Hello again, I am so busy but I make time and look forward to watching Carpisma each week. The only series I currently have time to watch without fail. As always I write my summary in real time as I’m watching so my thoughts are as I see things unfolding. Sometimes I get it right mostly I get it wrong. So off we go…

Veli has been removed from the hospital and taken to an unknown location. There he meets with Kadir’s real mother. Obviously, they are acquainted as he recognises her when he wakes. She asks him about her son and if he had been in love with anyone…Veli replies honestly which surprised me I thought maybe he wouldn’t. He just conveniently forgot her name.

She, Kadir’s mother appears to treat Veli as a surrogate son, and it looks like Veli has told her that Kadir is dead. She is concerned for Veli and it appears she doesnt actually know just what Veli is. When leaving she comes across Selim and Demir who have come to visit Veli. She obviously doesnt like Selim. Demir asks who it is and Selim replies Asiye Karaca. Veli is mad with Demir thinking he sold him out. Selim reveals it was his daughter Cemre that stole the information from him. Veli seems stunned that they all helped to get him, even Zeynep.

Kadir warns Cemre, Kerem and Zeynep that Veli will be after all four of them as they all had worked against him. Demir tells Veli about the video of him and Belma. Veli uses this and says he can get that video if Demir joins him. Kadir appears one step ahead of Veli knowing what he will do. He tells Cemre that Veli will be using Demir. He wants her to go and make a big issue with Demir and tells Kerem to stay with her as now Belma, Demir and Veli will be out to get her. Kadir tells Zeynep to meet with Selim and see what he wants. Kadir says he will find the snitch in the police station.

Belma meets Yakup and Meral. She arrives at the meeting place on a rocky sandy beach in heeled boots. Kudos to her though she handles the terrain like a mountain goat!. They ask her for an upfront payment for killing Cemre.

Chief Hayder goes to meet Selim regarding the attack on the hospital that resulted in Veli being removed. I love Erkan Can (Chief Hayder) great actor and love how he comes across. He kicks butt and tells Selim in no uncertain terms what he will do if he is involved. In one of the best scenes so far he asks Selim which window did Kadir break…he then shoots the glass out again and says Kadir was right that should have been a door. Classic!

Kerem brings his Mum to watch over Aylin while everyone is out. She picks up straight away that Kerem likes Cemre and embarrasses him…so like me. She makes a cake this gets Aylin’s interest.

Veli calls Kadir and again won’t give him any information at the end of the call he tells Kadir that he was right not to find his Mum she didn’t want him or love him. Kadir says he will find out the truth himself and tells Veli he will find him and then his Mum. He tells him to wait for him as he will be coming soon.

Cemre finally has a go at Demir. I have been waiting for this. Melisa from what I have seen before and said in my previous summaries needs some oomph to her role. Finally, we see her getting some. Demir is soo annoying he will not get out of her life. He says that he knows all her Dad does and can get him in trouble if she says anything about the video of him and Belma, with a slimy smirk on his face. Meanwhile, after being offered a job by Selim, Zeynep tells Kadir she will take it so that they can get close to Veli to find where he is. Kadir isn’t happy.

We now see Kadir’s Mum in her own home with a girl called Bahar, they are getting sweet boxes ready for the children. We learn that Kadi’s name was Yusuf, that was the name his Mum gave him. She wants to find the woman who her son loved so she can find out more about him. Obviously contrary to what Veli says Kadir’s birth mother really cares about him, although we are at a loss as to the reason he had to be placed in the orphanage.

Demir calls Veli to tell him Cemre has seen the video and has the money to get it from Yakup…Veli has actually got Yakup tied up and beaten. His men grabbed him and Meral from home. After the call, Demir removes the sim card as he should have done last time. Veli talks to Meral he gives her a choice. The money or kill Kerem….she asks for a third choice. Take the money and kill Cemre. Veli looks impressed. Meanwhile, Demir forwarns Belma that Cemre is on her way round. Belma is so hard faced when Cemre confronts her saying she doesnt love her father but wants him for the money. Cemre is furious and launches a glass vase at her, it misses….shame.

Kadir meets with Meltem the young cop that recently was assigned to his group. He tells her he wants her to keep her eyes and ears open as there is a snitch in the police station. She readily agrees. Then Kadir tells her he thinks the snitch is Adem. He needs some proof from her. Meltem is devastated and goes straight to tell Ardem, he calls Kadir confirming she went straight to him.

Veli calls Zeynep. He says Aylin is like his daughter. Again showing he is a little emotionally unstable. He is really fixated with Zeynep and Aylin. Zeynep is worried exactly what Veli told Aylin when she was with him. She sits with Aylin and explains that her father has passed away. Gokcen the actress who plays Aylin is so good, as is usual with all the Turkish child actors.

Meral goes to meet with Cemre or so she thinks to hand over the video for money, but as we know she is in cahoots with Veli. To her surprise its Kerem and Kadir who show up. Kadir puts the USB in the laptop and the music from the video plays. Velis voice suddenly starts over the music. He tells Kadir that his Mum is alive. He has told her that Kadir is dead and she mourns for him. He, Veli has taken is place in revenge for Kadior letting his Mum get killed. He tells him if he goes to the graveyard he will see her, however, if he does he won’t see Zeynep again. He has taken Zeynep but has also taken Kerem’s Mum, Serpil and Cemre, he wants him to choose too. Kerem thinks back to when Kadir said that Cemre is safe, Veli won’t kill her.

Both Kadir and Kerem are distraught driving to their choices. Kadir goes to Zeynep and Aylin and finds them safe, but one of the masked people leaves the house and we see that its Meltem the policewoman. Kerem goes to save his mother, but when he gets there its not his Mum its Cemre. Veli knew obviously he would choose his Mum. She is in an abandoned warehouse. Veli calls him from there…this is now a real emotional rollercoaster. One second it looks like he will kill her, then maybe not. We see that the hitman is Demir when he removes his mask. Veli leaves after suffering another attack as he does we hear a gunshot.

Poor Kerem is distraught running down the street shouting ” Mum, where are you? ”

Wow, another great episode.

So did Demir have the courage to kill Kerem’s Mum? I think we are all hoping he didn’t.

What is Meltem doing with Veli? Did she join the team just to get inside the case against him?

As you know usually I am torn on Veli however this week there was no compassion for him at all. He really is turning out to be brutal now Aylin and Zeynep are no longer his.

Il be watching again next week, I really hope that Kerem’s Mum isn’t dead.

You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi









  1. You did not mention the conversation between veli and robotic voice man who he often talks on phone, cetin or whatever his name is who works with adem was talking on the phone with someone and adem was overhearing them and then later it was shown that it was veli to whom cetin was talking to, so maybe that deceiver is meltem or cetin? I did not understand that scene it was so confusing


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