Every extra week we get of this series I breathe a sigh of relief. Some series are getting cut and I hope that although it’s not riding high in viewer ratings that the week on week social media ratings are helping to keep it going.

Episode 6

So we start as usual where last week ended. Kadir has intercepted the taxi taking Galip and tells him he wants him to choose a side. Kadir takes him to an abandoned building and explains that they will play a game with Veli. Zeynep asks Kadir to leave her and Galip alone for a while. She tells him exactly what a ******** he is and also tells him that she loves Kadir and that they were lovers. She gives him her wedding ring back. Kadir asks him to chose a side. He chooses to help Kadir and Zeynep. Meanwhile, Veli takes a call from his boss asking if he trusts Galip to give the money, he says no but trusts Zeynep as she has chosen his side. Did she and is playing a game with Kadir?

In the underground carpark, Kerem is having a standoff with Yakup who has Cemre held at gunpoint. Yakup tells Meral to choose who he should shoot, Kerem or Cemre. Cemre manages to release herself from Yakup and Kerem and him grapple on the floor with the gun. A shot rings out and Kerem rolls away covered in blood. Yakup leaves dragging Meral behind him, while Cemre frantically tries to call an ambulance but Kerem won’t let her. Instead, she calls Demir, who arrives and tries to get Cemre to leave Kerem, she flatly refuses.

Veli is sat with Aylin. Again showing his slightly softer side he has bought her toys. While talking he starts to become ill and takes a tablet. Aylin questions him about them. He tells her they make him better. He calls his contact in the police station too asking about Kadir. He tells them to keep watching him. He calls Galip and tells him the first instruction to return the money. He warns him that if the police are involved he will kill his daughter. As he leaves the house Kadir is in the car watching, Aylin calls him and he reassures her it will be ok.

We get another flashback giving us more incite into Kadir and Veli’s past relationship. The chief asks Kadir to look for a bent cop who is dealing in drugs. Kadir has his suspicions it could be Veli and follows him. At the warehouse where he makes the drop Veli is shown what happens to the family of the courier’s if delivery isn’t made on time. They are all hooded and shot. This really shakes Veli. Kadir approaches him and hints that he knows what’s happening.

Cemre takes Kerem to her home with the help of Demir but Kerem leaves and Cemre goes to search for him, she gets a call from Meral telling her she has the video recording and they arrange to meet. Demir has told Cemre that her Dad is Veli’s lawyer, she is furious with her Dad.  Meanwhile, Galip is on his way with the money. Kadir knows Veli well and correctly guesses that he will return Aylin to Zeynep. Veli calls her and sends her directions. She is closely followed by Kadir.

We see that Kadir has told Galip when he gets to the third location he must not do what Veli wants. When he gets there Aylin calls asking if he is coming to get her, he doesnt know what to say. Aylin arrives at the designated place and waits for Veli to call. Kadir is with her around the corner. They have a heart to heart conversation and Kadir tells he knows she didn’t leave him for someone else. She says she left as she didn’t want to lose him like she did her Dad who was also a cop. Kadir tells her not to leave again. She promises him that they will find his Mum together.

Veli becomes ill and collapses in front of Aylin. We get another flashback. Kador confronts Veli when he is about to make a drop. Veli tells him he needs to go or they will kill his family. Kadir wavers and this gives Veli chance to escape. He arrives at the delivery site just in time, but when he opens the boot ( trunk for the Americans among you ) the drugs aren’t there. Kadir has removed them. He thinks back to what Veli has said about his family will be killed if he doesnt deliver the drugs. The drug dealer orders Veli’s family to be killed, Veli shoots them and gets in the car to rush to his family. Kadir meanwhile is on his way to Velis house too and calls for back up. However, as we know its too late and his Mum, Dad, brother and sister have all been killed.

Back to the present and Aylin gets a tablet for Veli and pops it in his mouth. She tells him he will be ok, and Veli holds her hand. After he comes round he calls Zeynep to say that she is a good mother after her daughter helped him, he then gives her the next set of instructions. Veli promises Aylin that if they don’t upset him then she will see her mother today.

Cemre meets up with …….  She wants money from Cemre and they argue and Cemre walks away but turns back as ….. starts to play the video, she walks closer and realises its Demir in the video with Belma.

Zeynep arrives at the address Veli has given, and so does Galip ( dufus ) Kadir is waiting down the street and is joined by his colleagues. As he starts to go towards the building a large group of men block his way. He tries to fight his way through them. In the building, Veli tells Zeynep she can only get Aylin back if she shoots Galip. She takes the gun and turns it on Veli, she pulls the trigger but it’s not loaded. Velis is furious with her and said he trusted her and she betrayed him. Veli loads the gun and grabs Zeyneps hands reminding her its Galip’s fault that he has her daughter. He makes her shoot Galip.


Wow, what an episode that was. Where do I start?

Firstly hats off to Mr Tatlitug once again an outstanding acting performance. The man can morph into his characters. Up to now, there is only Kivanc and Riza Kocaoglu ( Icerde. Karadayi, Cukur plus lots more series ) that can manage to change characters to that effect. The scene where him and Elcin are waiting for the call from Veli when he tells her not to leave again. That whole scene from his was brilliant.

Veli what a man he is. I go from loving him and feeling sorry for him to think what an absolute psycho he is within 15 minutes. I actually felt like he was right to be pissed at Kadir as it was his fault his family were killed, however, I realise it was ultimatly Veli’s fault for getting into the drug business to start with.

Elcin… I am loving her acting. She is amazing. So fiesty and her and Kivanc bounce off one another. Alperen ( Kerem ) I loved him before Carpisma so knew he was a good actor. I’m looking forward to seeing the relationship between him and Cemre develop. I’m sure Demir will have something to say about it.

My favourite scene was where Veli collapsed. Aylin giving him his medication and then he holds her hand. I am also worried about the Chief. Obviously has heart issues that are playing up as he keeps grabbing his arm…he is so close to Kadir I hope nothing happens to him.

Again I will be looking forward to episode 7. I’m pleased that they aren’t stretching the stories out. Like Cemre finding out that its Demir sleeping with Belma, they could have stretched that for weeks until she found out, but its good its keeping moving with the storyline.

You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi









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