Born July 16th 1945

Cetin was born in Sivas. He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory and went straight on to the stage, acting in his first role in the play Murat IV.

He also gave acting lessons in stage and dictation at two universities. As well as stage acting he was a successful voice dubber. One of the voices he dubbed was in the American TV series McMillan and his Wife ” he dubbed the role played by Rock Hudson. His first introduction to TV was in the series Kucuk Aga in 1983. And his first film appearance was in 1987. He has a long and successful career, starring in 39 stage plays, over 15 films and 20 TV series. Some of the more prolific series are.. Asi, Bir Cocuk Sevdim, Karadayi, Icerde and most recently Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi, which was sadly cancelled after only a few episodes.

Throughout his long career he has won a few awards.. nominated for ten , won six for Best Actor, 2 for Best supporting Actor and a Excellence Special Award. In 1988 Cetin married fellow actress Zerrin Tekindor and they had one son called Hira. They divorced in 2000. He is currently single.

I loved his role in Karadayi that was the first time I watched him act, I know he was popular in Icerde, and its a shame that Mehmed didnt continue for longer, seeing him act in a historical role was good. It will be good to see what he decides to do in the future.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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