After last weeks awful ending this week starts where Veli is leading Kadir out of the door. It quickly becomes apparent that Kadir doesnt accept that his mother is dead. He drives home to find her. Finding none there he gets a call from Cansiz showing him he has Zeynep. He tells him he has 24 hours to find Zeynep or she dies.

Veli is at the crime scenes still and has given his statement to the police as an innocent bystander to the shooting. He also gets a call from Veli telling him he has 24 hours to come up with an escape plan for Cansiz if he does then he will give Zeynep to Veli.

At home, Kerem tells Kadir that Cemre is also missing. They go together and meet with Veli. They think that as Cemre was under Cansiz protection then he too must have had something to do with her being taken. Kadir says he has some ideas about what to do. Veli still hasn’t told him that Cansiz called him too.

Cansiz while sat calmly constructing a bomb is told that Cemre has been kidnapped by Demir. Cansiz says he promised her father if he killed himself that he would protect her. He tells his men to go get her and bring her to him.

Veli calls Demir on the pretence he has a deal for him and arranges to meet with him. Veli also tells Kadir he must come to terms that his mother has died, or it will make him crazy. Kadir is still denying she is dead but then he has a flashback of what happened to her in the factory. Veli tells talks to him and tells him he needs to pull himself together.

Belma having heard about Demir being kidnapped is at a house she obviously suspects that Demir is. She sees him leaving and enters the house. Upstairs she finds Cemre and starts to untie her.

Demir arrives at the meeting place and sees Kerem so he leaves. Kadir is following behind him. He arrives at the house but Cemre isn’t there. Veli, Kerem and Kadir try to find out where she is but he doesnt know. Kadir gets a call from Belma. She is following them men that have Cemre.

They take Zeynep to Cansiz he tells her that he will protect her as he promised her father then he takes her upstairs to the room where Zeynep is. Meanwhile outside Kadir, Veli and Kerem have arrived. They tell Belma that Demir has been arrested and she is to leave as fast as she can.

They enter the building and take out a few of Cansiz’s men. Kerem finds Cemre and fights with the man holding her, a gun goes off and Cemre is shot in the stomach. Kadir and Veli see Cansiz escaping with Zeynep. Kadir follows them sending Veli to helo Kerem with Cemre.

At the hospital, Cemre is in theatre. Kadir knows that Cansiz will want something from them and will be in touch. He is suspicious of Veli and calls Tayfun for them to watch Veli all the time. Chief Haydar arrives and finally, Kadir believes now that is Mum is dead.

At the hospital, Meral and Belma are making friends. Cemre is awake and out of danger. Meanwhile, Veli who is still being followed by Tayfun is at the port. They report back to Kadir and he realises he is helping Cansiz to escape. Zeynep has recorded a message for Kadir and is now strapped to a chair with the bomb that’s counting down.

Kadir tells his guys to stop following Veli he will do it. Veli arrives at the place to meets Cansiz. Cansiz knows that Kadir will be arriving too. He does. Kadir holds a gun to his head. Cansiz tells Veli if he shoots Kadir he will tell him where Zeynep is he then tells Kadir the same. Kadir and Veli have their guns pointing at each other.

Veli lowers his gun and tells Kadir to shoot him. To give Kadir a chance at getting Zeynep back.

And that’s how the episode ends. Poor Veli. He is willing to sacrifice his own life to give Kadir that chance. I spent a full minute saying ” no, no, no “. My faith in Veli has been restored, not that I ever really doubted it. Will Kadir pull that trigger?


Written by: Rachel Labidi


You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.








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