Last week we left as Cansiz and his men had saved Kadir, Zeynep and Veli in the warehouse by killing the Russians. Kadir asks Veli if this is Cansiz. Veli says it’s not. Kadir doesnt fully believe him knowing that Veli would want to kill Cansiz first so may be saying it so he can. He tells Cansiz that he has Bahar and Ahmet both of whom could confirm who he is.  They leave the factory and Kadir takes Cansiz in the back of his car with Zeynep. Followed by Cansiz’s men at a distance.

Meanwhile, Ahmet on the run with his son is being looked for by the police. They approach a checkpoint and drive through without stopping. Kadir’s men give chase but lose them.

Kerem and Cemre take a battered and bruised Meral to the hospital. Cemre asks for a medical report of her injuries to be done as she will prosecute Yakup. Meanwhile, Yakup is at home, feeling sorry for himself. He calls Demir and tells him that he is going to kill him. Belma tells Demir not to worry someone who hates Yakup more will do the job for them…obviously meaning Kerem.

In the car which by the way looks like a young couple taking little old grandad out for the day, Kadir gets a call from his men. They tell him they lost Ahmet. Kadir tells them to carry on searching. Cansiz smirks to himself. At the port, Ahmet has arrived with Cansiz’s men but its crawling with police.

Again we have a great Veli scene… I love this guy.

He has arrived at the hospital to get his toes seen to. He screams like a 3-year-old when the doctor’s touch it. The doctor asks how the hammer fell on his toes. Veli tells him it did…twice! As the nurse pushes him in a wheelchair to x-ray, they meet Kerem and Cemre pushing Meral. She tells Veli whats happened to her and Veli tells her he is good at helping and to call if she needs him. Veli and Kerem have a little back and forth banter, Kerem calling Veli and old man and Veli telling Kerem he needs to grow up a little. As they walk away Kerem tells Meral not to get involved with the likes of Veli again…Meral doesnt answer.

After dropping Zeynep at home, Kadir takes Cansiz to the basement of a workshop. He ties him to a chair. Cansiz tells Kadir he had two sons, one that was killed by his enemies and one that was taken from him. He asks Kadir if he can see a photo of his daughter. Kadir shows him. Cansiz asks her name and in a choked voice Kador tells him its Deniz. Kadir leaves as he is upset. Cansiz has now seen the face of his own grandchild that was killed by a bomb made by him. For the first time, we see genuine remorse and feelings from him.

Leaving the hospital, Veli’s men tell him Kadir has got Bahar in custody. Veli tells his men to find Ahmet before Kadir does and also find out where Kadir took Cansiz. At the police station, Kadir gives Cansiz phone to be unlocked and searched. He speaks with Bahar and shows her the photo of Cansiz, she says she doesnt know him. She also tells him she didn’t escape the night of the rais at Aysie’s house, she was told to leave by Aysie.

Kadir tells his colleague not to let Bahar leave just yet. He goes to see Chief Haydar who tells Kadir he is being taken off the case of Cansiz. Kadir tells him to give him a day as he may have something. Meanwhile, Zeynep is with Aysie and they are both worried that Kadir will find out it is Cansiz. Kadir tells her that he wants Aysie to sot face to face with Bahar, supposedly to find out what exactly happened. Aysie panics, knowing if Kadir finds out everything he won’t forgive her again.

Kadir brings Bahar home. Zeynep leaves with Aylin.  Aysie says the same as what Bahar has that she had asked her to leave after finding out she had been drugging her all these years. Kadir warns her that he doesnt like liars. Bahar leaves and Kadir spots Aysie’s suitcase. She tells him she will leave as obviously he doesnt trust her. Kadir asks her to stay. Cansiz’s men have broken into the place he is being held and want to take him but Cansiz refuses, He says if I go Kadir will know I’m Cansiz.

Meanwhile, on their way home Zeynep and Aylin bump into Veli. Aylin and Veli are so pleased to see each other. We see the lovable Veli here as he really cares for her. He has brought the USB of Demir and Belma. He also tells Zeynep that he wants to kill Cansiz as it was him that killed his family. Zeynep obviously has no problem with this and says she will help Veli to get to Cansiz before Kadir.

Zeynep speaks with Cemre after she had been reading her mum’s diary and had found out that she loved another man called Orhan and not Cemre’s father. Kadir goes back to Cansiz. He reveals to him that his Dad left him. Testing the water Cansiz questions him about how he would feel if his father returned with blood on his hands. Kadir tells him he would kill him and not hesitate. He leaves the room and Cansiz’s man appears who has been hiding. Cansiz now knows there is no way he will get back to his son. He tells his man if it comes to it, kill Kadir.

The next morning Kadir wakes up to the sound of someone making breakfast. He shouts down ” Mum?” Aysie is so pleased this is the first time he has done this. He apologises to her about questioning her the night before and gives her a hug. He gets a call from work to say that they have cracked Cansiz’s phone. He tells his mum this is the day that I will find out who killed my wife and daughter. Aysie looks worried as he leaves. She tells him if he finds out to do his job and hand them over to the police. He has Zeynep and her and she doesnt want to lose him. He doesnt say anything as he leaves.

Kadir goes to see his boss and asks permission to get Ahmet they know where he is. If he does he will tell him about Cansiz. If not he has nothing. Haydar tells him he only has a couple of hours before the intelligence team take over the case.

Arriving where Ahmet and his son are being held Kadir arrives in time to stop them being killed. At the station under advice from Veli Zeynep arrives and she tells Haydar about who Cansiz is and also that he is Kadir’s father. She begs him to stop Kadir from killing Cansiz.

At Selim’s remembrance, Cemre tells Demir and Belma that she will be showing that video of them together to the judge. She has also reported Demir as he is unfit to be a lawyer. As she is leaving she notices a man. They look at each other. Is this the mystery Orhan who her mother loved. Demir and Belma argue as Yakup appears behind Demir pointing a gun at his head. Yakup tells Belma she can leave, she does much to Demir’s dismay. He takes Demir to the house. Meral arrives and hits Yakup over the head, and a few more times too. Demir leaves and Meral sets fire to the room with Yakup inside.

Kadir arrives back at the station. Ahmet has gone in a back way. Cansiz men report to him that Kadir arrived alone. So Cansiz thinks Kadir hasn’t go information about him. Kadir and Haydar question Ahmet. He confirms that Cansiz wanted to disarm the bomb under Kadirs car to protect him, but doesnt tell Kadir its because he is his son. He does confirm that the picture Kadir shows him is Cansiz. Kadir charges out of the room followed by Haydar trying to stop him. As Kadir gets to the doors all the policemen have blocked the way under Haydar’s instructions. Kadir puts a gun to his own head and threatens to shoot. Haydar tells the men to let him through. He tells them to follow him.

Kadir leaves the station followed by all of the men and chief Haydar. Cansiz’s men realise what’s happening and go to release Cansiz before Kadir gets there. Veli is also watching and follows too. On his way, Kadir remembers all the times he spoke with Cansiz not knowing it was him. He also remembers Zeynep’s words too.

He arrives where Cansiz is to find him with his armed men just leaving.

A good episode again. Still, a few episodes left so I’m sure that things will not end here with Cansiz, and finding out Cansiz is his father can be dragged out a while longer. I loved the Veli scenes again, the writer of the series have so much fun with his character and Onur plays it so well.

This series started off for many people as Kivanc’s new series and they couldn’t wait to see him again in a dizi. And rightly so. However, Kivanc is working with an extremely talented cast and its a level playing field now. No one outshines anyone that’s what makes it such a good series. 


Written by: Rachel Labidi


You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.








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