At the conclusion of last week’s episode Yamac disobeys Cengiz and walks out on him. Yamac was not going to apologise to Namik for his family.

Yamac turns up at Namik’s house where Cumali and Selim wait for him. Yamac arrives with a ghetto blasters blaring with heavy music. If anything after not obeying Cengiz he feels revitalised.
He can see that Sefa is armed with a machine gun making it hard for his brothers to reach him.

Yamac does not care about Sefa, Namik or Cengiz. He shoots his way into the house and executes Sefa. He then calmly walks back to his truck and drives off with ghetto blasters blaring into the night. They find the missing Fidan severely beaten. She is taken home with them.

When Namik cannot contact his son he begins to worry. The news that Sefa is dead comes as a shock to Namik. Namik blames Cengiz for his son’s death. He thought Cengiz would protect Sefa. He raises his voice and threatens Cengiz. Cengiz does not stand for anybody threatening to kill him. He has his guard garrotte Namik on the spot.

Selim tries to find his friend Cemil who he plays music with. He finds out that Cemil he has been fired from his job. Selim finds Cemil at the hotel where Cemil give Selim’s his guitar.

Karaca asks Cumali what he did about Efsun. He tells her that he found she was pregnant to her Uncle Yamac and he is not going to do anything. Karaca had hoped that he was going to kill her. He tells her to just forget about it.

When Karaca searched Cumali’s room she found a woman. She places the photograph back in Cumali’s room but in a place that Damla will find it. She does this is an act of revenge.

Meanwhile, Yamac turns up at the factory where the workers have gone on strike. Yamac asks them to forgive him and he could not change Cengiz’s mind. He is told that there are now 17 factories on strike that are owned by the Erdenets. Yamac leaves to go to Cukur.

In Cukur, Yamac has a meeting with Akin, Metin and Medet. He is told that Fidan had every finger broken on her hands and was been beaten to a pulp. She is scared of everyone. Yamac tells Metin to take Meke to her when he is discharged from hospital. He believes that they will be good for each other. Yamac leaves the group telling them that Akin will explain the situation. They are told that the matter is not a Cukur issue and if they do not want to be involved it is OK. Akin says he will take the responsibility should Cumali or his father find out.

As Yamac predicted, it is not long before Cengiz drags him in after he disobeyed him. He sends Cagatay to find him. He will be punsihed. Yamac finds himself strung up and tortured with Cengiz demanding an apology from him. Yamac is given electric shock treatment as his punishment.

While he is strung up Yamac enjoys heavy music which takes his mind back to when his brother Kamrahman was still alive. Yamac at that time was a young punk who studied and loved to listen to heavy music. He was carefree with no responsibilities.

Kamrahman has asked Yamac to join him on a job. At that time Yamac was not involved with any of the jobs the Kocovali brothers were involved in but this time he agrees to go with his brother. All he had to do was drive the getaway car whilst Kahraman did the job.

They follow their prey by car to a warehouse where Kamrahman kidnaps a man. This man is none other than a Nadim who worked at the Cukur Coffee House and spied for Halil Ibrahim. Kamrahman asks him who is Halil Ibraham? Nadim tells him that he is his boss. Kamrahman wants to talk with Halil and Nadim tells him if he lets him go he will arrange for him to speak with him. Kamrahman decides that this is the best way to go. He is released.

Afterwards the brothers have dinner together. Yamac has been hungry all day. Kamrahman orders Raki for both of them even though Yamac is not allowed to drink. Kamrahman promises him that he will not tell their father.

Kamrahman tells young Yamac that he was always jealous of the attention his mother and father gave to him but when he became a father he understood it. Now he wants his own son Acar to be just like Yamac but without the long hair. Kamrahman tells his brother that one day they will speak the name of Yamac Kocovali with respect.

The brothers arrive home tanked. Kamrahman tries to keep Yamac quiet so as not to wake up the household. Yamac is loud and very verbal. He throws his arms around his brother and tells him he loves him.

Yamac returns to the reality that he is strung up and being tortured by Cengiz. He is now beng exposed to water torture.

Meanwhile, the time has arrived when the factory workers have to get out of the factory. Cengiz sends in guards armed with wooden axe handles to evict them but the workers are no longer on their own, they are supported by Akin and many men from Cukur.

There is an intense fight and Cengiz’s men are beaten. Cengiz is told that the same thing happened at 17 other factories. Infuriated Cengiz wants to know who is behind it.

At the same time Cengiz is delivered a package from Yamac who is still in his torture chamber. The package is scanned incase it is a bomb and then taken to Cengiz who opens the box to find a bar of gold from his shipment of 250 Million gold bullion stolen by Yamac and Murteza.

Cengiz wants an explanation about the contents in the box. He goes to Yamac who by this time has had enough of being tortured.

Yamac is such an intelligent fellow. He has placed 250 Million in gold in the factories belonging to Cengiz. He has also set up a chemical reaction that will destroy the gold if Cengiz does not let him go or agree to his demands.

Yamac demands calls for wages for the factory workers, insurance and security. He requests freedom for himself to go wherever he wants and to do whatever he wants. He will not act like a servant any more and as Murteza helped him steal the gold in the first place he wants him to be his offsider without any physical harm coming to him.

His final demand to Cengiz is that he is not to touch Cukur nor touch any member of his family. He tells Cengiz that he is already a sacrifice for the safety of Cukur and he will not accept any harm coming to any one of them. If Cengiz agrees to this he will not destroy his 250 Million in gold.

Cenhgiz finally speaks. He tells him that he will also go to each 17 factories until he finds the gold and when he does he will kill him, his family and Cukur. He will then make Yamac stay by his side as his servant from then on.

Obviously Yamac must have been let go by Ceniz as he turns up at Ogeday’s office. He has a written document in his hand which he gives to Ogeday. Yamac explains to Ogeday that he stole the gold and placed it in one of his 17 factories and now he is blackmailing his father with his demands or 250 Million in gold bullion will be destroyed. Ogeday finds this comical. He reads the demands that Yamac has brought him and calls Cengiz who tells him to accept them.

Before Yamac leaves Ogeday, he tells him that his brother Cagatay is going to have him killed. At first Ogeday thinks that Yamac is joking but later can see that he is very serious. Ogeday asks Yamac to sit so he can hear more of what he has to say.

As Karaca had hoped, Damla finds the photograph she hid in her wardrobe. Damla is happy today after reconciling with Cumali. Cumali finds her a little distant when he gets home from his encounter with Cagatay. Damla wonders who the woman is.

Meanwhile, Cumali wants his deeds back from the loan shark. He calls him and arranges a meeting. He has plenty of gold to give him. Cagatay is informed. Cumali can see Cagatay with the deeds in his hand and the dead loan shark lying on the floor. Later Cumali leaves the building. He slams himself in the head in frustration knowing that Cagatay holds the deeds and the gold. He has lost both. He doesn’t know what he is going to do. None of the family know what he has done.

Cagatay has offered him a deal. The deeds of the properties if he will kill his brother Ogeday tomorrow. If Cumali does not agree Cagatay will come and evict him and his family from their home tomorrow. Cumali has no choice. He has 24 hours to kill Ogeday.

Yamac has been invited to dinner by Sultan.

As Yamac enters the gates to the Kocovali mansion and draws close to the front door of his home, he remembers his childhood and the family conversations and fights they had over the years. They are sobering thoughts.

His mother has set the dining table ready for dinner. Yamac feels uncomfortable sitting at the family table. Selim and Cumali do not want to sit at a table with the man who killed their father.
There is no conversation made. Selim asks his brother where he found the courage to come to the house and he wants him to leave.

Sultan will not let Yamac go. She tells her sons that she is their mother. She gave birth to each one of them and it doesn’t matter what they think of each other. They are the sons of Idris Kocovali. She demands that they sit together as a family. Cumali leaves the scene very quickly.

The evening emotions escalate when Selim tells Yamac how he feels about him killing his father.

The brothers laugh over what Idris would have said about Yamac shooting him if he were sitting at the table with them now. Selim believes Idris would have said…… “I told you to just shoot me not kill me” and he would have probably given Yamac a beating afterwards.

The laughter turns to tears. Yamac’s guilt is evident and it is heart breaking for him.

Selim goes into Idris’s office and gets his father’s gun out of the box in his desk drawer. He empties it and leaves only one bullet in the barrel. Selim has never had very much courage but tonight he is upset and holds the barrel of the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Luckily the gun does not discharge.

He gives the gun to Yamac who immediately picks it up and would have pulled the trigger if Selim had not stopped him. Yamac yells at him “what are you doing?” Yamac breaks down weeping and tells him, “ Nobody else was there, only I was there”. He repeats over and over again that nobody else was there. There was nobody to help him and Idris had told him to protect the family as he has told every one of his sons.

Yamac has an emotional breakdown. He keeps asking his brother to look what he is doing to him.

Yamac tells Selim that he is his favourite brother and he is quick to condemn. Yamac reminds him that he also betrayed the family. Yamac sees the gun on the table and picks it up to kill himself . He is weeping and full of emotional pain. Selim grabs him and wrestles him to the ground preventing his brother pulling the trigger. Yamac begs him to let him go but Selim holds him tight to him trying to sooth his wracking sobs that rip through his body.

Later Yamac lies on the floor emotionally spent. Selim crouches on the floor beside him. The emotional eruption between the two brothers is over. Yamac lies on floor as if unconscious.

When he wakes he is alone. He leaves the house having not spoken a word to Cumali and not having seen Selim again. He returns to the Cengiz mansion.

Meanwhile, The Erdenet family are sitting at their family table. Their family dynamics are a little different but not unalike the Kocovali’s. Yamac has told Ogeday that his brother wants to kill him and has been warned that his death is imminent. Nobody knows that Cumali will be the assassin.

Cagatay calls Cumali giving him Ogeday’s movement the following day. Cumali calls Metin and tells him to gather the men together.
Cagatay tells his mother that tomorrow she will get her wish and Ogeday will be killed.

The next day Cumali watches as Ogeday leaves his office in his car. Cumali follows him. they cannot see that Cagatay is watching by drone overhead.

Cumali has a preplanned ambushed set up. Metin and the boys ambush Ogeday’s car. When Cumali opens the car door he gets a shock. It is assumed that Ogeday is not inside but never-the-less Cumali still takes a hand grenade and blows the car to pieces.

Cagatay sends his security guard to check that Cumali had truly killed his brother.

Although Cengiz has made a deal with Yamac that he will sacrifice himself to the needs of Cengiz as long as he leaves his family alone, these rues Cagatay will not obey. He takes his laser pointer and aims at the figure of Selim on his video screen. He speaks to himself and says, “Arrivederci Selim”.

Join Turk-Flix next week for the outcome.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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