Welcome to Cukur.

This episode commences in the office of Cengiz Erdenet. He has just told Yamac that in response to Cumali killing his son, he will be the only surviving member left in his family.

Yamac isn’t threatened by him and produces a threat of his own. He shows Cengiz a video of his family members with an assassins trigger ready. Yamac reminds Cengiz that he also will be the only surviving male member left in his family if he so much as touches one of the Kocovali family members.

Yamac has got Cengiz right where he wants him. He tells him that he sacrificed himself for Cukur and his family and he protects his family no matter what. Threatening him with their deaths means that Cengiz loses his family too. He tells him this is a lesson he learnt from his father.

Cengiz loves the way that Yamac operates. It is a stand off between the two. Yamac has earned his respect. Yamac tells him to cancel the hits on the Kocovali’s and in return he will do the same on his family. Cengiz agrees and the hits are cancelled.

Akin meets with Remzi. Akin intended to kill him but Cumali turns up and saves the day. There is no way that Akin wants Remzi anywhere near Cukur, let alone living there. Remzi knows that Akin was involved with killing his own grandfather. What really bothers Akin is having nobody that he can share with about how he feels and it certainly is not Cumali.

Later Yamac meets Alico outside of the Erdenet mansion. Yamac has told Alico not to come to the mansion as it holds danger for him, but Alico has come today needing to see Yamac. Alico asks his beloved Yamac to close his eyes. He then strokes his head and looks deeply into his face and tells him “its over” and he is not responsible for the death of his father. His love and concern draws Yamac to tears and a blessed emotional release.

Meanwhile, back in Cukur, a young girl enters Meke’s shop. She is one of the local girls who has grown up in Cukur. She comes to Meke after she has been heavily beaten. She cannot go home.
Meke tells her that she is not responsible for what has happened and he promises her that he will find her a place to stay until she heals.

Meke finds out that the person responsible is man called Sefa. He lives out of Cukur and he is the son of a wealthy man. The family own a Night Club, Billiard Room and furniture shops etc, Sefa has a small gang of his own, all belonging to wealthy parents. They all have expensive cars. Sefa thinks of himself as someone with power. Sefa is some kind of a man, he not only beat Fidan but threw her out of a window.

Meke promises Fidan that he will find him and make him pay. Her problem is no longer a personal one but rather one that affects Cukur as a whole.

Cengiz gives Yamac a mission. He is to stop a large shipment of cocaine entering Istanbul. The drugs are owned by Halil Ibrahim. Cengiz knows that Yamac will not deal in drugs and will not support him drug dealing but Cengiz tells him all he has to do is destroy the drugs. Cengiz allows Yamac to use his own men to back him up.

Yamac tells Cengiz that he would prefer that they trust each other if they are to work together. If they don’t one of them will get hurt. Cengiz agrees to work with Yamac under this rule for the time being.

Meanwhile, Meke hands Fidan over to the care of Salih and then leaves Cukur to deal with Sefa alone. Salih takes young Fidan to be cared for by Metin and his wife. The trauma she went through is kept quiet.

When Meke finds Sefa he makes sure that Sefa knows that Fidan comes from Cukur and that means she is protected by Cukur. He hits Sefa but before he can continue he is hit from behind by one of Sefa’s mates, he is then transported and thrown in a rubbish dump. He is found the next morning by Alico who takes him home to his humpy.

Yamac and Salih meet up once more for their regular Turkish bath. Salih is asked to join Yamac on his next drug mission given to him by Cengiz Erdenet. He shares with him the name of Halil Ibrahim and asks Salih to find out something about him.

Last week Cumali took Nadim into his protection knowing he was filtering information to his client about Cukur. Nadim tells Cumali he first came to Cukur just to only watch them and he is an obedient servant to his client and will do whatever his client asks of him. He goes on to tell him that his client has become very interested in the Kocoval’s since they have been involved with the Erdenet’s.

Cumali asks Nadim the name of his anonymous client and Nadim replies, Halil Ibrahim! (Now we have just heard Cengiz telling Yamac that the drugs belong to Halil Ibrahim.)

Nadim continues his story and tells Cumali that Halil Ibrahim has had a long history himself with the Erdenet’s and Halil Ibrahim is willing to do anything the Kocovali’s want in their fight against them. Cumali is quick to tell him that he alone protects Cukur and he does not need anyone else’s help.

We return now to young Fidan, who has been bathed and cared for at Metin’s home. Metin is watching over her when he is called to Alico’s humpy. When he arrives he finds a beaten Meke. The word gets around quickly that Meke has been beaten trying to save a young woman’s honour.

Metin wants to help Meke and remarks that they cannot rely on Cumali to help them out. He also commented that Yamac has deserted Cukur for Cengiz Erdenet. It takes an angered Salih to make Metin understand that Yamac is sacrificing himself every day for Cukur and has never turned his back on them. Even today Yamac will be protecting his beloved Cukur. Metin is left feeling embarrassed for doubting Yamac’s loyalty.

The day wears on and that evening Sefa is managing his night club. He gets a visit from Salih and Yamac. Yamac makes sure that Sefa knows that they have come from Cukur before he flattens him and knocks him to the floor.

Sefa tries to buy himself out of the situation by offering Yamac and Salih money, of course this does not work. Yamac ends up in letting him go so that they may be able to gather all the gang members together and teach them a lesson.

Meanwhile, back in Cukur, Metin gathers all the young men and women of Cukur together. He tells them the story of a beaten Fidan and Meke. Although they are obedient to Cumali the young men cannot allow Yamac to protect them by himself. They also have to be responsible themselves for protecting Cukur. They arm themselves with wooden clubs in preparation for their fight. Metin leads them to join Yamac and Salih.

Sefa’s family owns quite a few businesses in town. After his embarrassment he joins his gang furious that he has been treated like a school boy. He calls his dad and tells him what is going on.

That was only an introduction for Sefa , following that Medet enters the family furniture shop and begins smashing expensive items. It is not long before one of the shop assistants calls Sefa and tells him what is going on. He and his gang leave the Night club in their expensive cars to go to the furniture shop. On their way Sefa’s car is separated from the others by a truck load of Cukur young people. They intercept his gang is they are not allowed to proceed.

Sefa is alone now and arrives at his shop and parks his expensive red sports car out the front. He is confronted by Medet who has smashed his most expensive items in the shop. When Metin and the men from Cukur arrive , Sefa takes off running but finds his red sports car is gone and in its place is a toy car. He takes off on foot to his Billiard hall.

Yamac and Salih catch up with Sefa at the billiard hall. They give him the punishment he deserves for beating up on an innocent girl. Sefa now lies on the floor and is missing quite a few teeth. Yamac thoughtfully places his missing teeth in his palm incase he wants to have them put back in place at a later date.

Yamac is taken back when he leaves the Billiard hall. All the young people of Cukur are waiting for him. They have shown him that they care about what he is doing for Cukur. They have proven that if you stand together you can show strength. They have avenged the honour of a young girl. Yamac is uplifted and humbled.

Salih and Yamac leave together and arrive at Selami the Vet’s home. They are greeted by a young woman and given entrance. We are surprised to find Iskandar (whom everyone thinks is dead) lying on a table unconscious and obviously being treated by Uncle Selami.

Our episode then takes us back to when Iskandar was killed by Arik. We saw Arik at the time shoot him and he did look dead at the time. Yamac later finds him thinking he is dead also but finds that he wore a bullet proof jacket and this jacket has saved his life.

He is transported to Uncle Selami the Vet for treatment. He has lost a lot of blood but is alive. Yamac later tells Rasit that Iskandar is alive hoping to avoid an act of revenge against Cukur.

Meanwhile, Nadim has left Cukur and Cumali and returned to Halil Ibrahim. He reports that he cannot go back to Cukur and that he has told Cumali everything and Cumali has rejected Halil’s offer to help fight the Erdenets. Nadim also tells Halil Ibrahim that he has not heard anything from Iskandar who was going to take delivery of the drugs and Nadim will have to go to the ship tonight and direct the delivery of the drugs himself.

Yamac makes plans with Salih to handle the drugs situation that night. He also meets up with Akin who tells him that he helped Efsun bury her grandmother and two shooters. Akin believes that Efsun shot them to protect Yamac.

Later that day Nadim enters the ship carrying the drugs to supervise its safe delivery. He notes that all is going well.

We return now to the Kocovali mansion where the family have joined together for dinner. Karaca is in her bedroom and Selim joins her and encourages her to tell him why she shot Azer, a man whom she loved and who also loved her. She finally releases all her pent up sadness and tells her father that Sultan gave her the gun to kill Azer and this was the reason she killed the man she loved. She continues and tells him that Sultan had told her that Azer had her grandfather’s blood on his hands.
This information is taken hard by Selim. He now sees that his daughter has been used as a tool by Sultan to take her own revenge. He confronts his mother in front of the family that evening at the dinner table. He tells them all that Sultan is responsible for his daughters mental condition. He stands up for Karaca and tells Sultan that nobody can treat his daughter the way she has. He leaves the home but takes his daughter with him leaving the family staring after him.

Sultan warns all the family not to get involved and responds by saying that what happens within the family stays within the family.

We now come to the ship that hides the drugs being moved by Halil Ibrahim. Salih and Yamac have arrived at the ship and they are armed. They quickly subdue the guards and are rewarded in their search by finding the drugs.

Nadim arrives to find his drugs have gone up in smoke.

Nadim then returns to Halil Ibrahim with the bad news. Halil has no other option but to take up Iskandar’s offer and buy his drugs from him.

As it is, Iskandar isn’t doing too well. He lies in his bed at the Veterinarians surgery when his heart stops beating. All indications are he is dying. The Vet is called to the emergency.

Later, Yamac joins Cengiz accepting an invitation/order to dine with him that evening. When Yamac enters the dining room he finds the table has been set for three.

The visitor turns out to be Cagatay Erdenet!

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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