Cumali was ordered by Cagatay to kill Ogeday in exchange for this Cagatay will give him the deeds of properties in the Kocovali’s name in Cukur. Yamac overhears Cagatay telling his mother that Ogeday will be killed the next day. Yamac tells Ogeday what he has heard and together they put a plan into action.

Cumali decides to assassinate Ogeday after he leaves the office. The plan would have worked perfectly but Yamac intervenes. Cumali has to make believe that Ogeday was in the car and blows the car to pieces with a hand grenade. Cagatay watches the events by drone. He believes that Ogeday is dead.

As planned Ogeday is quickly whisked away. He is taken to Cukur’s own jail and locked up for his own protection. Yamac has given orders that he is to stay there until he gives them the word that it is safe to be released.

Cumali and Yamac join each other in the Cukur. Cumali is angry and very emotional. He yells at his little brother for getting in his way and destroying the only chance he had in redeeming himself. Yamac can see that his brother is completely broken down. He asks him what has happened to make him like this. Cumali tells him about the Deeds.

Cumali seizes the moment to ask Yamac why he killed Idris. Up to now Cumali has wanted nothing to do with his younger brother but it now seems to be the right time.

Cumali tells Yamac that he didn’t want to be the leader of Cukur and he now has the weight of it all bearing down on his shoulders because of what Yamac did. He raises his voice and orders him to tell him everything.

He tells him that he did everything to protect the ones he loves. He explains that when he was chasing Yucel he had walked in to a building. All he could see were his loved ones who were going to die. He saw his mother, Karaca, Saadet with baby Idris on her lap, and then there was Damla and Ayse. When he entered the room there was nobody but dad and himself there. All his brothers were taken to the police station.

It was a stupid situation Yamac tells his brother. He believes if it was Cumali in the same situation he would have not shot dad but rather would have shot himself but as it was he was the only one there.

He continues to say that Yucel had left a burning lump in his throat that he has had every day since. Yamac tells him that he killed his father and until the end of his life the memory of that will never go away. The burning lump stays with him day in and day out throughout his life.

Yamac begins to weep when he tells him that people say to him that he looks like his father and every time they say that it rips at his heart.

Yamac tells Cumali that he has answered his question as to why he killed his father and that answer is to protect his family. Yamac rises to his feet to leave but not before Cumali grabs him and draws him into his arms and hugs him tight. Both men are drawn to tears and Yamac is heard saying, “Thank God.”

After the brothers reconcile they sit together and discuss the situation regarding the Deeds. Cumali tells him everything that has gone on between him and Cagatay. It is clear that Cengiz and Cagatay are a father and son team who know no boundaries. They can even kill a brother or son.

Cumali tells Yamac that he will kill himself if he cannot get the Deeds back. Yamac tells his brother that they will suffer together not individually.

Yamac tells Cumali to go and ask Cagatay for the Deeds and for him to watch for where they are keot. They both know that Cagatay will not give them to Cumali but it will gain them some time. Yamac tells him that he still has Ogeday which he will use as leverage to get the Deeds back.

Meanwhile at the Erdenet’s house, Surreya is told by Cengiz that Ogeday is dead. Her cries are heard all over the house.

Yamac on the other hand visits Ogeday and he is told that he will have to remain in Cukur until he gets the Deeds back. Yamac gets Ogeday to send a message to his mother telling her that he is alive and well and for her to help Yamac in any way she can.

Selim continues to visit his friend and play music with him. Selim has enjoyed the relationship he has with Cemil sharing music together. Selim even tells him that he is contemplating leaving Cukur and coming roving with him playing music as they go. This is a big decision for Selim. He would be leaving his family and Cukur to do this.

Cumali reports that the Deeds are kept in Cagatays desk and he keeps the key in his pocket. He also reports that Efsun was at the Erdenet house. Yamac tells him that Efsun is trying to hurt him and he doesn’t know why but he will find out.

Yamac enters the Erdenet house and secretly enters Surreya’s bedroom. She is crying on the bed. He shows her a video of Ogeday alive and well. Ogeday tells his mother that Yamac saved his life. Yamac asks Surreya to get the Deeds out of the drawer in Cagatay’s office for him. If she does this for him then he will release Ogeday.

On his way out of the house Yamac runs into Efsun. He asks her if she is OK. She tells him that she had a dream once and he was in it. Now she has woken up. She leaves him and walks away.

Selim prepares Karaca for the fact that he may be going away. He tells her that he has had to play the part of Idris Kocovali’s son all his life but that is not who he is. He has feelings for Cemil and these feelings are drawing him away from Cukur and the family.

Karaca understands him. Selim cannot tell her where he is going but it is far away from the family, the house and Cukur. He asks her to forgive him for torturing her all these years. She hugs him close and lets him know how much she loves him.

Cengiz still looks for his gold which Yamac has hidden in his factories. Yamac will not destroy his gold if he keeps his agreement. The only reason Yamac stays with Cengiz is as a sacrifice for his families safety. Unfortunately for Yamac and Cengiz , Cagatay made no such agreement and has selected Selim to be a victim of revenge. Cengiz asks Yamac if he knows anything about Ogeday’s death. Yamac tells him that he doesn’t know who killed him but he does know who organised it and he will tell him when the time is right.

Selim sits at the family dinner table and looks at the faces of his family knowing he is leaving them soon. It is a good dinner, tempers are down and the family is peaceful and smiling.

Selim is thoughtful knowing that this will be his last family dinner and it is possible that he may not see them ever again.

After dinner the three brothers meet in the pantry to drink just as they used to do as boys. They have reconciled and feel so much better now. Yamac’s guilt has fallen away. The brothers do not know that Selim will be leaving after tonight.

The brothers sit and drink together listening to Selim playing his music . They sing together. This memory and moment in time will be stamped in their hearts for years to come.

It has been a good night for Yamac. Sultan even places her arms around Yamac and gives him her blessings. It was not so long ago that she had turned her back on him when he begged for her blessings and was rejected.

Meanwhile at the Erdenet mansion, Surreya asks Seren to help her get the Deeds from Cagatay’s desk. If she will do this Surreya will tell her how her father really died. Seren agrees to get the Deeds and the Deeds are given to Yamac.

As she promised Surreya tells Serena about her father’ss death. She tells her that they got on well together but he didn’t like Olga. She is a dangerous woman and she believes that Olga killed him.

Yamac releases Ogeday. Akin makes him walk through the streets of Cukur on his way home. He laughingly tells him to watch out for the hoods on his way.

Cumali is also in a sombre mood. He has reconciled with his brothers and has even been to the mosque and cleansed his soul. He sits in the Coffee House in Cukur reminiscing about the his life.

His character has no patience. He cannot help himself and calls Cengiz taunting him about the killing of Arik and Ogeday. He asks him to meet him at the stables and to come alone. As he leaves the Coffee House he gives Metin kisses on both his cheeks something that Cumali never does. Metin can see that he is going into a situation that Cumali believes he may not come out of. Metin goes to Yamac and fills him in on what has happened.

At the horse farm Cumali is presented with a large group of men instead of just Cengiz alone. They are intent on beating him up and they do a good job. He lies on the ground as they continue to kick him. It is not long before Yamac arrives with a gang from Cukur. The two gangs fight it out.

Cumali is such a hot head and he could killed himself. Yamac had asked him to wait. When he finds out that Yamac has the Deeds he is ecstatic with joy. He punches his brother and gives him a “well done”. He laughs at what he had just put himself through.

A cavalcade of cars travel home together singing and happy after a good fight.

In the car Selim gets a message from Cemil. Cemil asks him to come soon. Selim replies that he is on his way. He gets Akin to drop him on the side of the road . Before he leaves the car he bends over and kisses Akin on each cheek. He also tells speaks to Celasun and tells him to look after Karaca. He then walks off up the street.

Meanwhile, unfortunately for Seren, Cagatay has found out that the Deeds are gone and he has worked it out that Seren was the one who took them. Cagatay tells her that Yamac is very smart. He asks Seren in advance to forgive him for what he is going to do to her when he gets home that evening.

At the dinner table in the Erdenet mansion, Olga, Seren and Surreya all have a surprise when Cengiz introduces a dinner guest. It is Ogeday. Olga’s face tells you that she may be in trouble also.

As Selim walks down the street after getting out of the car, he gets a phone call from Cemil telling him that Cagatay has got him. Cagatay gives him an address where he is to come if he wants to save Cemil’s life. Selim has no back-up and makes the mistake of going by himself.

At the location Selim can see Cemil is chained. Cagatay faces Selim and tells him that knowing one’s weakness makes it easier to use them. Selim’s weakness he said was to be loved.

Selim thought that Cemil loved him but unfortunately Cemil was planted by Cagatay to help set Selim up to trap him. Selim has walked straight into Cagatay’s trap.

Cemil hits Selim from behind and he lies unconscious on the floor. Cagatay smiles as he stands over him.

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WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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