He takes the book with him as he leaves the Kocovali mansion on his search for his love.

Nedim watches Yamac leave the mansion and calls Kulkan. He tells him that he can go ahead and call Yamac now.

Kulkan firstly sends him the photo taken at the night club before Efsun was taken away. He then send him another photo taken of Efsun sitting on a chair, handcuffed and blind folded. Kulkan tells him to come and get her. He has laid a trap for Yamac.

Kulkan sits and watches as a lone Yamac enters the building where he believes Efsun is being held. Yamac is set upon by many men with and without weapons. He is continually beaten over and over again as he makes his way up the stairwell to where he believes Efsun is being held. With his remaining energy he crawls to her and removes her blindfold. He finds the woman is not Efsun but somebody dressed in her clothes. He weeps with frustration. He feels defeated. He is beaten and weak.

He is immobilised and lies on the floor unconscious with Kulkan standing over him.

Yamac is transported that evening in a truck to Afghanistan. On his way Kulkan injects Yamac with drugs. Yamac drifts off into unconsciousness as the truck takes him further and further into Afghanistan.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see the outcome.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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