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At the closing of last week’s episode Cukur had been attacked by Arik and his men. They killed many. This attack was in response to Arik’s kidnapping. Arik followed Yakup who was one of his kidnappers to Cukur. He watches as he enters the Coffee House. Arik believed that his kidnappers were from Cukur. He was wrong. The kidnappers really belong to an anonymous character who has placed his man Nadim in the Coffee House to be his eyes and ears about what is going on in Cukur.

Cumali , who is seeking revenge for the attrack on his innocent community sends Arik an invitation to meet him on one of the root tops in Cukur. Arik agrees to come. The problem is Cumali’s attitude, he is not Yamac. He has little patience for talking things through. He shoots and asks questions later. He is like a loose cannon.

Arik didn’t see that his death was imminent. Cummali puts 5 bullets in him. On leaving the roof Cumali picks up the dead Arik’s necklace which he ripped from his neck .

Selen, who is waiting for Arik to return home gets a visit from Cumali. He gives her an envelope and asks her to send it to Cagatay in Switzerland unopened. Cagatay has been out of the scene for some time after escaping prison.

Cagatay asks Remzi who is soon to be released from prison to gain entrance to Cukur via Akin.

Resit is told that Iskandar GulamSahi is dead. Resit who is a mafia leader from Afghanistan has told Yamac that Iskandar was not to be harmed and Yamac did everything he could to avoid his death but he was killed by Arik on Cengiz’s order. Resit had previously told Yamac that if Iskandar is killed he would come after Cengiz and his beloved Cukur.

Resit confronts Cengiz Erdenet. At this stage Cengiz does not know that his son is dead. Resit tells Cengiz that he is very powerful in Afghanistan and he should not have killed Iskandar. He wants to warn him that he will be returning to avenge Iskandar’s murder.

Meanwhile, back in Switzerland, Cagatay receives Cumali’s envelope. Inside is a green calling card and his brothers necklace with his blood. Cumali tells Cagatay in the card that he once took a life from him and now he has paid him back by taking a life from Cagatay. Cumali says they are even now.

Cagatay Face-times his father and shows him his brothers bloody necklace. Cengiz immediately recognises it and knows that Arik is dead. He calls for Yamac.

Yamac is shocked to hear from Cengiz that his brother has killed Arik. Yamac had wanted to kill him himself. He demands that Yamac bring everyone responsible for his killing to him. Yamac heads to Cukur to talk to Cumali. He is angered to find that his brother has barred him from entering Cukur.

Cumali meets with Yamac and is told that Cengiz will flatten Cukur in punishment for Arik’s death. Cumali tells his brother that he is now the protector of Cukur. He wouldn’t listen to Yamac when he tells him that he protects Cukur also but by killing Arik he has crucified them all.

The Erdenet family mourns their son.

Emmi is aware that his dementia is worsening. He has given Alico two letters to hide. Alico is told to take the letters to Yamac should anything happen to him or if his mind completely goes.

Cumali is unpredictable. Cukur will have to deal with a psychotic mafia leader and Cengiz Erdenet. How they will protect Cukur is uncertain.

Two funerals are held today, one in Cukur for the dead in the community and the other for Arik Boke Erdenet, son of Cengiz Erdenet.

Olga Erdenet, Arik’s mother wants to speak with Yamac after the funeral. He is motioned into her presence. She tells him that Cengiz does not trust him and he should have somebody on his side within the house. Olga will help him if he will kill Ogeday for her!

It is the day that Remzi is released from prison. He calls Akin but he does not want to give him the time of day. He makes sure that Remzi knows that he is not welcome in Cukur.

Remzi does not listen to Akin’s warning. He comes to Cukur. He phones Akin. Remzi tries to threaten Akin with his knowledge about his involvement in his grandfather’s death if he doesn’t meet with him. Remzi has been in prison taking the wrap for Akin but now he has been released and has been told by Cagatay to get involved. Akin will not give him the chance to involve him and asks him to leave Cukur.

Yamac tells Cengiz that an unknown person sent Arik to Cukur to kill Cumali. Yamac asks Cengiz to allow him to find out who that person is. Cengiz gives him one day. Seren tells Yamac about everything Arik was involved in before his death. She tells him that Arik had proof that Yakup entered the Coffee House in Cukur because he followed him himself.

Sultan tries to visit Nehir in the Mental Hospital with the intention of taking her back to Cukur. She runs away from her and hides.

Her escape frustrates Sultan who knows that Nehir is carrying her grandchild and she wants that grandchild to be under her roof.

Nehir runs into Alico on her escape. She takes Alico to a house which she tells him is her families home but she doesn’t live there. As her family died Nehir has lived here alone.

Meanwhile, Yamac and Salih are in a Turkish bath for their catch up meeting.

Yamac tells Salih that the Erdenets are a divided family. If Yamac can get in between them then he may be able to break them up. He also asks Salih to speak to his brothers on his behalf. He shows him a photo of Yakup and asks Salih to speak with Nadim and see if he has seen him.

On his return to Cukur Salih goes straight to the Coffee House. He shows the photograph of Yakup to both Nadim and Cumali . Nadim tells him he remembers him coming into the Coffee House looking for Cumali. When Cumali is shown the photo he denies ever seeing him. He phones Yamac and gives him the news.

That evening Yamac returns to Cukur. He is forbidden to enter Cukur but waits for Nadim.

Nadim is not aware that Yamac has been told that Yakup was seen entering the Coffee House. Nor does he know that Yamac has found out that Nadim has been working in the Coffee House under an assumed name. The real Nadim died four months ago.

Yamac drives Nadim to the home of Yakup and he makes a run for it. He is captured by Yamac.

Nadim plays the fragile old man trick on Yamac. He is left to watch Yakup while Yamac goes to meet with Cengiz. Nadim sees this as devine providence and kills Yakup whilst Yamac is out of the house.

Meanwhile, Yamac’s meets with Cengiz. He tells him that he has found the real killer of his son. Although at this moment he does not know who gives the orders to Nadim he promises him that he will find out. He tells Cengiz that his brothers are innocent.

Cengiz and Yamac listen on a listening device whilst Nadim questions Yakup . He asks him whether he has told anybody about who his anonymous client is and his answer is “No”. The answer is enough for Nadim who strangles him to death.

Aftr finding Yakup dead and Nadim gone Yamac follows Nadim to Cukur. Yamac is still barred from entering Cukur and this allows Nadim slips way.

Yamac phones Salih to help him find Nadim.

Nadim runs straight to Cumali in the Coffee House. Salih is after him.

Cumali will not believe Salih when he tells him that Nadim is responsible for betraying Cukur. He believes that he is protecting Nadim from Yamac and won’t let him Salih touch him.

Remzi is waiting for Akin who has left Cukur with a suspicious Cumali following him.

Meanwhile, Cengiz is now ready to go after Cumali. He wants him to pay for killing his son. He shows Yamac a video taken by drone of his family.

Cengiz then tells him to take one last look at his family. He is not only going to take Cumali’s life but that of his whole family as well. Cengiz tells Yamac that from today he will be the only male member of his family left alive.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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