We commence this episode with Karaca and Selim who have left the Kocovali mansion after an argument at the dinner table. Karaca had just told her father that Sultan gave Karaca the gun to kill the man she loved. Selim takes his daughter out for dinner an event that seldom happens.

Cengiz shows Cagatay his collection of photographs of the Kocovali family. He tells him that he planned to kill all the Kocovali’s but in the end he had to make a deal with Yamac as Yamac had turned the tables on him.

That evening Cagatay sits in the office looking at the Kocovali photographs. He repeats to himself over and over again “which one, which one” pointing from family member to family member of the Kocovali’s. He then plays Eeny Meeny Miny Moe and comes up with a chosen one. At this stage we do not know who he has chosen. He tells himself that he never made a deal with Yamac and there are no rules in the game they are in anyway.

Iskandar has been at deaths door but he has rallied and finally awakens. Yamac sits beside his bed while Iskandar tells him that the reason he came to Istanbul was to meet Halil Ibrahim. Cengiz did not want Iskandar to become more powerful than Server, so he sent Arik after him.

Yamac wants to know who Halil Ibrahim is. Iskandar describes him as a very powerful man who agreed to be Iskandar’s partner. He is a man you can never find but he will always find you.

Iskandar is asked if he can help contact Halil Ibrahim for them. He agrees to set up a meeting once his body heals.

Yamac’s problems seem to have settled a little. Iskandar is alive. Resit is happy and once again trusts him. Halil Ibrahim may join Yamac against Cengiz which would be a help. The only bad eggs are the Erdenets and of course the return of Cagatay unsettles him.

After speaking with Yamac about the lack of love in his life, Salih visits his Saadet and takes her into the garden where he has set up a romantic scene for her. Their love is reignited.

Emmi is not happy with Cumali. He is walking around Cukur with a loaded gun in his hand and will not listen to any advice. The young people of Cukur are coming to Emmi because Cumali is always angry and they cannot approach him. Selim decides to see what he can do himself.

The men at the gun warehouse tell Selim that they are in a pretty bad way. They have not been able to speak with Cumali. They have no jobs booked in, the warehouse which is always full of guns has no stock and worst of all they are hungry. It can be seen that Cumali is not leading as he should.

Selim and Emmi are told by Metin of how Yamac helped Cukur when Fidan was attacked and how at that time Cumali could not be found and they had to rely on Yamac. This situation would have been seen as betrayal by Cumali . Nobody was going to tell Cumali but he finds out through the Cukur grapevine.

Later that day Selim tells Cumali that if he can’t be in Cukur when he is needed then he shouldn’t be called the father of Cukur. Cumali believes that he is everything Cukur needs and Yamac should never have been involved with saving Fidan’s honour.

Salih defends Yamac by saying that Yamac did a far better job leading Cukur than Cumali.

Tensions build and in the end Cumali exiles Salih from Cukur just like he did with Yamac. There is no love lost between Cumali and Salih. Although they are brothers Cumali could easily have shot him on the spot. Salih promises him that he will come back to Cukur and will see him begging and crawling towards him on the ground. Salih leaves Cukur.

Meanwhile, Yamac is called to the office by Cagatay Erdenet. Cagatay loves playing the boss around Yamac. He tells him that he has a 2 Ton truck delivery of drugs being moved that evening and he wants Yamac to act as an escort. Cagatay is the boss and he has to obey. Yamac puts in a call to Salih to help him.

After leaving Cukur, Salih finds Yamac feeding the pigeons on the waterfront. Yamac finds it comical that Salih has been kicked out of Cukur.

Meanwhile, Alico goes to the Soup Kitchen run by Sultan, Alico tells Sultan that it is important for that he speaks with her. They go his humpy for privacy.

Alico tells her the story of how Yamac killed Idris and why he had to do it. He tells her that Yamac wouldn’t do it but Idris made him swear that he would to protect not only their family but the whole family of Cukur.

Sultan remembers telling Idris on the day that hedied that if he wants to help his family he has to sacrifice his life for them. She weeps knowing that she also was part of Idris’s death. Alico makes sure that she knows that Yamac is innocent of any guilt. Sultan weeps hearing Alico tell the story.

In talking to his men Selim finds out that Cukur is in debt. The last shipment of guns sent to Cukur was not paid for either. Times are bad and something has to be done.

Meanwhile, Akin receives a phone call from Salih. The call is seen by Cumali who pulls Akin aside thinking that he is hiding something from him. He presses Akin to tell him what he was talking to Salih about. Akin tells him that Salih and Yamac will be escorting a drug delivery that evening.

Cumali does not want to make Yamac suspicious that he is interested in the drug haul. He makes Akin phone Yamac back and tell them that they won’t need to worry about any trouble from Cumali as he will be staying home and watching sport on television. After the phone call Cumali gets his men together to go after the truck.

The loading of the truck has been complete and Yamac escorts the truck through the streets of Istanbul.

Cumali is also on the road with the intent of stealing the shipment. Yamac receives a text telling him that Cumali is on his way. This text leads you to think that Yamac hopes that Cumali will come after the truck.

The truck is intercepted by Cumali and stopped with gun fire. Many of the armed men belonging to Cengiz are killed. The situation is not easy for the two brothers. Yamac has to surrender to Cumali in front of the young men of Cukur who Yamac had just helped the day before. They have to watch the brothers fight like they were enemies. Akin is signalled to unload the truck.

The cargo is prepared to be burnt. Cumali believes that Yamac has done what he swore he would never do and that is to traffic drugs.

There is eye contact between Yamac and Akin which leads you to think that maybe Cumali has been set up and did just as Yamac wanted him to do.

Cumali beats Yamac many times across the face without any attempt in defending himself. Yamac lies on the ground unconscious. Cumali stands staring down at his youngest brother. He tells him that if you play with fire you will get burnt. Cumali gives the order to set fire to the truck.

Cumali must have a conscience as he could not leave his unconscious brother lying on the ground in front of the burning truck. He calls him “Kiddo” as he drags him to safety and props him up against a tree.


As it was thought, Cumali did just as Yamac wanted. The truck was destroyed.

The news that the drug delivery failed is brought to Cengiz and Cagatay by a beaten Yamac. Actually his beaten face looked like he defended the shipment to the best of his ability.

Yamac tells Cengiz that he did not see who attacked him. As Yamac leaves the office Cagatay looks at his father and laughs.

Cengiz does not understand why Yamac tells him that the drugs were destroyed. He has just had a call from his customer to tell them that the drugs were delivered safely half an hour ago.

Cagatay tells his father that Yamac had fallen into his trap and there were no drugs inside the truck at all. Cengiz is a little angered that his son did not tell him what was happening.

We return to last week’s episode when Akin told Yamac that he helped Efsun bury her grandmother and two armed men. He also told Yamac that Efsun did this to protect him. Efsun is also carrying Yamac’s child and has been an emotion wreck since the shooting.

Yamac takes an opportunity to enter Efsun’s house to talk to her. At first she has nothing to tell him but he persists. She is tormented about killing her grand mother. He places his arms around her and encourages her to talk to him.

Efsun is emotionally traumatised by her grandmother’s death. Yamac makes her understand that he would have done the same thing if he needed to protect her. He tells her he loves her and gently kisses her and wrapping his arms around her.

The pair end up on the sofa with Yamac gently caressing her face. After a time she lies calmly in his arms and begins to tell him how she knew the Erdenets. She explains that her grandmother introduced them in Switzerland.

On the day that Efsun killed her grand mother Arik had set up a trap for Yamac. He had two armed men waiting to kill him. Efsun continues to tell him that she killed the guards first and then when her grand mother said that she would never give up trying to kill Yamac she knew she had to kill her too.

Efsun then zooms in on her secret she has withheld from Yamac. She tells him that her grand mother wanted not only to kill him buty any other part of him that existed. At first he looked confused but then the realisation hits him. She tells him that she carries his child so she had no other hoice but to kill her.

The news is welcomed by Yamac. He tells Efsun he is thrilled by the thought of being a father. The baby gives him hope for the future.

Cumali is presented with a broke Cukur. There is no money left in the safe to buy guns or food. It is becoming a desperate situation. Cumali can only see one way out, he approaches a loan shark. The loan shark will give him as much money as he wants but he wants something in assurance . Cumali leaves him the deeds of the house and other deeds belonging to the Kocovali family as the assurance the loan will be paid back.

Cumali brings back a briefcase full of money to the mansion that evening. Little does Cumali know that those deeds are now in the hands of Cagatay Erdenet.

Meanwhile, Iskandar has finally recovered from his injuries. He arrives for a scheduled meeting with Halil Ibrahim only to find he has gone to Afghanistan. Iskandar is told that Halil Ibrahim has not accepted his offer of partnership and he has gone to Afghanistan to speak with his people. Iskandar is invited to join him and offered his private jet for his journey. He calls Yamac to see if he wants to join him but Yamac decides that Salih should fly out with him as his ambassador.

In keeping keep up with the pressures of being the head of the Kocovali household, Karaca meets with Cumali and is told that she did the right thing when she killed Azer.

Karaca tells him then if she did the right thing in killing Azer then Cumali will have to do the right thing and do his part in revenging the blood of Idris. She tells him that Azer told her that Efsun was involved in killing her grand father. She tells Cumali to ask Akin where she lives, he knows.

Cumali confronts Akin who denies knowing who Efsun is. Akin can feel the hairs on the back stand up as he lies to his Uncle. He is frightened that one day Cumali will come after him also.I

Akin contacts Yamac and tells him that Cumali is going after Efsun.

Cumali arrives at Efsun’s home . She is taken by surprise when she opens the door to find Cumali on her doorstep. Cumali tells Efsun that he brings regards from his father Idris Kocovali. Efsun stares at him as Cumali draws his gun.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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