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It seems like forever since we saw the last episode but we are back to it now… I will comment as I go along my thoughts in real time what’s happening as I write as I’m watching.

So we left the last episode as Veli had made Zeynep shoot Galip. Kadir takes her to the police to give her statement and promises her she won’t go to prison. He also asks her to talk to the press outside as they need to keep Veli here and not let him go underground with her daughter. She talks directly to the camera saying she is ready to love the person who she hates…Veli watches this. He is at the shoreline talking on his phone to his ” boss ” I actually think that’s a woman… Kadir’s mum ??  I know maybe I’m reaching a bit far for that one!! He sends out Galip’s body on a boat to be dumped at sea.

Kadir, Zeynep, Kerem and Cemre all have a meeting to discuss how to get Aylin home. Kerem tells them about the video and confirms that it was Demir that was sleeping with Cemre’s step mum. Kadir delegates them jobs to do…Kerem needs to get the video, Cemre needs to keep close to her father and Demir, act as if nothing is wrong to find out if her father is involved with the crime organisation and Zeynep needs to convince Veli that she forgives him, she will be on her own as Kadir has been removed from the case and also Veli will be watching her carefully and will run if he is suspicious.

Selim introduces Demir to Veli and tells him that Demir will now work with him as he is sure he will be watched by the police. Veli isn’t happy but explains how the money laundering works. Cemre speaks to her Dad and asks him straight out if he knows where Aylin is… I so hope she isn’t going to be a pain about this. A ditherer, asking him straight out like that doesnt bode well. She searches her Dad’s office but of course, Demir sees her going there and follows. She isn’t making a good job of acting normal. Kadir then informs her that it will be her father’s shadow that has the phone. Cemre realise that’s Demir….now we will see if she can keep it together. She searches his office, finds the phone and just manages to call her phone with the number as he walks in. I can’t wait for that smug look taken from his face….the poor actor who plays Demir  I have now watched him in 4 series and in everyone he plays a character that I don’t like. Sadly its the same character that could be in all 4 series.

Zeynep visits her fathers grave and is followed by Veli after Aylin tells him where her Mum likes to visit. She attacks him with a knife, he tells her if he gives Aylin back he won’t see Zeynep again, he has obviously fallen for her. Rightly or wrongly at this point, I had a twinge of sympathy for Veli. Kerem visits Meral. She tells him she has deleted the video and tries to get him to take her back. He flatly refuses and makes it clear she needs to stay away from Cemre too. He also tells her to warn Yakup that he’s coming for him too.

Selim goes to meet Veli after Demir says he got a message. Of course, it was Kadir that set this up. He follows Selim to the house, Veli realises they have been set up and tries to escape with Aylin. Selim goes back to his car where Cemre is waiting she confronts him and tells him Kadir knows what’s happening too. Veli takes Aylin to the roof and hides her in a small hut. There is a bond between these two, I do feel a little sorry for Veli he does genuinely love her. After a shoot out Kadir shoots Veli and as Veli starts to lose consciousness he tells Kadir that he knows where his mother is. Aylin is reunited with Zeynep but she saw Kadir shoot Veli and blames him for him being ill. Selim and Demir learn that it was Kadir who set it up and it dawns on Demir that Cemre was probably the one that stole the number from his phone. Selim keeps saying Cansiz will destroy everyone…we are waiting to see who this Cansiz is.

While Veli is in hospital seriously injured Kadir goes to visit him and while Veli is unconscious begs him to say where is Mum is. Kerem finds where Yakup is and calls Kadir for back up. There is a mass brawl, Yakup escapes leaving behind the jewellery from the burglary. Kadir, Kerem Cemre and Zeynep have dinner together, Kadir warns them that now they will be targeted by Veli’s people. We see Selim get a phone call from someone who is pulling the strings as I correctly guessed earlier this looks like Kadir’s mother. We see armed men take Veli from the hospital by force under her instruction. Selim has documents about Kerem’s history so obviously, he is out to get him. Yakup meets with Belma but she hasnt got the money for the video she makes him an offer…kill Cemre for 5 million. They agree to kill Cemre.

In the final scene, we see Veli who is visited by a lady, she sits at the edge of his bed and holds his hand. He says that he has lost a mother but now he has another one. Has Veli succeeded in hurting Kadir more than ever by ‘stealing ‘ his Mum?

So a great episode once again worth waiting 3 weeks for. I am of course loving Onur Saylak ( Veli ) he impresses me every week. I am hoping that Melisa’s character ( Cemre ) gets a bit more oomph and doesn’t play the weak ditherer. Alperen ( Kerem ) that young man is amazing. Like Kivanc in his different roles, he morphs into another character completely. In Cukur he was so different. Elcin too easy to see why she has a huge social media following.

I personally feel episode 7 was a breaking point for this series. Usually around episode 6 or 7 is when a series can get axed, and this weeks episode had all the ingredients to wrap it up, but as we know we will be carrying on and this is why the plot is becoming deeper and I will be keeping everything crossed for it to continue.

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Written by: Rachel Labidi










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