This week’s episode commences with Yamac digging a grave for his brothers guitar which he so loved. It will no longer play another musical note and with the death of Selim comes the death of his music as well. The burial of the guitar is a promise to his brother that his death will be avenged.

Not too far away from the musical instrument’s silent grave lies the pre-dug graves of Kulkan Erdenet, Ogeday Erdenet, Cengiz Erdenet and Cagatay Erdenet, ready for occupation.

The Kocovali family is grieving heavily. Yamac tries his hardest to keep them all together.
Emmi is also traumatised with grief over Selim’s death. His dementia has increased. He places his shoes once again in the refrigerator as he did when Selim was alive.

Yamac has been out of the loop where Karaca was concerned. He never knew what traumatic events had taken place in her life. He has just learnt that Karaca had married Azer and killed the man she loved. He also doesn’t know that it was his mother who encouraged her to kill Azer.

Akin finds it hard waiting to take down the Erdenets. Yamac tells him that the Erdenets live for their money and the destruction of their factories is the best way to fight them but this will only be the beginning. Yamac looks Akin in the eyes. His gaze is direct and strong. He promises Akin that he is going to make the Erdenets suffer mentally, physically and financially and Akin is going to help him do it.

Cengiz has just lost 23 Million in gold bullion and now his drug making chemical factories have been destroyed. He is frustrated and angry.

Cengiz goes to see Efsun and tells her that he can see into the future and he sees that she has no future at all because she fell in love with Yamac. Efsun is still not allowed to leave the Erdenet Holding office building and is kept a prisoner in a room by Cengiz.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Kulkan Erdenet for the first time. Kulkan is the youngest son of Cengiz Erdenet and certainly a little different to Arik. He loves to party hard and drinks copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. Just like all the Erdenet family members, Kulkan has a psychotic nature. He is updated on what has been happening in the Erdenet household by Seren his cousin.

Since the death of his brother Cumali has been drinking away the time in a bar. He is reminded by Yamac that they have work to do when Yamac brings him his hat. A sign to Cumali that there is going to be some action soon and he needs to prepare himself.

Cumali’s first job is to find Akin and try and track down Selim’s movements on the night he was killed. Akin tells him that his father received the phone call in the car from a friend called Cemil.

Cumali orders the young men of Cukur to search the streets and find any information they can on where Celim works and where Selim might go to play music. It is not long before he has the information he is looking for.

Out on the streets of Istanbul, Yamac begins his attack on Cengiz. Cengiz is heavily protected with armed men in three cars. Yamac ambushes him with the help of a truck load of young men from Cukur.

Yamac asks Cengiz where Cagatay is. Cengiz will not tell him. Yamac then begins to play a game with him. He lets cengiz go but he cannot drive home from where Yamac ambushed him as the tyres on his car are slashed. He hails a taxi and gets in. The taxi is driven by is a disguised Cumali who puts Cengiz to sleep by piping anaesthetics into the back seat.

The Erdenet’s become aware that Cengiz has been kidnapped and Kulkan begins to track his father via GPS.

Cengiz wakes up lying on the ground in a quarry with Yamac standing over him. Yamac asks him one more time where Cagatay is. Cengiz tells him that he doesn’t know but he made sure that he couldn’t leave Istanbul.

Yamac orders Cengiz to take off his shoes and his jacket. The frightened old man does what he is told. It is very cold in the quarry and without shoes or a warm jacket Cengiz is exposed to the elements. Yamac warns him that he could kill him where he stands but he has decided to let him suffer a little more before he does. Yamac leaves him there and drives off into the night leaving Cengiz at the mercy of wolves and the elements.

Cengiz wanders through the night slipping and falling with muddy frozen feet. The night sounds frighten him. Kulkan is following his movement on his GPS and arrives at the quarry and sends out a search party to find his father. It is Kulkan who eventually finds the traumatised and half frozen Cengiz.

Cengiz holds tightly to his weeping and limping father and leads him back to his car. What neither of them see is Yamac in the distance watching every movement they make from behind a tree. It is as if it is all in his plan. Yamac did say to Cengiz that he was going to make him suffer before he kills him and he wants him to scared of what Yamac is going to do to him.

That evening Yamac and Cumali sit in their fathers study focussed on the revenge that lies before them. Yamac tells Cumali that he cannot sleep at night thinking of ways of getting back at the Erdenet’s.

Yamac finds time to drop in to see Nehir. She has been released from hospital and rests at home. He apologises for not coming to see her as he promised. He tells Nehir that she is a light for him and not a burden. Yamac tells her that he has entered a war after his brother was killed. He warns her that they can come after him at any time and he would much prefer it if she was at home in Cukur.

Nehir begs him not to worry about her. She is happy where she is and he is welcome to come and go as he pleases. She wants their life to unfold naturally and she is not afraid. She tells him he can go with her blessing and she does not want him to worry about her every minute of the day.

Meanwhile, Cumali and Metin have found the night club where Selim played music. They have also learnt that Cemil worked there. Cumali finds a quivering, scared and snivelling Cemil at the night club. Cemil gives a story that he and Selim met that night but Selim was taken by force by Cagatay and he was left alone. Cemil tells him that he has been scared ever since.

Cumali leaves Cemil and returns to Cukur. He is unsettled by Cemil’s story. He is unaware that Cemil has contacted Cagatay and he is told to set up a meeting once more with Cumali so he can be lured to his death just like Selim was.

Nehir accepts security guards at her home but it is too late, Kulkan breaks into her property and kills the guards. Nehir is taken to the Cengiz. Cengiz has never seen Nehir before and does not know who she is. Kulkan updates him that she is Yamac Kocovali’s pregnant girlfriend.

Cengiz praises his youngest son for finding Nehir. He now has a pigeon pair of Yamac’s pregnant girlfriends. He will use them to his benefit when the time comes.

Cumali meets as arranged with Cemil. Cemil is caught in his own trap when he draws out a gun and prepares to kill Cumali. He is surprised to find Akin standing behind him with a gun pointed at his own head.

Cumali has been successful in hunting down his prey and catching Cemil in his own trap. Cumali now knows that Cemil had betrayed Selim and led him to his death by Cagatay’s hand. Celim may soon wish that Akin had shot him in the head because now he will face his punishment for his part in killing Selim.

Later that day, Cumali, Akin and Yamac attack another factory owned by Cengiz.

Meanwhile, Kulkan is out partying at one of the local night clubs. He picks on a young waiter and makes fun of him. He teases the boy and eventually shoots him dead. As he turns him over on the ground he sees the Cukur tattoo burnt into his wrist. Kulkan then turns and leaves the club leaving the young man’s body on the dance floor. Kulkan has just signed his own death warrant and the young man’s life will be avenged by Cukur.

The captured Cemil is tied hand and foot to a chair in an open cemented area. Yamac asks him if he has any last words. Cemil asks if Akin is Selim’s son then he wants him to be the one to kill him.

Akin is only too happy to oblige. He takes a rubber tyre out of the boot of his car and places it over the head of Cemil. He then takes a container of petrol and soaks Cemil’s body. He walks up to Cemil and takes out his grand fathers lighter and sets him on fire to him. All the time Akin’s face is expressionless.

As his body burns, Yamac, Cumali and Akin stand together and watch as the first man on their list of revenge is crossed off. Cengiz, Cagatay, Ogeday and Kulkan have still to pay for their crime.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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