So the viewer ratings for last weeks episode were slightly up, and of course, the social media ratings were through the roof once again.

The episode starts back in the interview room with Kerim and Cemre, she asks him why was he heading back to her when they crashed. He says to help her, she doesnt believe him, in the end, Kerim says that her stepmother wasn’t alone in the house. She was with a guy. If she gets him out he will get the video and give it to her. Cemre tells him she doesnt believe him and leaves but you can see it has unsettled her.

Veli is also threatening Kadir with his Mum. Kadir wants to know what does Veli know about his Mum. Veli wonders who has helped Kadir to feel better, Zeynep or the girl. He tells Kadir to go right back to the beginning and then leaves. The interaction between Kadir and Veli is really good. We then get a flashback to the time when Kadir and Veli meet. They become partners in the police, the chief makes them work together there is a little bit of niggling between them and Veli is technically Kadirs superior.

Kadir goes to see Zeynep, he explains that he knows Veli and Veli must not find out about their past or he would use her or Aylin against him. Zeynep asks how he knows him. Kadir tells her Veli was a cop, a good one, he actually credits Veli for helping him become a good cop. Zeynep receives a parcel. Inside is a jumper of Aylin’s.

We get another glimpse into the past that shows us how Veli and Kadir worked together. They were on a police raid and both saved each other’s life at the same time. They seem to be getting a grudging respect for each other. Back to the present Kadir’s boss ( I love these two when they have a scene together ) tells him that Veli only sent 4 years in prison and that the lawyer was good and got him released. He says that the lawyer was Cemre’s Dad. We also see Veli talking to Serdar telling him that the money that is his was in the car accident in which his own daughter Cemre was involved in, so now it all involves him too. He warns him that Kadir was trained by him and is a good cop and will find him.

Kerem is in prison, he seems to be a different person while there. He is used to the rules and ways of things. On the outside he seemed a follower and a bit insecure, in prison, he is already making waves with other prisoners, even making himself a weapon to use if needed. He looks like he has resigned himself to staying there.

Belma who is getting steadily drunk after seeing the video and being blackmailed for 3 million meets Deniz and tells him that there is a video of them together, she tells him that he can’t leave her now. He leaves and goes straight to dinner with Cemre. She informs him that she visited Kerem in prison and he told her Belma wasn’t alone the night he broke in and there is a video. Deniz goes all shades from white to blue. He tells Cemre that he is making stories up to get out of prison, and she must not meet him again. She agrees however she is still suspicious.

Kadir pays a visit to Selim who is sat with Deniz in the office. Kadir tells him that he needs to get Veli to return Aycin to him, and even if he does the feud between them isn’t over. Selim tells him to leave…Kadir shoots the glass window and walks out stating that the door should have been there anyway. Deniz like the wimp he is starts to call the police but Selim stops him.

Zeynep is in her daughter’s room and hears a phone vibrating. She finds the phone and calls the number that sent her a text message. Its Veli, he tells her that he wants her to go to him. He tells her to wait for his message. Kadir visits her and says they have a man that will hopefully lead them to her daughter. She is pleased and hugs him, Kadir looks a little uncomfortable like he is unsure of his feelings. He also tells her that Veli can play her like a puppet and may try and use her, he tells her she must let him know if he contatcs her. She says she will but doesnt say he already has.

In prison, Kerem gets a visit from his Mum, a very moving scene where he tells her his childhood ended at the age of seven when after leaving the abusive relationship with his father she went back. As she leaves Kadir enters and tells Kerem not to fall down, he gives him some money. The music in this scene is amazing. Hani Benim Gengligim sang by Ahmet Kaya. That has gone straight on my USB to play in the car. On returning to his cell Kerem fighte=s with all his cellmates and is locked in solitary.

We have another flashback to where Veli and Kadir get to know each other. They sit and drink and Kadir tells him that he lived in an orphanage and he became a policeman to find his Mum. Kadir takes him to the football stadium where he feels most at home. I love Kivanc and Onur acting together, they really bounce off each otherr. Veli asks him if he has ever really loved someone he says he has and still does. I think we should assume he means Zeynep.

Cemre goes to speak with Kadir and asks him if he thinks Kerem is innocent. Kadir tells her to think back to that night again. She does, she remembers when Adem was questioning Belma and how suspicious she acted. She goes to the prison and tells Kerem she believes him and wu=ill get him out of there.

Meanwhile, Kadir is following one of Velis men. Zeynep escapes from the house and under instructions from Veli gets picked up and taken to an abandoned factory. Veli’s guy arrives at the factory followed by Kadir. Veli shoots his man the bullet whistles past Kadir’s ear. Kadir realises that this has all been set up by Veli. Veli goes to Zeynep and tells her that she is the one who Kadir loves and she will bring both Galip and Kadir to him, he won’t take them she will give them.

So that was the fourth episode. Another great one. I am loving this series. Elcin Sangu is an amazing actress, her range of emotions and acting skills is brilliant. Alperen ( Kerem ) too he is excellent and I really hope this series springboard’s his career. Of course, as I mentioned Onur and Kivanc work so well together. Two excellent actors. And I’m looking forward to seeing more of their past relationship as its revealed.

You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi









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