At the conclusion of last week’s episode Cengiz had left his home and the Erdenet business to hide in his hotel. The hotel is empty and Cengiz lives there alone. He is paranoid that Yamac will find him. He sleeps in his wardrobe and hopes that Cagatay and Kulkan will come to save him.

In the woods surrounding the hotel, Akin is on look out duty. He calls Cumali and tells him that Cagatay has turned up.

Another shadowy figure arrives at the same time as Cagatay. He is a hired assassin in costume!

Cengiz knows that Cagatay has come back to look for his mother. Cengiz tells him that he has not seen Olga, Surreya or Seren for days. Cagatay also has an interest in Efsun and asks his father what has happened to her. Cengiz is certainly not going to tell his son that he ordered Kulkan to cut her up with a chain saw. He recruits Murteza to look for her.

Emmi has Alzheimers but he can talk to Yasmin in Pashto, a language from Kandahar. Karaca wonders where Emmi learnt the language.

Karaca brings Yasmin with her to work in the Soup Kitchen. Yasmin is feeling unwell. Yasmin was sent to Istanbul for medical attention but so far she has received none. Akin and Yamac are at the Coffee House next door when they hear Karaca yelling for help. They rush into the Soup Kitchen to find Yasmin collapsed and taking a seizure on the floor. She is taken to the hospital.

Yamac contacts Nedim about the medical needs of Yasmin. Nedim will not tell him anything and Yamac is told that the mystery will be cleared up soon. Epilepsy has been diagnosed for young Yasmin.

Cagatay tells his father to take a rest and leave everything to him now. Cagatay believes that he has run the largest illegal company in Istanbul for over 20 years and he is not going to let a smart kid like Yamac destroy this. Cagatay also wants to explore a little more his relationship with Efsun. He had made a deal with Efsun before he went abroad, he wants to know if that deal still holds.

Kulkan is once more at the same night club where he killed the young waiter from Cukur. This time he is paranoid and has a gun in his hand threatening the guests. He has not been able to sleep since he was put in a pit and hung Ogeday. Nedim finds Kulkan at the night club. He has drunk far too much alcohol. Kulkan does not know who Nedim is. Nedim tells him that he works for a very important client. He offers him revenge on the Kocovali’s and help from Halil Ibrahim.

Cagatay phones Yamac and rubs into his face that the last time he spoke with him he was killing his brother Selim. He teases Yamac’s and asks him if he has seen Efsun lately?

Yamac knows exactly what Cagatay is getting at. He is using Efsun as a threat against him. Cagatay tells Yamac that he will find her himself. Yamac feels the hair on the back of his neck rise with fear with the need to protect her. Cagatay knows that Efsun is his weakness and he will use her to get to him.

He rushes to the unit where Efsun and Medet are staying. When he enters the unit he grabs hold of Efsun and holds her in his arms. He tells her to get her things together as they are leaving the unit and moving into his home in Cukur. Cagatay has them followed by Murteza and he now knows that Efsun is staying with Yamac in the Kocovali mansion.

Yamac prepares his mother for the news that Efsun is pregnant with his child. Sultan has just got over being told that Nehir was carrying his child. Sultan handles the situation nobly and welcomes Efsun.

Efsun is shown Yamac’s room by Karaca. Karaca realises that she has finally met the Efsun that her dead husband had identified as having been involved with the death of her grandfather. This may be her chance to take her own revenge against Efsun.

In the woods opposite the Erdenet Hotel, Celasun is attacked by a martial arts expert. Yamac, Cumali and the boys creep through the woods with many hidden booby traps set for them. They finally reach the Hotel but are met by machine gun fire from the martial arts expert who was waiting for them. The group enter the Hotel and go looking for Cengiz who lives on the top floor. They find he is not home. They have unknowingly been led into a trap. The assassin waits for them with further deadly booby traps inflicting injuries on them all.

It is Yamac who comes face to face with the martial arts assassin. He finds him in the laundry. When he first sees him he can’t believe what he sees. He soon finds out that the assassin is a weapon unto himself.

Yamac tries but cannot beat the assassin, rather he nearly kills Yamac. Cumali saves the day when he rushes in and puts a couple of bullets into the assassin which only bounce off. The assassin escapes and Yamac is lucky to be alive.

The men from Cukur all return home battered and bruised after being set up by Cagatay and Cengiz. Efsun has to clean Yamac up when he gets back to the mansion. Yamac tells Efsun that he sheds his blood gladly Cukur. The blood of his brother was shed for Cukur and Cukur is his blood. He points to his Cukur tattooed on his chest and lets her know that Cukur is him and he is Cukur and it is never debatable.

That night Efsun sleeps on the lounge as she cannot bring herself to sleep in the same bed Yamac shared with Sena and Nehir. He understands her and joins her on the lounge for the night. He adds that this is not debatable as well.

Meanwhile the assassin has returned to Cagatay. Cagatay has also contacted Kulkan who joins him. There is no love lost between Kulkan and his father. Kulkan knows he doesn’t love him and after Cengiz would not save the life of Ogeday he wants nothing to do with him.

Cengiz does not want to be left alone. Cagatay has Kulkan call Yamac. He offers him his father. He tells him that he can have Cengiz and the way will be made clear for him to get him.

Meanwhile, Celasun returns to the woods where he was attacked. He now has a broken arm thanks to the assassin. He was told off by Yamac for telling them that Cengiz was in the building when all along it was a trap. Celasun wants to redeem himself and has the hotel under surveillance. He calls Yamac and tells him that he has seen Cagatay leave the hotel. Cengiz is inside. It looks like to Yamac that Kulkan has offered up his father to be killed but this all falls into Cagatay’s plan.

Yamac takes the bait and leaves immediately for the Hotel . What he doesn’t know is that Kulkan and Murteza sit in a car outside the Kocovali mansion and watch as he drives off. Cagatay’s plan is to get to Efsun.

Yamac brings Cumali and Akin to the hotel with him. They find Cengiz in the solarium and the hotel is empty. Cengiz is petrified that Yamac will get him. He hides in his wardrobe in his room where he finds an envelope. Inside is a slip of paper with the name of “Cengiz” written on it. His name has been pulled out of the bag!

Petrified with fear Cengiz opens his bedroom door but finds no security around to protect him. Cagatay and Kulkan have also left him. The Hotel is in darkness. He can hear the voice of Yamac taunting him with the words “eenie, meenie, minie, mo, catch a brother by the toe”.

Although Cengiz runs throughout the hotel looking for escape, he cannot escape the Kocovali boys. They catch him and drag his unconscious body through the corridors of the hotel.

When he wakes he finds himself in a darkened room, tied to a chair with a cannula in his arm and a drip set up beside him.

Yamac tells him that he has underestimated him and he doesn’t know who Yamac Kocovali really is. He takes a gun and leaves one bullet in the barrel. He tells him that he has left him no choice but to kill him. He tells him that his beloved disabled Aykut had no choice when he was hungry but to eat his soup made with the water which was laced with Cyanide. He asks Cengiz if he can smell the Cyanide that he has put in his drip. It smells like bitter almonds he says. He turns the drip on and the green colour of Cyanide begins it’s way down the tube.

Yamac places the gun beside Cengiz and tells him that he now has the choice of how he dies. The gun is placed just out of his reach. He watches as the green liquid drips into his veins.

He screams and yells terrified of what is to come. Yamac has retreated to a viewing room where he, Cumali and Akin sit and watch the show.

Cengiz has no choice. He reaches for the gun and places it under his chin and pulls the trigger.

Cumali rises to his feet and claps. They drink the same green liquid that Cengiz had flowing through his infusion. It turns out that the green liquid was only green Kiwi tea which they love to drink at the Coffee House.

Cengiz had been tricked by the youngest Kocovali. Yamac will now fill his second grave.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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