We left Cumali last week after he turned up at Efsun’s front door looking for revenge. He had been told that Efsun was involved in his father’s death. Efsun knows who Cumali is and she is a little scared of him. She tells him although she was not involved physically with the death of his father she provided the money.

Cumali raises his gun and aims it at Efsun intending on killing her but as fate would have it Yamac intervenes. He begs his brother not to shoot even though she has his father’s blood on her hands.

To stop him carrying out his threat Yamac tells him embarrassingly that Efsun is pregnant. Cumali sees his brother’s relationship with Efsun as complete betrayal. He lowers his gun feeling completely shattered and powerless. Yamac feels so guilty causing him so much pain.

Cumali leaves the house and drives aimlessly throughout Istanbul and ends up on a cliff edge only just hanging on to his sanity.

Yamac and Efsun can see no way out for their relationship. Yamac killed her father and she killed his father and her grand mother. There does not seem much hope for them and their child for the future.

Yamac calls Akin and tells him not to let Cumali out of his sight as he could go off the rails.

Selim prepares to buy guns that night with the money that Cumali received from the loan shark.

Cagatay does not trust Yamac, nor should he. Yamac will try and disrupt any business deals Cagatay or Cengiz have going. This time Cagatay sends Yamac to steal guns belonging to Halil Ibraham. He is also given a specially chosen team to work with led by a hood called Cenk.

Selim arrives to purchase the guns. They are hidden in the back of a garbage disposal truck.

Yamac and his new team arrive complete with tear gas.

Inside the warehouse Selim is completing the transaction payment for the guns when Yamac and the team arrive. They disperse when gun fire breaks out. Yamac nearly kills his brother in the process. To save Selim and the young men from Cukur, Yamac has to kill all of Cagatay’s men and make it look like they fell into a trap.

In the end Yamac is able to lead them to safety. Unfortunately not only is the money gone but the garbage truck is blown up and they have no guns.

Neither Selim, Emmi or Yamac know that Cumali has put up the deeds to their house as collateral for a loan. Cagatay now has those deeds.

When Yamac reports back to Cagatay he is told he was purposely placed at the warehouse knowing that Cukur was doing a gun deal there. A sort of punishment by Cagatay for his previous involvement in his drug deal. Cagatay tells him that he should always pay back somebody that has hurt him.

Cumali is seen roaming around the streets of Cukur depressed. Emmi gets into Cumali and tells him to man up and to take his eyes off himself and place them on the needs of Cukur. After his dressing down from Emmi, Cumali pays more attention to the neighbourhood and he can see that they are hungry. He has not made a good leader for Cukur.

Cagatay is told by Seren that Efsun killed her own grand mother to protect Yamac and that she is pregnant. Cagatay was interested in Efsun himself and is most surprised. I am sure he will use this information against Yamac in the near future.

Selim puts in a call in to Metin to meet with him. He asks Metin to take a ring that belonged to his father and which was then given to his brother Kahraman. The ring has been in Selim’s possession for quite some time but Selim feels that Yamac deserves to own the ring. The ring holds a great deal of respect from Selim towards his brother.

Akin phones Yamac to tell him that the money situation is so bad that Cumali has decided to go after the Erdenet’s money. Yamac is happy about this decision and wants to help Cumali.

Cumali looks for Alico thinking he might know where the location of the safe might be. At this stage nobody knows where it is. The safe was moved after Yamac stole all the Erdenet gold from the Holding. Yamac decides to approach Efsun for knowledge of its whereabouts.

It appears that Selim, Akin and Alico are working together with Yamac more often. Yamac seems to have a foot in both camps. Brother Cumali has yet to find this out.

Cagatay visits Efsun. He makes comments on the fact that he knows she is pregnant. He plants seeds of doubt in Efsun’s mind about Yamac’s love for her. He offers her an opportunity to come to him whenever she wants with no strings attached.

Meanwhile, Yamac wants to find out the location of the Erdenet’s safe. He tries to contact Efsun without success. He decides to drive to her house.

He sees Efsun in Cagatay’s company. He is angry and jealous. He gives her an opportunity to tell him the truth when he asks her if she has had any visitors. Scared to say who it was she denies it. He leaves the house after having a huge argument with her for lying to him.

Yamac’s life is in a turmoil but a glimmer of light and hope is delivered by Alico. Alico tells him that Nehir did not abort his baby and she is still carrying his child. He ends up on her doorstep.

Nehir is direct with him and tells him that he only ever wanted the child and never her. Yamac draws her into his arms in a gesture of compassion and asks her to take some time to think. They will together how they can stop hurting each other.

Unfortunately Efsun watches the embrace from across the road. She has just listened to Cagatay sowing his seeds of doubt in her mind. This embrace only strengthens her suspicion.

They decide that the baby will live as a part of both of them. Nehir agrees but tells him that the child will grow up away from Yamac for its own protection. At this stage Yamac is happy for this arrangement. He tells her the rest they will work out together.

Akin is called for a meeting with Yamac. When he gets there he is presented with two trays of Baclava to be distributed to all the Cukur neighbourhood. A tradition when someone becomes a father. Yamac buys two trays as he will be a father of two babies. His smile stretches right across his face and shared with tears of joy.

Meanwhile, Cagatay has a shipment of gold arriving that evening which will be stored in the Erdenet safe. He assigns the job to Murteza and his cousin Seren. The location of the safe has not yet been revealed but Cumali has Alico on the job to find it.

Yamac uses Alico to manoeuvre Cumali into a location whereby he can help him steal the gold.

Murteza tells Yamac that he is tired of being beaten. If it isn’t the Erdenets beating him then it is Yamac. He wants to make peace and be allowed to go home. He is tired of the fighting. He asks Yamac to help him and in return he will help Yamac get the gold.

The Erdenet’s gold bullion is loaded inside a refrigerated truck. Yamac is not allowed to go on the mission and Cagatay sends Murteza and Seren along to protect it.

Cumali waits to intercept the truck on a deserted road. Alico has his sniper’s rifle in readiness.
Cumali is confronted by Yamac who pops up out of the dark ready to help him. Cumali immediately begins fighting with his little brother and not paying attention to the fast approaching freezer truck. Yamac finally gets through to his brother that he has come to help him rob the truck not stop him stealing the gold.

The gun fight between the two groups is intense, both Cumali and Yamac are forced to protect each other or die.

When it is all over, Murteza and Seren emerge from the freezer truck both with bullet wounds. When Seren was locked in the back of the freezer truck, Murteza took the opportunity to help Yamac clean out the gold from inside the truck.

Later that evening Yamac pays Cagatay a visit. He looks him straight in the eye and tells him that he was right when he said that if anybody hurts you then you need to pay them back.

Cagatay looks at him blankly not knowing what he is referring to. Yamac turns and leaves the room smirking to himself as he walks out the door and down the stairs.

He passes Seren on the stairs. Of course she knows nothing about Yamac being anywhere near the ambush on the freezer truck. She marches straight into Cagatay’s office and tells him that they have been robbed of all their gold.

On the staircase, Yamac can hear Cagatay’s anger and tantrums. The smirky smile returns as he walks leisurely down the stairs.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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