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The viewing ratings for episode 2 did slightly increase, and the social media ratings once again were amazing. Some people are speculating whether the series will be dropped, while according to people ‘ on the inside’ say there are no plans to cancel the show.

Episode 3

This weeks episode starts with the history again between Kadir and Veli. It looks now like Kadir didn’t save Veli’s family. Veli its obvious places the blame solely on Kadir. We are seeing again a hint of the vulnerable side to Veli and the death of his family has obviously affected him deeply.

Kerem is still searching for Yakup. In the last episode, we saw that he was starting to realise that while he was in prison both of them were having an affair. He goes to a garage and he gets the address of a bar where Yakup may have been going.

Deniz and Belma are becoming increasingly worried as now Cemre knows the man who stabbed her. They also know that the man who stabbed her was also involved in the crash. Deniz goes to the police station expressing his concern for Cemre’s health but obviously trying to find out what she knows and trying to stop her finding out he was with Belma that night.

Kadir takes Zeynep to his chief to ask permission for her to be released on a tag to her own home while investigations are ongoing. This will take a while to get the necessary paperwork completed so Zeynep needs to spend the night in a cell. We get a flashback of when they were young in the orphanage where Zeynep was locked in a room and Kadir brought her food and sat outside the room all night. While at the station Zeynep sees Cemre who has come to do a report.

At the station, Meltem introduces herself to Kadir. She has moved from another department to work with them. Kadir is fairly dismissive of her and tells Adem to send her back. Adem explains that he doesnt like changes and he will get used to her. Kadir is introduced to Cemre and Adem explains about the robbery and that she was also involved in the car accident. Kadir is stunned especially when Cemre tells him that the man that stabbed her she has identified as Kerem.

Kadir is keeping his promise to Zeynep to find her daughter and goes round to all the places that Veli frequents. The car showroom, where he smashes a couple of cars and also the restaurant where Veli goes and very casually holds the mans head under the water in the fish tank to get him to talk. Veli obviously is a scary prospect as neither of them talks.

Kerem goes to a bar where Yakup has been seen. The bartender says that he has been there along with a girl and also confirms that they appeared to be more than friends. Even though Kerem already knew deep down this devastates him and he drinks a lot. He can’t pay the bill and after leaving is beaten up by a gang of men.

We get a flashback to Zeynep and Asli. They meet in a cafe. Asli wants to know why Zeynep left her and Kadir. She explains that she still loves Kadir but she cannot bring a family up and go through her child losing a father as she did. She selflessly gives Asli the permission to get together with Kadir even telling her his likes and dislikes. She leaves telling Asli to love Kadir for her too.

Kadir is in the chief’s office. I love the interaction between these two characters. Kadir is in trouble for his actions in the car showroom and the restaurant, The chief is getting lots of hassle from his superiors and the lawyers of the men Kadir ‘ questioned ‘. Kadir releases Zeynep with an electronic tag and she is taken home, The new cop Meltem volunteers to go with her.

Kerem is sitting at the stadium when Kadir arrives singing the team’s football song. He gives Kerem plenty of opportunities to tell him what happened and tells him that he can help. Kerem refuses to tell him anything and Kadir has no option but to take him to the police station. Cemre learns that the police have arrested him and goes to the station. She won’t confirm if the man that stabbed her is Kerem before she talks to him. She explains to him exactly what sentence he will receive for the robbery and stabbing her. He just says that he is pleased to see her ( alive ). Kadir says to Cemre who wants to charge him to think… why would Kerem be driving back towards the scene?

We see Veli stood on a cliff a black car pulls up and Cemre’s Dad gets out. He is also involved in some way with the 10 million pounds that has gone missing. Veli explains what has happened and that he kidnapped a girl. They appear to be equals suggesting that there is someone higher up who is in charge. Veli says he has two weeks to recover the money.

Belma and Deniz are very paranoid about getting discovered. At the office’s Belma is in the lift when a person gets in the lift with her. He shows her the video of her in bed with Deniz. Yakup tells her she needs to pay him 3 million or the video would be put on the internet.

Kerem is in his cell when the officer tells him a lawyer has come to see him. He also advises him to do anything that may help him get out of prison as its a bad place. Cemre sits with Kerem and asks him why was he driving back towards the house. Kerem confesses that he was going back to save her. She is stunned for a second but tells him that this doesnt change anything. As she is leaving Kerem says that on the night of the burglary the woman in the house wasn’t alone, she was with a man. And he has video evidence. If she gets him out he will get that footage for her.

Kadir has gone back to the place where it all started with Veli. He has returned to the orphanage. Veli is behind a barred gate. He tells Kadir that he wants the money. Kadir wants the girl back. It’s obvious that they were very close in the past like brothers but Veli blames Kadir. Veli asks him if he found his mother. He tells him that he will hurt him most by whats close to him and hints to Kadir he knows about his Mum. We get a flash to an image of a lady in a red coat distributing presents to children in the orphanage. Could this be his Mum?

Another great episode. We have had some questions answered especially on how everyone’s past interconnects. Still, the most intriguing character to me is Veli. I’m looking forward to seeing his character develop. Kivanc I was watching thinking is this the same actor who was in Cesur ve Guzel?…he has such an amazing talent of changing himself completely for each role. I have never seen him play two characters that look or speak the same.

The ratings once again weren’t great for this episode. I hope it will carry on. Surely the production company will realise this has a big following outside of Turkey and maybe a series they could sell the international rights for. With Kivanc, Elcin, Onur, Alperen and Melisa’s fan bases combined it would be of interest in other countries.

You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi









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