It is New Year and Cumali and Yamac decide it is time to have some fun. They have placed the names of Cengiz, Cagatay, Ogeday and Kulkan Erdenet in a bag and Cumali prepares to draw out the name that will be their first Erdenet to die at the Kocovali brothers hands. Yamac turns to his older brother and asks him “are you ready for some fun”? No need to say any more Cumali is ready.

Cumali hopes he draws Cagatay’s name. Unfortunately it is Ogeday who is selected. Yamac tells Cumali not to be too upset as he is going to kill each one of them anyway. Cumali is satisfied with Yamac’s comment and so they begin their plan of vengeance.

Ogeday has booked into a modern hotel for a business meeting and he has good security all around him. The Cukur boys are working as staff within the hotel while Metin is waiting inside his room for Ogeday to turn up. The kidnap is successful and Ogeday is smuggled out of the hotel and into an awaiting vehicle and whisked away before anybody raises the alarm.

Meanwhile, Akin has been given the instruction to take Yasemin to the Kocovali mansion where she can be cared for by his family. Yasemin tells Karaca that she is not Akin’s girlfriend but rather she has been brought to the mansion for protection.

After being given the all clear from the boys in the hotel Cumali and Yamac go to see Emmi. Emmi was always cared for by Selim but now the two brothers undertake his personal care. Emmi brings the brothers to tears as he describes how he and Idris would take the four boys (Kahraman, Selim, Cumali and Yamac) to the Turkish baths as children and wash their bodies.

In our episode last week, Kulkan and Ogeday had poisoned the water supply of Cukur. The first signs of poisoning becomes apparent when the community suddenly becomes sick and are rushed to hospital.

Also in last week’s episode Seren had found out that Surreya had killed her father and not Olga. She prepares this week to kill Surreya. She firstly draws her out of the Erdenet house and into her car just as she did to Olga. Seren drives Surreya to the same location where she murdered Olga. She draws out her gun and just like Olga discharges the bullets into her body. Now both Erdenet women are dead and lie in a grave of mulchen leaves hidden in the darkness of the forest. Seren has taken her revenge.

Cengiz is advised that Ogeday has been kidnapped from the hotel. He also gets a call from Yamac who tells him that he received two riddles from Kulkan when he kidnapped Efsun and Nehir. Yamac now has two riddles for him to solve.

The first riddle tells Cengiz where to find all his money which Yamac stole from him. He asks Cengiz to make a choice between his money and Ogeday. As expected Cengiz chooses the money and not his son. It is doubtful whether Yamac would have let Ogeday go anyway as he has his grave all ready dug for him. Cengiz gives Kulkan the job of solving the second riddle and finding Ogeday.

Meanwhile, Yamac has Cengiz’s money stacked high in a pyramid shaped pile and it has been doused with petrol. Cengiz finds the riddle leads him to Arik’s horse stable. He can see his money when he arrives but as he moves in closer he touches a trip wire that illuminates his pile of money and begins the process of setting it on fire.

The fear and the loss of the money which is the thing Cengiz worships most in his life brings Cengiz to his knees. He sheds tears of grief over the loss but Yamac has one last assault for Cengiz. He tells him the money is counterfeit.

Cengiz begs Yamac to bargain with him so he can get his money back. Yamac confirms that there will be no bargaining and the money has already been donated to a children’s foundation for orphans. Cengiz will never see his money again.

At a location outside of the city, Kulkan solves the second riddle. He is brought to a forested area with holes in the ground. Kulkan calls out for Ogeday. A response comes from within the bush. It is Yamac’s voice. Kulkan is lured deeper within the bush where he sees his Uncle lying on the ground. He goes to rescue him. Unfortunately Kulkan falls straight into Yamac’s hands and ends up at the bottom of one of a pit.

Yamac places a gun at the top of the pit and tells Kulkan that if he can climb out of the pit he can have the gun. He also throws him a rope to aid his escape. Little does he know that the end of the rope is tied around Ogeday’s neck.

Yamac then drags the body of Ogeday to the pre-dug grave made in readiness for his body. He rolls him in and says, “First one”.

It is at the grave site that Meke brings Yamac the news that Cukur is in bad trouble with its residents stricken by poison. It is learnt that the poisoning is from the water supply which has been contaminated by Cyanide. They are given the names of three drugs which will act as an antidote against the poison and these drugs are urgently required to save lives.

Meanwhile, Cengiz finds out that neither Olga nor Surreya are in the house. He believes that Yamac is responsible for their disappearance when all the time it is his niece Seren who has killed both her Aunts. Cengiz’s only hope is Cagatay.

Kulkan manages to get out of his pit and returns to the Erdenet mansion. He confronts his father about his lack of feeling about Ogeday being dead. Kulkan swears that Cengiz feels more for his money than for his dead son. He reminds his father that he has been defeated by Yamac and he might as well accept it.

A weeping Kulkan tells Cengiz that he has always examined himself looking for a reason why his father never loved him. He tells him that he always felt that he was the one to blame but now he knows it was Cengiz’s loveless nature. He asks his father what kind of creature is he?

Kulkan finishes his condemnation of his father with a speech telling him that he is leaving him and he now has to call Cagatay to ask for help because there is nobody else left.

Meanwhile, that evening at one of the Erdenet chemical factories Yamac and Cumali are in luck and when they find adequate supplies of the needed drugs needed to save their people.

Unfortunately the drugs were not delivered fast enough for disabled Aykut he dies.

Emmi also has not escaped the poison. He wanders around the streets of Cukur in a demented state after being bathed by Cumali and Yamac in water contaminated by the Cyanide. A search for him is undertaken throughout Cukur and he is found by Alico who takes him to hospital.

The two girls Efsun and Nehir have lived like prisoners and protected by Medet and Metin since they were rescued. Nehir especially wants to leave the monotonous captivity not having seen much of Yamac. She makes an escape and leaves Yamac a farewell letter.

Cengiz packs up his mansion and goes into hiding outside of Istanbul. He has hopes that Cagatay will join him eventually.

After a busy day filled with drama, Yamac takes a break and goes to see Efsun. It feels so good to have his arms around her. He holds her close. He tells her that she can leave her unit if she likes but she must go to the Kocovali mansion to be cared for by his family. The two spend some quality time together laughing, loving and telling stories.

The hospital approaches Yamac with the problem of not enough room at the hospital to care for all the patients. The inhabitants of Cukur have filled every bed. Yamac arranges for patients to be brought to his home which is turned into a makeshift hospital. In the group of patients who enter the Kocovali mansion is the young mother who gave up her baby due to her own poverty. She watches as her child is cared for by the Kocovali’s and is fed, clothed and loved.

Yamac receives the letter Nehir had left for him. She tells him that she has thought a lot about their relationship. She wants him to know that she is leaving Istanbul not because he does not love her but because she wants to feel safe. She tells him that she and his son nearly died a couple of days ago which scared her. She asks him not to come after her as she is going far away where his enemies cannot find her. She asks him to stay away from her and she hopes that they will meet again one day but certainly not in an Asylum. She hopes he can have the opportunity to see his son one day. Yamac folds up her letter and tells himself that he will find her sooner rather than later when life is better.

Yamac addresses the young men of Cukur and tells them that all the sickness and death could have been avoided but the Erdenet’s greed tried to wipe them out but they have failed. They will stick together because that is what Cukur does and they have survived.

Over time the Cukur community heals and there are many survivors. Yamac arranges for the neighbourhood to have lunch together and they raise their glasses to their survival by drinking a glass of clean uncontaminated water. Yamac encourages them to start anew with smiles on their faces which is something the Erdenet’s cannot have. He tells them that they will protect each other while they live each day.

That afternoon a group of Cukur enter the Erdenet mansion and find it empty. Cengiz believes he got away secretly. He sits beside his swimming pool in the Erdenet Hotel next to a freshly delivered plate of fruit. He has a smile on his face. He eats one and then two pieces of the fruit quite happily. There is a tense expectation as we view Cengiz eating his fruit. It leads you to believe that it may be contaminated.

Meanwhile, at the Coffee House Akin brings Yamac and Cumali a brochure of the Erdenet Hotel. He slams it down in front of them.

Join me next week for the next episode of Cukur.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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