The Assassin has planted bombs all over the neighbourhood. Akin has been critically injured by one and has been taken to hospital. Cumali has had his bomb disarmed by Yasmin but Emmi and Alico are both sitting on bombs and cannot get out of their chairs until they have been disarmed.

Yasmin who was taken out of her hospital bed is in a weakened state but she disarms both the bombs and is then taken hospital.

The family gather at the hospital for news of Akin’s condition. Murteza is there and he has recognised Ayse.

Kulkan still follows Efsun around Cukur hoping to get an opportunity to kidnap her. He even tries to grab her at the hospital but misses his chance.

Akin regains consciousness and has guilt regarding his grandfathers death. He begins to cry wants to tell Cumali about his guilt. Cumali does not allow him to confess.

Efsun asks Akin if he feels weird like she does about the part they played in the death of Idris. Efsun now has regrets after getting to know the Kocovali family. Akin tells her there is only one person he knows that would understand and that is Salih/Vartolu.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Iskandar tells Salih that he will be returning to Turkey very soon. Salih still has not been able to meet with Halil Ibrahaim. It is Iskandar who tells Salih that Selim has been murdered. It was not long ago that Salih listened to an old message from Selim whom he loved very much.

Kulkan meets with Nedim. Kulkan really wants to do business with Halil Ibrahim but he is told he can only speak with Nedim as Halil Ibraham is in Afghanistan. Kulkan makes a deal with Nedim.

At the hospital Yamac remembers the computer which was set up to record where Seren’s location. He hurries to see if Seren has left him the location where he can find Cagatay. He and Cumali are excited to find that Seren had done what she promised. Finally they know where Cagatay is.

Yasmin is back in her hospital bed a couple of rooms away from Akin. The Kocovali family has a roster set up to watch over them both.

Emmi’s dementia is progressing and he now suffers with hallucinations mixed with reality. Today he is looking for a letter that he placed in a book which he gave to Alico.

Alico remembers Emmi giving him the letter. Emmi told Alico that he had to give the letter to Yamac should anything happen to him. Alico tells Emmi that the letter has been hidden in a house in a green couch. They walk together to the address but find the house has been demolished.

In hospsital, Akin is given the news that Yamac and Cumali are going after Cagatay. Akin would like to go with them but his injuries prevent that.

At the Kocovali mansion, Cumali tells Damla about Efsun’s involvement in the death of his father. His conversation is overheard by Sultan who is listening outside his bedroom door. Life for Efsun inside the Kocovali mansion will not be the same from now on.

When Karaca and Efsun arrive back at the Kocovali mansion they are confronted by an irate Sultan. She does not let Efsun in the front door and slaps her in the face.

Efsun is then dragged by Sultan to the front gates of the mansion and thrown out into the street. She even spits on her. The gates are shut leaving Efsun outside the gates, on the ground in the snow and very much alone. Efsun breaks down and calls Yamac on his phone but he does not pick up.

Kulkan, who is sitting in his car watching the front gates of the Kocovali mansion, cannot believe his luck when he sees Efsun thrown out onto the road. Efsun has been delivered right into his hands as if by a miracle.

Just as Cumali and Yamac are about to leave to go and find Cagatay, they receive a call to go to the hospital where trouble has broken out. The trouble at the hospital is due to Iskandar . He has arrived from Afghanistan and has gone straight to the hospital where Yasmin and Akin are being treated. He has brought a contingent of armed men with him. He wants he has come to kill Yasmin and Akin.

Akin is wheeled into Yasmin’s hospital room. When Yamac arrives he can see that the situation is tense. Akin knows the Afghani traditions and to save them both being killed he turns to Yasmin and asks her to marry him. If Yasmin agrees, Iskandar will accept that their sin has been paid for. Luckily, Yasmin agrees to marry Akin which to them is not disappointing as they both feel a chemical attraction to each other anyway.

Meanwhile, Kulkan has captured Efsun and taken her to Cagatay. Yamac does not know that her life is in danger. Cagatay loves Efsun himself but he knows that she is Yamac’s weakness and he will use this weakness to the utmost.

Cagatay tells Efsun that she is a great woman but she fell for the wrong guy. He wants to make a deal with Efsun to stay with him. Efsun’s answer to him is that she would rather die.

Cagatay is happy to give her what she requests. He calls Kulkan and tells him that Efsun is going to leave the mansion permanently and tells him to take her to HELL!

Murteza uses the pretext of looking for Yamac to gain access into the Kocovali mansion. He is looking for Ayse. When Ayse sees him she is shocked. Murteza tells her that he has looked for her everywhere and he has missed her and he will be coming back for her when the time is right.
He leaves the mansion as quickly as he came.

Cumali and Yamac begin their assault on Cagatay’s mansion. There is only the two of them this time and they have to be careful. The only saving grace is that Cagatay does not know that they are coming.

The security guards alert Cagatay and Kulkan and Cagatay escapes. They find Kulkan who gives himself up. Kulkan makes a deal with them. He will give them Cagatay’s location if they agree to a declaration of peace. Cumali and Yamac sees this as reasonable option for the time being. Yamac shoots Kulkan in the leg just as a parting gesture.

The brothers arrive at the location that is given to them by Kulkan. Cagatay believes he is safe but you can see he is on edge. The Kocovali brothers find him and taunt him in the darkness.

Cagatay is hit from behind by Yamac and the two brothers carry his unconscious body away.
When he wakes he finds that he is strung up by ropes and dangling from the rafters.

Before Cumali or Yamac punish Cagatay for his evil deeds leashed on the Kocovali family and Cukur, Akin arrives from his hospital bed. He is weak and injured but with the help of Metin he will not miss out on the execution of the man who killed his father.

Each family member has a gift for Cagatay before they kill him. Akin shows him his father’s book “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”. Selim would read this book to him as a small boy. He places the book at the feet of Cagatay. Yamac lays his brothers prayer beads on top of the book. Cumali presents him with a pacifier that he bought for his baby which Damla miscarried his baby due to Cagatay.

Yamac makes his way over to the rope which suspends Cagatay in the air. He lights a candle under the rope which slowly burns its way through. Yamac explains to Cagatay that he has a land mine under him. He tells him that seeing he likes using bombs so much to kill innocent people, that is the way that he will leave this world.

The candle has burnt through the rope. Cagatay is dropped onto the land mine.

As the Kocovali boys walk away, they leave Cagatay standing on top of the bomb, Cagatay cannot help himself, he sneezes and activates the bomb. Farewell Cagatay Erdenet!

Three Erdenets have now been taken care of. There is a grave dug for Cagatay next to his father and brother but since cagatay was blown up there may be only bits of him left for Yamac to bury.

Yamac still has another grave ready for Kulkan. Kulkan is the only other Erdenet on the list but Yamac let him go so he could get to Cagatay. Yamac of course has no idea that Efsun is not at home. I am sure in our next episode when he finds out what happened to the woman he loves, we will see if Efsun survived her meeting with Cagatay and whether Kulkan really did as Cagatay told him and killed her.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see the outcome.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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