The worst has happened. Selim has been betrayed by Cemil and fallen into the clutches of Cagatay. The Deeds that Yamac so cleverly stole back from Cagatay are forgeries and Cagatay still has the originals. Cagatay calls the Kocovali brothers and tells them that he has their brother.

As they frantically search for Selim, Selim is held tightly whilst Cagatay draws his dagger and plunges the perfectly positioned knife deep into Selim’s abdomen. A wound that is deadly.

Cagatay then releases Selim but places the Deeds in the arms telling him to take them home and give them to his brothers and to make sure he tells them that this is Cagatay’s revenge.

Selim begins a slow and agonising walk home to Cukur. He clutches the Deeds close to his body and with each step he bleeds out a little bit more.

Selim makes the painful journey back to the Coffee House. Where he collapses into Yamac’s arms. He stretches out his hand and tells him that he has the Deeds.

Cumali is so shocked at the sight of his brother dying in front of his eyes. Cumali’s guilt can be seen all over his face. An eye for an eye Cagatay said, and here it is, Arik’s life for Selim’s.

On arrival at the local hospital Selim is declared dead. Akin is in disbelief that his father is gone.

At the Kocovali mansion all is normal. The word that Selim is dead has not yet reached them.

Damla has waited all night for Cumali to come home and talk to her but he didn’t show. She has no idea that Selim is dead. Their marriage has broken down and she has decided to leave him. She takes a car, throws her mobile phone out of the window and takes off.

Meanwhile, Cagatay is told not to return to the Erdenet mansion as Ogeday whom he thought was dead has just turned up alive. Cagatay has contacted his mother and told her to leave the house but when she endeavours to do so she is met with Cengiz standing outside her door and she cannot make her escape.

Cumali has the unpleasant task of telling the Kocovali family that Selim is dead.

Ogeday doesn’t trust his family any more. Cengiz tells Ogeday that his brother thinks he got away with it but he will be punished eventually. Cengiz stops Cagatay from leaving the country. He and Cemil cannot get out of Istanbul and they have reason to be afraid.

Ogeday’s wife tells Cengiz that his grandson Kulkan has arrived at the Erdenet mansion. Kulkan is a new character added to the Cukur series.

To find the gold bullion, Cengiz orders Ogeday to close all factories and stop production until he can find the gold.

Akin is distraught to hear that his father has died. He suffers the pain alone and his revenge and anger begins to escalate. He arms himself with an automatic rifle and a boat and makes his way to the Erdenet mansion via the Bosphorus. Efsun is in Cengiz’s office and sees Akin before he opens fire.

Akin’s attack is felt by all the Erdenets. Every room looking out onto the water is pelleted with bullets. Cengiz gets hit in the leg as he and Efsun escape the bombarded room. Akin yells at the top of his voice that they will never forget the name of Selim Kocovali.

After Akin’s attack, Efsun calls Yamac but can’t get through to him. She has no idea that Selim is dead and that was the reason Akin attacked the Erdenets.

Akin that night returns to Cukur and lies beside Alico. He is drained emotionally and physically.

The grieving process begins at the Kocovali mansion. They have lost Idris, Kahrahman and Selim.

Selim’s body is moved to the morgue where Yamac and Cumali begin the ritual of bathing his body before he is buried.

The funeral procession begins to wind through the streets of Cukur.

Following the attempt at killing the Erdenet’s, Efsun knows that something bad has happened. She turns up at the Kocovali mansion to see Yamac. She tells him that Akin attacked the Erdenet mansion and shot Cengiz in the leg. She also tells him that Cengiz is angry and has stopped production at the factories so he can look for the gold bullion.

Yamac tells Efsun that his brother is dead and to go back to the Erdenets and tell them that Yamac Kocovali is coming for them. He turns and walks back into his home. His character has changed.

Yamac is visited by Nedim the right hand man of Halil Ibrahim. Yamac is told that Halil Ibrahim will speak with him soon and that he is closer to him than he thinks. Yamac tells Nedim that he will kill Halil Ibrahim also when the time is right for leading Arik into Cukur.

Kamrahman when he was alive, had dealings with Halil Ibraham. In those days Nedim was still his right hand man. The very first time Kamrahman met Halil Ibrahim he was asked to kiss his hand. On his hand is a ring, the same ring that Yamac has on his hand today. The ring that Kahraman gave to Selim.

Kamrahman in those days found out that his Uncle Cumali used to wear the ring and his grave is in the cemetery is empty. Pasha told Kamrahman that Idris had shot his Uncle four times for the sake of the protection of Cukur.

The Erdenet household is ecstatic when Ogeday calls and tells Cengiz that he has found the gold bullion hidden in the factory. Cengiz has told Yamac that when he finds the gold he will be coming after him and his family.

Cagatay called Olga and is told that she is being held prisoner in the house. Cagatay tells her to go to Cengiz and give him a message from him. At the time of writing this summary we do not know what the message was but Cengiz’s reaction moves him to go to the Erdenet office building for safety.

Efsun follows Cengiz to the Holdings to tell him that Cagatay had killed Yamac’s brother and Yamac is very angry. Cengiz does not seem surprised to hear the news. He acts as if he already knows that Selim is dead. Cengiz asks Efsun not to go home but to stay with him for the night. It was an offer she was not allowed to refuse.

Meanwhile back in Cukur, Yamac sits in his father’s chair speaking with Akin. He tells him that he did a great thing in attacking the Erdenets but big trouble will come from his actions.

Emmi asks Yamac to lead them in their revenge for the life of Selim. He tells Yamac that Cukur will be his eyes, his ears, his hands and his feet, just like the old days. Yamac gives him a nod of agreement.

A Vengeful Yamac enters his bedroom to see his old clothes lying on the bed. No longer does he wear the black suite, white shirt and tie. He dresses and walks through the streets of Cukur passing groups of men who seem to be waiting for him to pass.

By the time that Yamac reaches the Coffee House he has many men following him. Inside the Coffee House Yamac faces Emmi, Akin, Metin and Celasun.

One look at the group shows you that they are ready for business. Yamac says to Emmi and Akin, “Now where were we?” Referring to whats next on his plan of revenge.

Since Selim’s death Cumali has shut himself away and buried himself in alcohol. His memory takes him back to better times when Idris, Pasa, Kamrahman and Selim were still alive. He has not joined in with the rest of Cukur and he still does not know that his wife has left him.

Meanwhile at the Erdenet Holding, Cengiz leans on the balcony talking to Efsun. The message that Olga gave him from Cagatay was that Efsun was pregnant with Yamac’s child. Cengiz knows that Yamac will come looking for him so he keeps the one thing that he knows he can use against him, Efsun and their baby.

Cengiz has played his cards well and feels that he has the upper hand. His phone rings and it is Yamac who is on the other end.

Yamac asks Cengiz if he is happy now that he has found his gold. Cengiz reminds Yamac that he told him once he found the gold that he would make him suffer. Yamac answers that he has already done that when he killed his brother. Yamac gives him the opportunity to tell him where Cagatay is. If he tells him he will let Cengiz live.

Cengiz tells Yamac is that the best he can do and that he has a better offer for him.

Yamac teases him and asks him how many factories he has. At that moment an explosion is heard in the distance and then another explosion and one by one Cengiz sees his factories destroyed.

Cengiz yells for Yamac to stop. Yamac tells him that he found the gold in the factories and it has been removed. He is now going to cut off his right arm and destroy his drug making factories.

Yamac makes sure Cengiz understands that this is only the beginning. Nothing will stop him from coming after him and Cagatay.

Later that night Yamac attends his brothers grave at the cemetery. He asks him to forgive him. He tells him that something has happened to him since his death that he has never felt before. He feels like he has given his soul to the devil.

Yamac takes a handful of soil off his brothers grave and places it in his pocket.

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WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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