This week’s episode commences with a drugged Cengiz who has been smuggled out of his bedroom under the noses of his family. When Cengiz wakes up he is in an asylum and paralysed from the waist down. His biggest worry shouldn’t be the unmates nor the lack of use of his legs, it should be that his male nurse is not trustworthy as he is Cumali!

Cumali slings him a story that his name is Cengiz Mardin and he has been an inpatient at the Asylum since 2013. Cengiz is given electric shock treatment delivered by Dr Yamac and watched over by Nurse Damla and ward orderlies namely Akin and Murtaza.

Yamac has begun to call Efsun and Nehir on their cell phones without success. He doesn’t know that both the girls are held prisoner and their phones are in the hands of Kulkan Erdenet.

Out on the streets of Istanbul, Alico is doing his daily rounds of collecting the rubbish when he finds a baby in the trash. Not knowing what to do with it he takes it to Saadet to be cared for.

Today is a sad day for Yamac. It is Sena’s birthday and she would have turned 26. He has bought her a birthday cake. The remembrance of their time together rips at his heart. He sits down on the corner of the street where he first met her. He lights her candle and reminiscences on how they met . He remembers the promise he made to her that they would spend the rest of their lives together.

The soul breaking love story shows on his face and he cannot control the tears which run down his cheeks and fall to the ground.

While Yamac spends some time with his beloved memories, Kulkan is seen walking the streets of Cukur. Nobody knows him and he easily walks around undetected.

Yamac arrives back in Cukur to find Nedim waiting for him at the Coffee House. Nedim brings him a request from Halil Ibrahim who is still in Afghanistan. He asks Yamac if he remembers Iskandar. He then asks him if he remembers Server. Yamac answer is yes to both. He continues to tell Yamac that Iskandar is sending his sister to Istanbul for an urgent operation and she will be in danger. He knows that Server will try to kidnap the girl and take her back to Afghanistan to use as a weapon of war against Iskandar.

Halil Ibrahim asks Yamac to do him the favour and protect the young woman. If Yamac agrees to help him then he will give Yamac the name of the person who handles all the finances for Cengiz Erdenet. If Yamac can take out Cengiz’s stronghold of money then his downfall is a certainty. Yamac doesn’t give him an answer at this time.

Alico finds himself in another scary situation. He has just taken a baby to the Kocovali house because he found it in the trash. He feels good that he has saved the little of a little baby.
Alico then returns to his humpy only to find another baby lying on his lounge inside his house. This time the baby comes with an older brother and their mother.

Celasun and Yamac attend a funeral of a young waiter who was killed in a night club by Kulkan.
He goes to the family house and sits amongst the mourners. Little does he know that Kulkan is also sitting within the mourning group. Yamac tells the family and friends that he will personally take care of the matter and find out who the murderer was.

Meanwhile at the Erdenet Holding, Efsun and Nehir make a plan to try and escape from their captors but they are caught by Kulkan and dragged back.

At the Asylum, Cengiz is having some heavy brain washing treatment. He is beginning to forget who he really is. Yamac has done a good job in making him believe he is not Cengiz Erdenet but rather Cengiz Mardin.

Akin is against letting Cengiz live but Yamac tells him to have patience as their game has only just begun. Cengiz is put into a deep sleep and preparations are made to sneak him back into his room in the Erdenet mansion.

Yamac and Cumali decide to help Nedim and protect the Afghan girl who is expected to arrive by private jet for medical treatment.

Back at Alico’s humpy, the young family now have a roof over their heads. The mother of the baby has no breast milk as she has not eaten for so long. They are both becoming weak so Alico goes to Saadet once again for help. This time for soup.

The young Afghan woman called Yasmin arrives in Istanbul and Akin is placed by Yamac as her protector.

At the airport Akin smuggles the real Yasmin into his car allowing a substitute Yasmin to take her place. Yamac has set a trap for Server if he attempts to kidnap the young woman . Just as expected Server attacks and manages to kidnap the young Afghan woman. Unbeknown to Server the fake Yasmin is an assassin and she draws a knife out of her Burqua and stabs him to death.

The real Yasmin arrives at a safety house where Akin takes on the job of her protector. Yasmin tells Akin that he will have to stay outside as she cannot take off her Burqua with him in the house. Outside Akin keeps watch. He gazes up to a window as Yasim passes by. He is taken back by her beauty.

Meanwhile, at the Erdenet mansion Seren has managed to smuggle Olga out of the house and into the boot of her car. She has tried to get Olga to herself ever since Surreya told her that Olga had killed her father. Yamac has the Erdenet mansion watched day and night and is alerted as to what is going on.

Cengiz on the other hand has woken up in his own bed. He is so confused. He asks Kulkan what is his name and breaks down when Kulkan tells him that he is Cengiz Erdenet.

Outside the mansion gates a young mother who has made the greatest of sacrifices watches from a distance knowing that thew Kocovali family are caring for her child.

Now that Yasmin is safe, Yamac and Cumali meet with Nedim to get the promised name of the person who controls all of the Erdenet accounts. Nedim gives them the name of Olga. Nedim tells the brothers that every cent Cengiz owns has come from illegal heroin and Olga is the one that controls it all. Nedim tells them that if they can get Olga then they will have Cengiz as well.

Yamac remembers he has been told that Olga has been smuggled out of the Erdenet house in the back of Seren’s car. He makes a dash to get to Olga before Seren kills her. Yamac saves Olga’s life. He asks her where Cengiz keeps all his money. She won’t tell him. Yamac searches her bag and finds a diary complete with all financial entries.

Yamac asks Seren what Olga has done to make her want to kill her? Seren answers that she killed her father. Yamac turns to Seren and gives her his gun and turns his back of them and leaves. Seren shoots Olga but before she dies she tells Seren that she has been tricked by Surreya and it was really Surreya who killed her father and not her. She swears that Cagatay will find her and kill her. Olga dies.

Meanwhile back at the coffee House in Cukur, two packages are delivered to Yamac. He feels the hairs stand up on the back of his neck stand on end when he receives them. Inside he finds two boxes, one with a lock of Efsun’s hair and the other a lock of Nehir’s hair.

Kulkan cheekily calls Yamac and introduces himself. He tells Yamac that he has both his girls and holds them captive.

Kulkan has created two riddles for Yamac to solve. He tells him that if he solves one riddle he will save the other girl but he cannot see how he can solve both riddles at the same time and save both the girls. He begins to recite his riddles.

The first riddle is: She is Juliet and you are Romeo. How will you end? The show is about to begin. If you want to see the stage turn me around and I’m everything. Cut me in half and I’m nothing.

The second riddle is: No market and no bazaar. Everyone comes but nobody returns. Not sand and not salt. The dust that comes out when you cut is not right. Those who would leave the wedding would check here first. The ones that are alive like pastry but the dead ones smell like the sea.

Kulkan gives Yamac an hour to solve the riddle.

Yamac is driven to remembering how Sena was killed by riddles and deadly games. He is frightened. He cannot let the same thing happen to Efsun and Nehir. The look on his face tells you that he is mad.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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