Last week Yamac and Cumali were successful in stealing gold bullion from Cagatay.

This week the whole Erdenet family join together at the breakfast table. Ogetay and Surreyha are not that happy to see Cagatay. There is an underlying feeling of dislike where they are concerned.
Cengiz joins the group with Namik as his guest.

Yamac is in the room and he is very surprised to see Efsun turn up. She greets Cagatay with a kiss. Yamac raises an eyebrow at this. Cagatay gets great pleasure seeing Yamac’s reaction to Efsun’s entrance.

Yamac overhears Namik tell Cengiz that he is going to attack Cukur. Cengiz tells him that his brothers have been reckless and Namik is going to teach them a lesson.

After leaving Cengiz, Namik heads to the hospital where he visits his son. It is here that we see his son is none other than Sefa. The young man who had beaten Fidan and Meke and who’s teeth Yamac had knocked out of his mouth and placed in his hand. At that time they knew he was the son of a wealthy man but certainly he did not know that Namik was his father. Father and son now plan to teach Cukur a lesson in revenge.

Yamac is nervous. He can see there is big trouble heading Cukur’s way. He warns Selim.

Cumali shows the gold to Emmi and Selim. Cumali needs every penny the gold will bring as he needs to buy back the deeds of his house first. He calls the loan shark and tells him that he will be coming tonight to get the deeds back and pay him his money. The loan shark is not too happy with that and tries to stall him as he has already sold the deeds to Cagatay .

Namik’s attack on Cukur comes as a surprise. People were going about their daily duties as usual. The assailants seem to be everywhere. They have arrived in cars and motor bikes. They kill and injury many.

Fidan is taken by force by Sefa. Meke tries to protect her but is shot . His last sight of her is being dragged inside of Sefa’s car.

Cumali is told that the attacks on Cukur are coming from Sefa. Metin tells him that this man bashed Fidan and Meke and the neighbourhood took revenge. Cumali was not involved that day but Yamac and Salih were.

Meanwhile at the Kocovali mansion, Karaca calmly goes through the cupboards and drawers of the family while they are out of the house. In Cumali’s room she finds a tin. Inside the tin she finds a gun and a photograph of a woman with a hand written note on the back which says, I hurt somebody and I am glad I did. Karaca puts the photograph in her back pocket and takes the gun for herself.

The house is attacked by armed men on motorbikes. All the women go into the basement for safety except Sultan. She seems unaffected and unafraid of the gun fire. She acts a little confused and believes she hears Yamac calling for her to cook him his favourite food, Bulgur rice. So while the house is under siege Sultan begins to cook. The house is protected by Cumali and Akin who take down Sefa’s men.

Cengiz asks Yamac to attend to one of his factories where the workers have all gone on strike. Cengiz tells him to get them back to work as quick as he can no matter what. Yamac arrives at the factory as a peace maker. He finds the workers very amiable. He listens to their complaints. They tell him that they have not had any wages for 2 months.

The factory workers tell Yamac that unless Cengiz listens to their complaints and does something about it he will not have any workers to run it. Yamac promises them he will try and solve the problem for them.

When Yamac returns to Cengiz he tells him that the workers are right and they should have their conditions met. Cengiz tells him that they either get back to work or they leave.

Meanwhile, Namik is set on another raid on Cukur later that evening. He meets with his son for the first time that day. His father asks him where he has been . Sefa tells him he had to fix a problem. His problem was Fidan and she has not been seen since he kidnapped her.

Meke is in the hospital and has just got out of surgery. He has no idea what her transpired since he was shot.

Later that night Cagatay takes Efsun home and manages to give her a good night kiss. She accepts it with little feeling.

As the evening wears on, Sefa and four car loads of his hoods roll down the streets of Cukur.
This time Cukur is waiting for them. The streets are filled with armed men.

Only one escapes the battle and that is Sefa. He runs like a coward to his car and races home to daddy. Little does he know that he was followed by Celasun.

Meanwhile at the Erdenet mansion, Olga who was Arik’s mother, tells Cagatay that Ogeda’s wife Surreya was happy about Arik’s death. Olga at one time had spoken to Yamac about killing Ogeday.

Yamac is listening outside the door and hears what Olga is saying. Cagatay tells her that these things should be taken care of by family and not Yamac. He does tell her though that he will take care of it very soon and she will not have to wait much longer.

Meanwhile, Alico is with Nehir. She has been having cramps in her stomach for most of the day. Yamac gets a call from Nehir to tell him that she and Alico are on the way to the hospital following strong contractions. At the hospital, Yamac and Nehir watch together as they view their baby on the Ultrasound. The doctor believes that stress has caused Nehir’s sudden pain.

Yamac thinks back on his dream where he sees Nehir with a new born baby wrapped in a white shawl. She tells Yamac that this is his child.

The sight of this innocent little baby on the Ultrasound brings about an emotion change in Yamac. He hears his father say that the grand children of Idris Kocovali will leave their mark on the world. He rejoices in the fact that he is going to have a son.

Yamac has very little time with Nehir before he is called away by Akin telling him that Cumali is ready to bust Sefa.

Meanwhile, Sefa arrives home. He tells him that he drove straight into a trap. Namik asks his son if there is anything he hasn’t told him. He lies and replies no. The only thing he tells him is that he drove to Cukur and took his girlfriend to keep her safe. He doesn’t tell him that he beat her and took her forcibly. His father believes him and goes to seek help from Cengiz.

As Namik leaves the mansion Cumali and Selim arrive outside his home. Yamac knows that Namik will be after help from Cengiz. He goes to the mansion to stop Namik. When he arrives he is told that he has a visitor. He enters his room to find Sultan sitting waiting for him. On her lap she has a saucepan full of Bulgur rice for his dinner. The sight of his mother and the Bulgur rice brings tears to his eyes. He unwraps it to find a dish truly made with love.

Yamac’s joy in eating his mothers cooking is short lived. Cengiz commands Yamac to be brought to him. As Yamac enters his office he sees Namik sitting with Cengiz. Yamac is told that he is expected to apologise to Namik and his son on behalf of his brothers and himself. This is the only way the matter will be completely resolved.

Yamac stands facing Namik. At first he tries to apologise but the words just will not come out. He then throws his hands in the air and tells them on behalf of his family he refuses to apologise.

He walks out of Cengiz’s office. Cengiz bellows at the top of his voice for him to STOP. Cengiz can be heard yelling all over the house, “I command you to stop.” Yamac hears it all but does not obey. He walks out.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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