Welcome again to what I’m sure will be a great episode as always. So sad we are on the countdown to the finale, this is one series I would love to have seen go to another season.

Last week Kadir learned that the little old guy is actually Cansiz. Followed by the whole police department he goes to where he has Cansiz tied up only to find that he has escaped with the help of his men and is leaving.

There is a shootout and Cansia tries to escape shielded by his men. In a room overlooking the scene, Veli aims at Cansiz but misses, Cansiz looks up and sees that its Veli trying to kill him. They escape and the police give chase, however, Cansiz’s men had already arranged for their way to be blocked. Cansiz tells his men to get ready, he has been compromised but this time it will be different as father and son are going, head to head.

Returning back to the scene. Kadir asks Chief Haydar for them to join forces with Intelligence to get Cansiz who is now compromised and they know his identity. A little reluctantly Haydar agrees but tells Kadir if he ever pulls a stunt like this again, he is finished.

Kadir meets with Veli. He is angry with him for not telling him about Cansiz. Kadir also has his suspicions and wants to ask Veli something, Veli knows what he wants to ask, but Kadir can’t do it. Later returning home Kadir gets a call from work to say that Yakup is dead. He asks Cemre and Kerem if they know anything, they tell him the story of what happened. Kadir suspects Meral straight away and goes to take her for questioning. Meanwhile, at home, Meral’s mum tells her that Yakup is dead and has been burnt. Meral doesnt care at all.

Cansiz calls Veli and in his usual psychotic manner gets into Veli’s head that the night the Russians killed his family his Mum was asking for Veli before she was killed. This breaks Veli and he needs to take his medication, he is distraught. Cansiz tells his man not to do anything about Veli as it will be Kadir who kills him like he killed his own father…if he can.

At the station, Meral denies all knowledge of Yakups death. Kadir obviously knows its her but just gets Tayfun to take her statement, he also asks him to check into the history of his mum, Aysie.

The next morning Kadir speaks with Chief Haydar who tells him they will be working with Intelligence to get Cansiz. He shows Kadir two photos of two men who Cansiz works with. He stresses to Kadir that they will find Cansiz and put him in jail, not kill him. Remember Chief Haydar knows that Cansiz is Kadir’s father, Zeynep told him and he tells Kadir not to trust anyone. Kadir asks for call monitoring on the phones of the two men.

Meanwhile, Cansiz is having a meeting with these two men. We learn that Cansiz is responsible for getting them where they are now in terms of status and wealth. They say they want out but Cansiz again with his psychological mannerisms tells them it isn’t an option. He tells them that they will prepare an escape for him, he will leave for a short time and then he will return to carry on where he left off.

Zeynep meets Veli. He shoves the gun in her hand and tells her to kill him, of course, she won’t and poor Veli thinks she loves him, he really makes me smile. She says she won’t kill him as she wants him to kill Cansiz. Veli tells her that in the past he has said she will be just like him and she is, asking him to kill someone. Do we see a tiny crack in Zeynep here? She would never think of Veli romantically but she knows deep down after seeing him with Aylin and also at present helping Kadir that although a bad guy he once wasn’t.

Demir meets with Meral he wants her to bring Cemre to him. He doesnt say why but tells Meral with Cemre out of the way it will be easier to get back together with Kerem. Meanwhile, Cemre has taken Kerem to a mechanic’s shop that is for sale, she really wants him to take it and this time he agrees.

Cansiz tells him, men, to follow Kadir, Zeynep and Aysoe but they must be very careful.

That evening Zeynep arranges a surprise dinner for Kadir but it doesnt go as planned and they end up at a small beach house, grilling fish for dinner. They spend the night together but it the morning Kadir needs to leave as he gets news from his team.

At home, Zeynep calls Ayisie to tell her they are on the way home. There is a knock at the door and Cansiz pushes his way in and locks the door behind him. Aysie is terrified. He pins her against the wall and threatens her, She pushes him off and says she would die for her son to live. Later Zeynep tells Aysie they need to tell Kadir the truth. She loves him and she feels eventually that he will forgive her for not telling him.

At the station, Tufan tells Kadir that he has checked the burial records. There is a grave belonging to Aysie’s family. There are two names on the grave. Yusuf and Murat. Tufan tells him he has a brother that died when he was 7 years old due to ti a gunshot. Kadir goes into denial. He goes to his office and starts to get angry. He now knows that his suspicions are correct but he also realises that his Mum and Zeynep have hidden this from him.

Kerem meets Meral who tells him that Demir wanted her to give him Zeynep so that she would be out of the way. Cemre is followed by Orhan the man that her mother was in love with. They have coffee and Cemre discovers that he may be her biological father. She leaves and tells him he hasn’t bothered to find out in all these years and she doesnt want to see him again. Leaving she gets in her car to find Demir in the back with a gun.

Kadir has gone alone following Cansiz’s men. They take him and sit him blindfolded in a large warehouse. Cansiz arrives but Kadir won’t say a word he just sits there. This angers Cansiz he orders his men to shoot him when he leaves. As he walks away Kadir says he wants to talk as Cansiz turns he realises that his two men have turned against him and sided with Kadir.

So all this time I’m waiting for Veli to appear…. he does.

Veli arrives and both him and Kadir have their guns pointed at his head. Cansiz is still cool and arrogant and not worried at all. He gives the sign and one of his men walks in with Aysie at gunpoint. He tells them to let him go. Kadir drops his gun but Veli won’t, Kadir begs him as a friend to lower his gun it’s his mum. Veli does and Cansiz walks away. As he gets level with Aysie, he shoots her in the head.

All hell breaks loose. Shots flying everywhere. Kadir is stunned and stands there in the crossfire not believing what he has seen. Veli grabs him and drags him to cover, making him stay there so he doesnt get shot.

In the final scene we see Cansiz get into his car where he also had Zeynep just in case he needed more leverage. He asks Zeynep if she thinks her life is worth saving.

So what an episode. As I predicted weeks ago it would come where Veli and Kadir get together to save Zeynep. I just hope I’m wrong when I also said Kadir will die saving her. Once we saw Aysie had been taken by Cansiz it was pretty obvious that he had also got Zeynep too. 

Its what I wanted, Veli to show he does have a compassionate side and did lower his gun so that Kadir’s mum didn’t get shot, although as we now know it was for nothing. I hope in the last few episodes Veli and Kadir pool their resources and go after Cansiz. Cansiz also tried to get into Kadir’s head by saying that Zeynep knew he was his father and didn’t tell him. However, Kadir knows she did it to stop him from becoming a murderer.

The scenes with Kerem/Cemre/Demir/Meral are all a little bit distracting. They really need to flesh out that story now that Demir has got Cemre. As for weeks now Alperen and Melisa have been part actors in the series and when showcased at the beginning I thought they would have a more involved role.

Looking forward to next week. Will Veli be a good guy? He is really deep down.

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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