As we start this week I was totally ready to stop writing if Kadir killed Veli.

Cansiz is doing his best to get into Kadir’s head to shoot Veli so he would take him to Zeynep before the bomb goes off. Veli is also trying to get Kadir to shoot him by telling him all the things that he has done wrong to him. Thankfully Tayfun and Akif arrive and Kadir makes Cansiz take him to Zeynep. They have a tracker on Kadir’s car and follow telling Veli not to. Of course, Veli doesn’t listen and follows too.

As they are following Kadir, Tayfun, Akif and Veli’s road is blocked by some of Cansiz’s men. Veli showing no signs of fear at all walks towards them shooting. And just to remind us that Veli isn’t a total softie one of the men begs for his life but Veli shoots him in the head.

Kadir arrives with Cansiz with only a minute on the clock remaining. Zeynep can’t move or it will blow. Cansiz tells them the only way to disarm the bomb is if Zeynep and Kadir press a button each at exactly the same time. They do ant the countdown stops. Cansiz won’t disarm the bomb and leaves Kadir and Zeynep both with their fingers on the buttons unable to release them.

Cansiz casually walks out and his men pick him up. Veli and the boys arrive. Kadir tells them to get the bomb squad for the bomb. He tells Veli to go and kill Cansiz for them both. Veli nods and leaves. Cansiz is on his way to escape via the boat that Veli organised earlier. However, he knows Veli and tells his man to take precautions.

At the hospital, Cemre is still recovering. She is concerned for Zeynep and Kerem thinks to contact Veli. Meral gives him the number. He calls Veli who explains that Kadir and Zeynep are ok for now.

Chief Haydar arrives with the bomb squad. He goes inside. After looking at the bomb its deduced that they can cut a cable then Kadir and Zeynep can let go of the buttons, however, there is no guarantee it will work. Kadir rakes the wire cutters and tells the bomb guy and Haydar to leave. They leave this is really affecting Haydar. The police and ambulance all retreat to a safe distance.

At the harbour, Cansiz and his men run into a trap set by Veli. After a shootout, Cansiz runs buts get trapped by Veli. Veli shoots him twice in the chest. Cansiz’s men arrive and drag him to a car.

Meanwhile, Kadir has cut the wire of the bomb and it didn’t explode. Haydar and the men are all outside pacing up and down waiting. Veli calls the chief and tells him he is on his way. Veli arrives and he too waits outside. Inside Kadir and Zeynep release the buttons at the same time and the bomb doesn’t detonate. They walk outside and everyone is pleased. Kadir has his usual banter with the chief. Veli watching from a distance sees that they are ok and then quietly turns and walks away.

The next day its Aysie’s funeral. Everyone is there to pay their respects. After the funeral, Kadir tells Zeynep to go with Kerem and Cemre he is going to see Veli.

Kadir goes to meet Veli. The first thing that Veli asks is if Aylin is ok? He tells Kadir that he shot Cansiz twice in the chest before hi man dragged him away. So if he isn’t already dead he soon will be. Kadir says he won’t be happy until he buries Cansiz. Veli touchingly says to Kadir ”  that even though brothers fight and one wants what the other one has, they are still brothers, right Kadir? ” After a pause, Kadir agrees. As he walks away Veli says quietly ” be happy Kadir, be happy ” It looks like Veli has really come to terms with the fact that Zeynep and Kadir are together.

Meanwhile, Cansiz has been operated on in a house by a doctor who advises he should be moved to a hospital as one bullet is still in his chest. We see that Cansiz starts to come round.

Five days later Kadir and Zeynep are out having a meal and Kadir looks very shifty and agitated. They have their usual little banter with each other and Zeynep thinks she knows what he is going to ask and she keeps saying yes. She tells him she will marry him. However, in a cringy moment, Kadir tells her that is not the question he was going to ask. Zeynep is embarrassed. However, Kadir asks her if she will love him for a lifetime. She replies she would, over 10 lifetimes. Kadir sits next to her and produces a ring that he bought 19 years ago for her.

As this is happening we hear Veli saying what he has written in a letter to Zeynep. Telling her that he won’t bother her anymore. He then tells one of his men that he is leaving and they must go their own ways now.

The next day Cemre and Zeynep are going to the football match. As they leave Veli arrives. He tells Zeynep he is leaving the city. He tells her to say goodbye to Aylin for him. Zeynep calls Aylin. In a touching scene, Veli tells her he is leaving and to be strong and not to be afraid. Aylin tells him he will come back. As she going into the house she asks Veli if she needs him will he come back. He says he will.

That night Kadir, Zeynep. Kerem and Cemre go out to a club to celebrate their engagement. At the same time, Veli is sat thinking back to his first meeting with Zeynep and the time that Aylin gave him his medication. As he gets up to leave a young tissue seller approaches him and gives him a single bullet. It has the name ‘ Zeynep ‘ written on it. Veli is frantic and tries to call Kadir to warn him. Kadir doesn’t hear the phone so Veli calls Chief Haydar who sends his men to the nightclub, the one Kadir had asked Tayfun to check out for him.

Cihan, Cansiz’s man arrives and sees Kadir and Zeynep. He goes out of the back door where Cansiz is and tells him they are in there. Veli arrives at the nightclub and gets in by beating one of the doormen. He fires his gun and shouts to Kadir that Cansiz is here. Veli and Kadir shoot Cansiz’s men but as they are leaving Zeynep is stabbed in the back twice by Cansiz. Kadir doesn’t know until he turns round to find her unconscious and bleeding.

Another great episode. It had everything.

Will Zeynep die? Next week is the final episode. This week it has been set up really for either Veli or Zeynep or even both to die. Both were saying goodbyes and remembering the past. 

Veli I had hoped he wouldn’t leave and stay for the final episode which he obviously now will but he has turned to such a nice guy. Apologised to Zeynep, kissed Aylin and said goodbye. Made peace with Kadir and proved that he really is lovely. This doesn’t bode well for a good outcome for Veli it’s like its set up now for him to die the good guy. I’m just hoping he survives and joins Cukur in season 3 as his Veli character.

Cansiz thinks he now has Zeynep out of the way so there will be nothing to interrupt the final battle between father and son. 

We had a whole bunch of great acting this week too. My favourite scene was between Kadir and Veli when they met and Veli said even though they fight sometimes they are still brothers. Kivanc and Onur two great actors.

All this now should be an amazing finale to what’s been an amazing series.

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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