Yamac gets to bury his second victim in his pre-dug graves. This time it is Cengiz. Cagatay set his father up and made it easy for Yamac to get access to him. Kulkan was also no better.

Yamac now has two more empty graves waiting for their occupants. They are for Cagatay and Kulkan.

On returning to the Coffee House, Yamac approaches Cumali and they flip a coin to see who their next victim will be. The next victim is not shared with us at this time.

Yamac and Cumali know that the job ahead will not be easy but they have an agreement that their brothers death will not be in vain. They remember how Selim came home bleeding to death after Cagatay stabbed him. They will not give up until they have finished the job.

Meanwhile, Murteza sits outside the Kocovali mansion gates relaying information to Cagatay on the Kocovali’s movement. He meets the mother of the little baby that has been adopted into the Kocovali family. She tells him that she had to give him up as she had no milk and no money. Ayse is now taking care of the baby just like it is her own child.

On the rooftops of Cukur young local lookouts are attacked by Cagatay’s assassin. They are left beaten after they catch the Assassin on the rooftop of Cukur inhabitants.

The Assassin has also been planting bombs and setting booby traps in the neighbourhood. One of these traps is set for Celasun and Meke on a security rounds. The boys are trapped in an underground warehouse after catching the Assassin creeping around. They are thrown hand grenades which have the pins taken out. They are locked in with no way of escape and a hand grenade in each hand.

Cagatay phones just to tease Yamac. He knows that Yamac must have his hands full with all the bombs that the Assassin has left for him. They both threaten each other with death but when Cagatay rubs in that killing Selim was like killing an animal, Yamac wreathes with anger and the desire to get his hands on him. Yamac promises Cagatay that he will make sure that his death will be longer and he will suffer more than his father did.

Cagatay warns him that he will have a lot more problems in Cukur before he will have the time to come and look for him.

Cagatay finds Seren at the Cemetery. He has her followed. He has assumed that Seren killed his mother. She tries to get away from him but is caught eventually.

Meanwhile unbeknown to the residents of Cukur the Assassin has planted bombs throughout the community.

Meke and Celasun’s bomb has been planted in the underground warehouse and they are still locked in trying to find a way to get out.

Cumali takes his morning coffee in the Coffee House and finds a bomb has been planted under his chair.

In the local hospital, Yasmin wakes to find Akin sitting by her side. Akin is told that Yasmin will have to have an operation as she has a metal fragment in her skull, remnants from an exploded bomb in Afghanistan when she was a child. The fragment of metal is still lodged in her skull and now she has epileptic fits because of this. Akin is told that if Yasmin does not have the operation to remove the fragment of metal she will be paralysed. Akin shows great concern over this. He is drawn more and more towards a growing love for Yasmin.

Yasmin and Akin leave her room for tests and while they are away a bomb is planted in her room.

Another bomb is planted under Alico’s lounge chair beside the water. Alico now has Seher and her two children living with him. He sends them to safety and calls for Yamac to help him.

Seren is brought to Cagatay’s home. Seren tells Cagatay that she has prepared herself for her fate and she knows that death is imminent. What Cagatay does not know is that Seren has previously met with Yamac in Cukur. She wants to help Yamac find Cagatay’s hiding place.

Seren is set up with a location finder on her phone. Once she is inside Cagatay’s home she will send her location back to Cukur allowing Yamac to be able to find the elusive Cagatay.

Seren does as she promised. As soon as she walks into Cagatay’s mansion she sets the signal off which is relayed to Cukur in the middle of the night. This signal will be Seren’s revenge on the Erdenet family for killing her parents. Yamac will have inside knowledge of where to find Cagatay.

At the hospital, Akin and Yasmin are locked inside her room with an unexploded bomb behind the door.

It seems that Yasmin has hidden talents after growing up in war torn Afghanistan. She has seen the disarming of bombs undertaken many times. She takes a pair of scissors and disarms the bomb in her room.

At the Kocovali mansion, Kulkan still keep an eye out for Efsun. At present she is always surrounded by the Kocovali family who protect her. Cagatay tells him to keep following Efsun until he gets the opportunity to kidnap her.

Efsun is brought to the centre of Cukur where Sultan and the girls will set up the soup kitchen. She recalls how Yucel, Timsah, Azer and herself stood on a verandah and discussed how they would set up Yamac to kill his father and if Yamac was to survive how he will take his revenge from them all.

Efsun feels nervous standing in the heart of Cukur which surrounds her. She has stepped into another world and she does not feel comfortable at all. Karaca tells her that once you are in Cukur you can never get out.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Salih/Vartolu is ready to come home. He has had enough. Iskandar has found out that Yasmin and Akin stayed in the same house together and under traditional laws Akin now has to marry Yasmin or her father has to kill her. Salih tries hard to get signal so he can call home. He manages to hear Selim’s farewell to him when Selim thought that he was going away and leaving Cukur. Salih has not heard that Selim is now dead.

Emmi is the next victim of an unexploded bomb. In a demented state he sits in a chair and sets the mechanism off. If he rises from the chair the bomb will go off. They hope that Yasmin will be able to get to him soon.

Meke and Celasun escape their dungeon of bombs but keep looking for the Assassin. They don’t have to look far because he finds them and beats them senseless.

Murteza follows Ayse and the sick baby to the hospital. It is there that Murteza sees Ayse. He knows her and it seems by the look on Murteza’s face that they may have a history but have not seen each other for quite some time. Murteza looks quite the man in his Hyena like coat.

Akin brings Yasmin to the Coffee House in Cukur to disarm the bombs. She sets to work on disarming Cumali’s bomb first. Akin becomes nervous and he is told to wait outside the Coffee House until Yasmin has finished. He sits on a chair opposite the Coffee House and waits. Within sight the Assassin and Kulkan watch Akin from a window close by. Kulkan has a triggering mechanism in his hand.

Yamac brings Akin the good news that the bomb has been disarmed. At this time Kulkan triggers a bomb which has been placed just behind where Akin is sitting. The force of the explosion lifts Akin bodily out his chair and throws him across the road. Akin lies motionless in the road.

Yamac gathers him in his arms scared that another member of his family may die because of the Erdenets. He begs Akin to open his eyes.
Kulkan picks up his phone most excitedly and calls Cagatay. He tells him that Akin has been taken care of. Cagatay feels it has been a good day because he has also taken care of Seren. She lies dead on his lounge. He covers her body with a sheet.

Meanwhile, Alico is calling out for Yamac. He still sits in his lounge beside the water waiting for somebody to come and disarm his bomb.

Join Turk-Flix next week for the outcome.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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