We start with some good news this week. Carpisma will run for the full 25 episodes that were promised. So we can enjoy the exploits of Kadir, Zeynep, Kerem and Cemre until May.

As always I write my summary in real time while watching the episode so I will write my thoughts as things happen and highlight them. Off we go…

Kerem is frantic looking for his Mum. As he, Kadir and Cemre are leaving the house his Mum appears. Kerem is relieved. Behind his Mum, Meral appears. When Veli let Meral go she followed him to where he was holding Kerem’s Mum. As Demir is about to shoot her, we see a small glimpse of why Demir is like what he is. He says that if someone had shown him this much faith maybe he wouldn’t be where he is now. Although it is only a glimpse and he aims the gun at her again. Meral appears with a gun and shoots in the air. This is the gunshot the Veli hears thinking Demir has done the job. Surprisingly when Demir tells Veli what happened he doesnt go into a rage and is calm. He tells Demir that Kadir and Kerem will come after him and they will wait to see what they do.

Meral tells them that Veli wasn’t the gunman but she lies and says that she didn’t know who the gunman was. Veli knew that she wouldn’t reveal Demir. Meral tells them that Veli gave her the choice Kerem or the money and with a sly look at Cemre she says she chose Kerem, obviously. Cemre looks a little jealous, possibly worried that Kerem may feel indebted to Meral for saving him and his Mum. Immediately Kerem says its better for her to stay with them until things calm down. Cemre and Zeynep don’t look happy. Men have no idea what so ever do they? Lol  Kadir also tells Zeynep that he chose her over his Mum.

Kadirs Mum is at home with her helper Badar. Badar gives her some medication she is obviously dealing with some medical problem, maybe mental illness. I have noticed that the actress (Sebnem) is wearing a wig. Her natural hair is dark and very curly. Maybe they wanted to make her hair lighter to suit Kadir or maybe the drugs she is taking make the need to wear the hairpiece in the role of Aiyse.

Zeynep accepts the offer to work at……. Veli is listening to Zeynep and ……. talking. He knows the reason she accepted the job is to help find Kadir’s Mum. While at the park Veli approaches Aylin she is happy to see him but Zeynep stops her. Veli is obsessed with them both. He says he won’t hurt them and he has an offer for Zeynep that she will say yes to.

Kerem waits for Deniz and confronts him with Meral. He asks her if Demir was the one that was going to shoot hi Mum. Honestly, Demirs face could tell him, yes, but she says no. He looks a little worried when they leave, knowing that Meral could tell Kerem any time.

We know that Meltem is the informer from the station. She meets with Veli and tells him that she has finished. Of course, Veli won’t let her and tells her to get the money that Galip gave to Kadir which will be given to the treasury. Meltem is a tough cookie and tells him if she goes down they both go down. On leaving she makes a call. Kadir receives a call from the voice disguiser telling him that they want a deal. They will tell him where his mother is and also give him Veli if he can get them a lighter sentence. Kadir says if he finds his Mum he will. He gets his Mums address. I have a hunch that this caller isn’t Meltem

Kadir takes Zeynep to the address and finds a woman there who seems to know that he was left in a park with the cassette… she was doing so well until she slipped up by calling him Kadir. Veli has hired the woman to pretend to be his Mum. He realises when he leaves that this was a distraction set up by Veli. He finds out the money from Galip is on the way to the treasury, he warns them that Veli will be attacking them. Kadir arrives at the scene in the middle of the shoot out. He did a great Spiderman impression getting out of the car! They succeed in fighting the bad guys off and keep the money. Veli meanwhile had been watching from a distance and was surprised to see Kadir.

Veli calls Zeynep tells her that he will tell her about Kadir’s Mum if she takes Aylin and meets with him. Zeynep eventually agrees. Meanwhile, at Kadir’s house, Cemre is sat with Kerem’s Mum and Meral who is really starting to annoy me. Kerem takes his Mum home and is happy that his Mum seems to approve of Cemre. Back at the house Kadir, Zeynep and Cemre discuss who may be the grass at the station. Zeynep thinks it may be a woman that held her and Aylin hostage.

Veli tells Demir not to hand over the money that Meral wants to keep quiet. He says that she will get killed, and Yakup and Cemil turn up. They will now work with Demir. Veli warns them all they cannot let Cemre be hurt, even by Meral. Meltem is at the hospital when Kadir calls her to tell her they have a witness that saw the one who kidnapped Zeynep and Aylin…she panics and calls Veli, he tells her Kadir is just playing games. She removes the sim card and drops it ion the waste bin. Kadir finds it, he now knows she is the informant.

However, I am still suspicious of the dark-haired cop that got shot during the shoot out. Veli told the person on the phone to wear a Kevlar vest. Meltem didn’t appear to have one on in the shootout, And it was made obvious to us he didn’t get injured as he was wearing kevlar. If not him there is another informer I’m sure.

Kadir follows Meltem, she meets up with Adem, Kadir straight away realises that Adem is besotted by her. After speaking with Zeynep, Cemre finds Kerem at the garage that’s for sale. Inside they have a little flirting and then get closer and just about to kiss…. and the bloody phone rings!!!! Really???? come on, guys!! After watching dizi’s for quite some time I really should have known that this was going to happen, but this one caught me off-guard. Possibly as Alperen ( Kerem ) is soo nice I was away with the fairies.

Belma is at the spar having a facial treatment when Veli arrives. However, he keeps a straight face talking to her looking like that I don’t know. He introduces himself and warns her to stay away from Cemre, he tells her he has her video too. Veli also asks how Selim’s first wife died. Belma says during childbirth. Veli asks are you sure? He leaves taking her orange juice with him. These little scenes from Veli I like. He does have a way of threatening in a subtle way too. Meanwhile, Kadir is following ….. after she leaves the cafe and overhears her saying she will kill the girl tonight. He calls Kerem to ask him to watch Meral closely. When Cemre asks what’s wrong he says nothing. The first mistake Kerem, you should have told her. She drops him home and they have a sweet conversation making sure all lines of communication are open.

Zeynep meets with Veli at the aquarium. She doesnt take Aylin with her. Veli calls Aylin his daughter, he says he loves her like his own daughter. Zeynep turns to leave but he asks if she came for Kadir. He says every time they meet he will let her ask one question regarding Kadirs Mum and he will answer not playing games. Her first question is where is she? of course Veli won’t answer that. So she asks why did she leave Kadir. He replies that she was scared that something may happen to him. She agrees to meet with him again, but next time he wants her to bring Aylin.

Belma is frantically looking in the safe possibly for Selim’s first wife’s death certificate for her cause of death. Zeynep questions Selim as to why Veli was paying for two lawyers seperatly while in prison. Selim tells her he couldn’t decide which one of them was the best, but in the end, he chose him.

Kadir is following Meltem but loses her in traffic. She arrives to find Meral with Kerem, unsure what to do she calls Veli. He tells her to kill them both. She shoots and injures Meral but Kadir arrives in time. Zeynep calls him and says Veli always works with 2 people and chooses who is the best. Perhaps there are two informants. We see that the other informant is, in fact, Adem who is waiting in a window in the building. Adem shoots Meltem but seems upset he genuinely likes her. We learn that Adem has a long history with Veli.

So that was this weeks episode. I firmly believe that this is currently the best dizi out there at the moment. My opinion is based on the storyline, it has some great twists and turns, the actors are all very good. Most dizis have at least one actor who makes you cringe a little, but everyone does a great job on here. 

Hopefully, we will see more interaction and history between Veli and Adem. We will find out a little more about Kadirs Mum, obviously her medical condition but why would she be afraid to keep Kadir as a baby? And I’m REALLY hoping those phones don’t ring again at crucial moments. 

You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi









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