Yamac has once again been given a riddle to solve or the woman he loves will be killed. He was too late to save Sena and she died a terrible houdini like death in a water tank. This time there is Efsun and Nehir who have been kidnapped by Kulkan and who are in exactly the same situation as Sena was.

Yamac has flash backs to the time Sena died. He begins to shake as the old fears well up within him. He is scared that they may not be rescued in time.

Cumali has to take command as he sees Yamac has gone to pieces. He promises Yamac that he will save them both. He organises two groups, each group take one riddle each. They hit the streets looking for clues.

Nehir is in a basement tied to a chair with water slowly creeping towards her and a live electrical wire kangarooing across the floor.

Efsun is spreadeagled over a table with two chain saws slowly lowering towards her tied up body.

The first group consists of Cumali, Metin and Alico who are looking for Nehir, The second group is led by Celasun, Medet and Meke and they look for Efsun. Both groups work on the riddles and close in on their locations. The girls are found just in time.

Yamac is contacted by Cumali and told that Nehir is safe. He then gets a call from Celasun letting him know that Efsun has also been saved. Both girls are severely traumatised.

Kulkan has also received a call from his men to tell him that both the girls have been rescued and Yamac wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Meanwhile Akin has spent a cold night in his car while watching over Yasmin. He is her protector now while she is in Istanbul. He likes what he sees, she is very beautiful. She has also been living a prison like life in Afghanistan. She has never had to do anything for herself and doesn’t know how to even boil a kettle. She tells Akin that she is studying at University and asks Akin if he is studying too. Akin’s response is to tell her that he got kicked out of Secondary School and never went back to school. Yasmin would like to go to the shop and Akin agrees to take her but she must take remove her burqua first.

Yamac has left Cukur and is on his way to see his two rescued ladies. He drives to the end of the road and stops. He seems to be at the cross roads of his life. If he turns to the left he will get to see Nehir first. If he turns to the right this road leads to Efsun. He hesitates for a while but then follows his heart and turns right.

When Yamac arrives at the small unit where Efsun is being kept safe, Efsun sits in the lounge room and has not eaten or slept since her ordeal. It has been a while since she last saw Yamac and at that time she argued with him and she was a guest at the Erdenet mansion. She is nervous to see him. She needn’t have worried as Yamac walks into the room and straight into her arms.

Nehir awaits patiently for Yamac to come and see her also but after he doesn’t turn up she can see that her hopeful reunion is a waste of time. Later that evening he turns up at her unit and stands watching her as she sleeps.

Yamac knows that he has certainly complicated his life but at the present time he cannot do much about it. Cumali tells him that in the end he will have to make one woman suffer and Yamac will have to make the choice.

That evening Yamac slips into bed beside Efsun and draws her close. He is tired just as she is. Together they sleep in each others arms.

As morning approaches Yamac slips out of the bed ready for his day sorting out the busy neighbourhood of Cukur. He leaves Medet to take care of Efsun until his return.

Meanwhile at the Erdenet mansion, Cengiz is brought into the basement by Kulkan and shown a group of people who have been tied hand and foot. He tells his father that these people are staff of the Erdenet household and all have come from Cukur.

In Cukur there is a family of five who have been sleeping in a car. The children are cold and the father has come to the end of his strength in caring for them. He takes one last look at his children and walks off leaving them in the car and alone. He enters a run down building and writes on the wall “I am wasted”. The father then unsuccessfully tries to hang himself.

Celasun finds the young father and calls for Yamac. The father tells them that he has been out of work for a long time. He feels a failure in raising his young family. Yamac shows compassion to his suffering and tells him that he will be supported by Cukur. He is offered a home and a job in the Coffee House. Yamac tells him never to lose hope.

Karaca has set up the Soup Kitchen which once used to run smoothly organised by Sultan. The Soup Kitchen is good for her and a way she can help the community. Yamac has just found out from Cumali that the Sultan told Karaca to kill Azer, the man she loved. Yamac is shocked at the burden Karaca now bears . She blames him for leaving Cukur when she needed him the most. She asks him when will all this killing end? He tells her that it will never end.

Also in the streets of Cukur a truck has been left unattended and blocking the streets. Earlier that day Yamac also saw the truck at their water station in Cukur. Little does he know that the truck is under the employ of Cengiz Erdenet. The truck was suspected as having a bomb in it but when Yamac opens the trucks doors he finds the bodies of all the staff who were placed in the Erdenet mansion to work as kitchen and household staff.

Yamac shows Karaca the bodies and tells her that this is the reason he will not stop protecting Cukur. He will not stop until there is the end. Everyone in Cukur have been asked to keep their eyes open for every little strange thing as this enemy is evil and cunning.

Yamac receives a phone call from Cengiz who wants to know if he found his present in the back of the truck and did he laugh when he saw the bodies. Yamac tells him that he will laugh when he has finished with Cengiz and his sons. Cengiz tells him that he has another surprise ready for him and Yamac tells him that he has had his turn and it is now Yamac’s turn.

It is not known what Cengiz’s surprise is for Yamac but Ogeday tells his father that he could get into big trouble for doing what he has planned.

Cengiz has no idea that Olga is missing. He wants to speak with her. He is bound to find out that she is nowhere to be found very soon. Seren had killed Olga after being told that she killed her father but she now believes that his murderer is Surreya. Seren has a plan to try and get Surreya out of the house so that she can kill her as well. Seren has told Yamac that she believes that Cagatay will come out of hiding when he cannot contact his mother.

Yamac is in demand sorting out issues within Cukur. Alico also wants to see him. He wants to show him the little family that is living in his humpy. Yamac once again offers safety, accommodation, food and milk to the little family. This compassion is extended to a growing line of hungry people lined up outside Karaca’s Soup Kitchen. Signs that Cukur is in a bad way.

Cengiz has told Yamac that he has a surprise for him. We find out that the surprise is a container complete with vials of poison created by Ogeday the Chemist. The vials bring a big smile to Cengiz’s face. Kulkan is given the vials to use in their plan of destroying Cukur.

Kulkan pours the contents of the vials into the water trucks that deliver fresh water to Cukur. The water is then distributed throughout Cukur. By the end of the day the water has been used throughout the community and the result waits like a volcano ready to erupt.

Meanwhile, Yamac speaks with the men of Cukur. They are raiding the Erdenet properties looking to find his hidden money that Olga describes in her diary. He knows exactly where it all is.

While Cengiz is poisoning the neighbourhood of Cukur, Yamac is raiding the hidden fortunes of the Erdenet empire. Yamac sets up three raids at one time. The locations are a Hospital, a School and a Bank . By morning Yamac has drained Cengiz dry of every dollar he has hidden.

Yamac tells the boys in Cukur that taking the money was only the first step. He gets Meke to write the names of Cengiz, Cagatay, Ogeday and Kulkan on pieces of paper. He tells them that their next step is to draw a name out of the bag.

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WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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