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Last week we left as Kuzgun, Kerem, Zeynep and Cemre had come under attack and been chased in their car. They had been diverted to a deserted area where Ivan is waiting along with Cansiz. Kuzgun is out of the car and sees that there are explosives under the car with the others in. Ivan detonates the bomb but it’s not their car that blows, its the car that was chasing them. We see a flashback where Cansiz had intercepted the police chief from taking the bomb by holding his family hostage. He deactivates it and tells him to still put it under Kadir’s car so he knows that someone is protecting him. We then see that Cansiz has turned Ivan’s man against him, promising him he will take Ivan’s place when the bomb fails to detonate under Kadir’s car.

Back at the scene, Ivan tells his men to kill Kadir. Kadir is trying to protect all four of them from heavy gunfire. He runs out of bullets. Cansiz isn’t concerned as two cars appear full of armed masked men that kill Ivan’s men, they drive away. Kadir is left wondering who they were. Cansiz warns Ivan that no one will kill his son while he is alive.

Chief Haydar arrives at the scene. Once again shouting at Kadir for not listening to him. The bomb squad tell them that the bomb under Kadir’s car had already been disabled. Kadir is confused he knows someone is protecting him. Haydar says thank God there is!. He asks one of the men to check the bomb see if it has any connections to other bombs that have been used before, meaning the stadium bomb.

After giving statements Zeynep. Aylin, Cemre and Kerem go home with police protection. Kadir calls Veli to meet up. At home, Kerem wants to find Meral and Cemre tells him the person that can help him is Demir.

Kadir meets with Veli. He tells Veli someone is protecting him. Veli assures him he would never do that. Veli tells him there are things that Kadir will find out for himself very soon. When that happens he will be like Veli. The old person will disappear and the new Kadir will be like him.

That evening Cansiz calls at Kadir’s. Searched by police Kadir invites him in, where a very shocked and unsettled Zeynep and Asyie sit having tea. Kadir introduces them and Cansiz shakes a very disturbed Asyie’s hand. Cansiz loves all this you can tell. He has brought the repaired tape to Kadir. Kadir says it is very special to him, his Mum singing to him and he gives Asyie a hug. She looks over Kadir’s shoulder at Cansiz and he gives her one of his famous squinty stares. He tells them that his son is alive but hates him. Kadir tells him to let him know if he can help him with his son. Cansiz leaves and Asyie and Zeynep look mad and sickened.

Leaving the house Kadir tells Cansiz that he has a vulnerability. He tends to trust people too easily and even though he has questions about him, Kadir trusts Cansiz. Cansiz tells him to trust no one…no one at all.

The next day Kadir speaks with Chief Haydar and gets permission to track down the Russian woman that was in the cell with Zeynep and also Ahmet who has disappeared. Meanwhile, good old Veli is sat eating breakfast in the same restaurant as the Russian woman. As she leaves he follows her. She knows exactly who he is and leads him to a hotel room where a gang of armed men are waiting for him.

In walks Ivan with the most horrendous flowery shirt! Veli knew exactly what was happening. Veli is furious this man killed his family. He tells Ivan in no uncertain terms what he is going to do to him. Meanwhile, Cemre tells Zeynep that she made a deal with Demir to hand over some of her father’s money to Belma in exchange for the evidence to free Zeynep. She is mad with her and says she can get the video of Demir and Belma from Veli. In court, this will make sure they can’t take a penny.

Veli as we know is in a ‘ meeting ‘ with Ivan when his phone rings. Ivan looks and see’s that its Zeynep calling. Veli refuses to answer the phone. Zeynep says that he will call her back, she knows Veli. That he is in love with her. She tells Cemre to trust her.

Ivan has taken Veli to the factory where he is staying. As they arrive Veli is still unconcerned. They are being watched from across the street by Cansiz’s man. He calls to let him know they have Veli. Cansiz doesnt feel sorry for Veli but asks his man to keep him updated. Kadir and his men have also got CCTV of Ivan taking Veli from the hotel. He tells his men to track where they went. Kadir thinks back with his meeting with Veli. They arranged that Ivan will probably get to Veli through the Russian woman. Veli says he will get to Ivan through her and Kadir will follow him and help him. Kadir gives him a tracker to take. Veli tells him he wants to be the one to kill Ivan and that he will wait until Kadir gets there.

Meanwhile, Veli at the factory comes face to face with Ivan who has taken his top off ( thank goodness that shirt was horrible! ). Veli removes his jacket and says he won’t remove his top its a little cold. ( You have to love him ). Ivan gets Veli in a chair held down by his men and is punching him, telling him to return Zeynep’s call. Veli is still making fun telling him not to exhaust himself he needs him alive for when he kills him. Veli is laughing making Ivan frustrated that he isn’t getting anywhere. Veli bless him keeps looking to the door to see if Kadir has arrived.

Cansiz meanwhile has Ahmet, his wife and son. He tells them that they will get on a ship and go to live in Russia. Ahmet’s wife is a little mouthy and Cansiz doesnt like it. He takes Ahmet and his wife to a room next door and leaves their son with one of his men. Ahmet knows just how dangerous Cansiz can be while his wife hasn’t a clue. Cansiz puta a gun with one bullet on the table. He tells them that one of them will shoot the other one. If they don’t then their son will die. Cansiz loves this and is sat eating like he is watching a movie. ( This did actually make me smile, that’s so bad ) Ahmet persuades his wife to shoot him but instead of giving her the gun, he shoots her.

Cemre and Kerem meet with Demir and Belma. They want Deir to call Yakup and somehow arrange a meeting so that they can get to him. Demir calls him telling him Veli wants to meet him. Yakuo arrives and is attacked by Kerem, he forces him to take them where he is holding Meral. They arrive and find Meral on the floor. As they take her out they realise that Yakup has escaped from the car.

Back at the factory after Ivan smashes his feet with a hammer Veli finally gives in and calls Zeynep. She knows something isn’t quite right as Veli isn’t his usual annoying self. He tells her he will send her the details of where to meet. Meanwhile, finally, Kadir arrives at the factory. Cansiz’s man calls to tell him Kadir has arrived. Cansiz is worried about him and wasn’t expecting Kadir to be there.

Kadir arrives kills two of the guards and then gets jumped on by Ivan who gives him a good few punches. Kadir recovers and while he’s grappling with Ivan shouts to ask Veli if he is still alive? to which Veli replies “yes but he’s messed up my toes!” Kadir knocks Ivan down and points his gun at him. Veli shouts not to kill him, he wants to kill him! All this time Ivan is laughing. His man walks in holding Zeynep at gunpoint.

Ivan tells them both that the man who is protecting Kadir is also the man that gave the order to kill Veli’s family. Veli knowing that Cansiz is protecting his son realise that its Cansiz and says so. Ivan tells him that’s why the bomb didn’t explode he arrived right on time. However, Cansiz is too late this time. At that minute we see snipers have surrounded them and at the same time they open fire killing Ivan and all his men. In walks Cansiz with his men.

Another great episode as always. Firstly will Cansiz admit he is Cansiz? He could say that he is protecting Kadir and not admit it’s him. Both Veli and Zeynep look very worried. If Kadir does find out it is Cansiz what will he do? Cansiz had also the opportunity to take out Veli here and he didn’t. And now Veli knows it was Cansiz that gave the order to kill his family. Perhaps Cansiz may have been better off killing him. 

An amazing story this is, and the scriptwriters are doing great especially with Veli. A little sad that is the end of Ivan he did have his own attractions. What a shame it will end at episode 25. Some series they drag on and on when there isn’t very much potential. I’m certain this will all be wrapped up nicely at the end, even if it’s not a happy ending we all want, but I would have loved it to do a second season.

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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