So last week’s episode was very popular especially on social media where it topped the rankings and even trended worldwide at one point. However social media isn’t what decides a series’s future. That is mainly in the hands of the Turkish people and last week the ratings were 3.99 very low and in 10th position on the viewing stats. So will this week’s episode have done any better? Find out at the end of the summary below.

Episode 2.

At the very beginning, we get a flashback from Zeynep. Her father was a cop, he was killed in the line of duty and the painting we saw in last weeks episode was painted by Zeynep of her and her father, after he had died. She was taken to an orphanage, and there we see her make friends with Kadir and Asli ( Kadirs future wife ) Excellent casting there by the way of the young boy who plays the young Kadir before anything was said you just knew that was Kadir.

Back to the scene of the crash and Yakup the sneaky horrible ‘ friend ‘ of Kerem, collected the bag with the stolen items in and runs away from the scene leaving Kerem unconscious. Zeynep has recognised Kadir and tries frantically to open his door to get to him. A passerby stops to help, but Zeynep gets a call from Veli asking where she is. She doesnt tell him about the accident just says she took a wrong turn and will be there soon. She steals the good samaritans car and takes off, just as Kadir is coming round.

Kadir learning that someone has fled the scene gets in the police car that has arrived and gives chase. Meanwhile, Veli is watching and sees Zeyneps car approaching the rendezvous point to do the exchange for her daughter. But he then sees a police car following and takes off. We never actually see Aylin there with Veli so I don’t think he intended to hand her over to her Mum then anyway.

Zeynep arrives and goes into the abandoned factory frantically shouting she has arrived. A gunshot behind her makes her stop. As she turns Kadir recognises her and you just know there is a deep history between them possibly more than just two young friends. Kadir drops to the ground, his heart stops and Zeynep commences CPR ( cardiac massage ) Adem arrives Kadir’s young partner along with the ambulance and they take him to hospital.

Three days later Cemre is in hospital. Her Dad contacted Deniz to tell him who of course is with Belma. Belma panics as she realises that the crash scene is close to the house where she and Deniz were alone the night before. Deniz is very cool at this stage and confident. It’s obvious these two are up to something apart from having an affair. I think they are possibly out to steal from Cemre’s Dad and his business.

Kadir has woken up and discharges himself from the hospital and goes directly to the football stadium where the bombing took place. He really is having a hard time mentally. His boss finds him and they chat.   seems like a father figure towards him and encourages him to carry on and catch the ones that are responsible for his family’s death. Zeynep is at the police station in an interview with Adem. She explains about her daughter, he wants her to confess the charges against her but she refuses and only wants to speak with Kadir.

Deniz and Belma learn that Cemre didn’t see them that night. Deniz is still confident but not Belma. Kerem sees in the newspaper that Cemre survived and he is relieved. Adem questions Cemre with her Dad, Deniz and of course Belma present. You can tell he knows the story about Belma being home and didn’t hear anything because of loud music is a little suspect. And also that she missed the blood at the bottom of the stairs?? We get a small glimpse of Cemre also picking up on this. The next day Cemre is looking at TV reports from the crash scene and is astounded to see that the guy that stabbed her is actually the man that stabbed her, she tells Belma this who is nervous. Cemre goes straight to the police station to report it.

Veli gets a call saying that Zeynep is not being taken to court she is leaving but they don’t know where. So we can assume from this that he has inside contacts within the police force. However is it someone he pays or has he actually got links himself directly? Veli follows the car with Zeynep in. She arrives at Kadirs house. He is still suicidal and has turned the gas on and is going to ignite it. After relentless knocking and shouting, he lets Zeynep in. A great scene follows that tells us quite a lot about the past between Kadir and Zeynep.

She sees the picture of his wife Asli who she knows and their daughter. She asks where they are and Kadir tells her they are dead. They hug each other. He tells her that he is struggling and he had all he wanted a wife and a daughter, but he still thinks about Zeynep but he knows she left to start a life on her own. After this we some hints that they were actually closer than just friends. She tells him that there will be hope one day for another daughter. I’m fairly sure that Aylin is Kadir’s daughter and Zeynep left when she found out she was pregnant, but she doesnt actually say this to Kadir but there are some pretty big hints. She wants him to help find her daughter, he refuses and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Kerem has been looking everywhere for Yakup, a neighbour says he left the night before with a pretty girl. He then goes to Meral’s mum she basically tells him that Yakup and Meral have been together while he was in prison, he says he doesnt believe her but you can tell deep down he knows that its true. We see in a flashback Yakup telling Meral he will get Kerem to do the robbery and then call the police to arrest him as he is on probation he will go back inside leaving the way clear for him and Meral.

In the police car, Zeynep is desperate to try and get her daughter back so she jumps out of the car and straight into Kadir. There is a scene where she wants to save her daughter and Kadir handcuffs her to him and says she isn’t going anywhere until he finds her daughter. As they turn to leave a tissue sellar approaches and gives Kadie a medal on a chain. Its a police medal. Here we get a flashback. Kadir is laid on the floor in a house. Velo appears in the doorway gun drawn. Kadir tells him that he was too late to save him…Velo is distraught.

The episode finishes where Veli is stood watching Kadir looking at the medal. He says ” if this is where destiny brings us, we will die together Kadir Adil ”

Again we end with more questions. Throughout the episode, the little interaction we see between Veli and Aylin the young girl made me think that under all that nasty tough guy he has in the past had some experience with a child. There is just a small glimmer of compassion like when he was watching her sleep and also taking her for fish.

How do Kadir and Veli know each other? Were they both cops? ( hence the medal ) was the person that Kadir couldn’t save in the flashback Veli’s child? Does Veli blame Kadir for something? When the teasers were released for Carpisma they said that four peoples lives would intertwine forever. They weren’t joking.

The ratings for this episode were slightly better. It went to number 7 on the list with a rating of 4.69. I really hope it carries on that way. The acting from everyone in this cast is amazing. Kivanc acts his socks off as he always does. Elcin, I’m loving seeing her in such a tough emotional role. And of course Onur Saylak, he is such a great bad guy. Very intimidating but can change to give you a glimpse of another side to him. He mainly plays the bad guy but none of them are ever the same.

I’m looking forward to the next episode.

You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi









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