Welcome to another what I’m sure will be another great episode. Last weeks episode ended as Selim shot himself and the Russians had arrived in town.

The episode starts where Cemre is at the police station giving her statement. Kerem is waiting for her when Cheif Haydar calls Kadir to his office. He gives him a file saying this is his executioner. He also tells him that this Russian is also after Veli for stealing the money and Kadir for having the money. Kadir doesnt seem too worried. Haydar tries to tell Kadir just how dangerous this guy is. Kadir asks if Veli knows. While there Ahmet from the financial investigation team arrives and informs them that Zeynep has been taken into custody. Even though Selim is dead the charges still stand.

Cansiz arrives at a warehouse looking very dapper with his cane and coat on his shoulders. We see Ivan who is training against a few of his men. He certainly takes his training seriously and doesnt show them any mercy.

After getting dressed, Ivan informs Cansiz that he wants Veli. Cansiz tells him to wait for him. He also tells Cansiz that he wants the police and shows him a picture of Kadir. Cansiz says no police. However, Ivan tells him he needs a butcher to cut off their heads and package them after he has killed them. Cansiz smirks and says he will package them. As he walks away Cansiz face changes. He isn’t happy.

Belma is in the hospital with Demir. She gets the news that Selim is dead. She and Demir are both happy. She tells him to go and get Selim’s will. Demir meets with Veli who gives him the code for the safe but tells him he has the will and Selim didn’t leave a penny to Belma. So if he wants to change that Demir needs to take Selim’s place. Demir agrees.

Cansiz is at his shop. He tells his men that they must protect Kadir without him knowing, he threatens them if anything happens to Kadir. Cansiz is protecting his son. Meanwhile at the police station where Zeynep is being held Kadir isn’t having much luck trying to persuade the captain that Zeynep is innocent. He gets a call from Cansiz wanting him to go to him. Kadir says he’s busy and Cansiz warns him about the Russian. Kadir thinks it’s funny and not worried in the slightest. This makes Cansiz smile knowing his son is as crazy as him.

The Russians have tracked down Veli. They arrive and in typical Veli style, he is sat in the middle of a derelict room with a table set for dinner enjoying his meal. He asks for more time to eat as he is hungry before they kill him. Obviously, not knowing Veli they agree. Vel kills one with a fork to his throat and covers himself with the man’s body so as not to get shot. His men kill the Russians. Typical Veli isn’t happy his fish is now cold. He discovers from a photo that it’s not just him they are after its Kadir too.

Cemre and Kerem arrive home. Gonul is there worried about Meral as she hasn’t seen or heard from her. We know that Yakup has her. Kerem calls her but no answer. Yakup sends a picture of Meral all beaten up to Kerem. He goes out to look for her and is Facetime’d by Yakup. Kerem tells him that he will find him and do worse to him.

Kadir leaves the police station with Cetin. They are followed by the Russians into a car park. The Russians open fire and both Kadir and Cetin run out of ammo. Then the Russian music starts and we see Veli casually whistling away while coming down to the carpark. He takes out a few of the Russians. Kadir and Veli see each other and they just nod to one another. Both now battling the same enemy although Veli had no need to come and help Kadir. In the end, Cetin gets shot in the neck. Movingly you can see that this does affect Veli. Kadir is also upset as he sits with him.

At the aftermath of the shootout, Cheif Haydar is livid with Kadir. Cetin has died because Kadir wouldn’t listen to him. Kadir leaves as usual and Haydar tells a couple of the men to follow and watch him. Meanwhile, Veli is still around in the carpark and comes across Cansiz. They have words and Cansiz reminds Veli it was him that got his own father killed. This infuriates Veli and he warns Cansiz not to make him get Kadir not to kill his own father.

Cansiz meets with Ivan. Ivan isn’t happy that both Veli and Kadir are both alive. He thinks someone is helping them. Maybe its Cansiz. Cansiz while eating his snacks threatens Ivan for saying that. Ivan says he wants Cansiz to make a bomb. If it doesnt work then Ivan will know its Cansiz protecting them. Cansiz asks who the bomb is for. Veli od Kador. Ivan won’t tell him. This means that Cansiz will need to save both Kadir and Veli.

Kadir returns to the station after not finding Belma at the hospital. Haydar has a file for him to look at about some men and what they are up to. Meanwhile, Zeynep has given her statement and is taken back to the holding cell. There another woman has arrived. She is Russian. Kadir visits and is suspicious of her. Zeynep doesnt like her either. Kadir goes to see the man in charge of Zeyneps case, he casually flings the door opening when entering. This Ahmet guy is a real pain. Kadir warns him that if anything happens to Zeynep he will come after him.

Back at home, Kadir is reassuring Aylin that her Mum is fine and will be home soon. He tells Aylin to show him how she will hug her Mum when she sees her. She hugs Kadir gives him a kiss and they sit and share some fruit.

Meral is on her own tied up and sees a metal bar. Yakup returns with food. She asks to be untied for the toilet. He unties her and she grabs the bar and hits him around the head with it knocking him out. She gets her phone and texts Kerem her location. She can’t open the metal shutters so goes back to Yakup to get the keys. As she enters the room Yakup hits her over the head and knocks her out.

Ivan arrives at Cansiz’s shop with his men and a wooden box. Inside the box are the explosives for the bomb. Cansiz warns him not to go there again. Ivan just smiles and leaves. Veli is hiding outside. He gets a call from Kadir telling him to meet.

Kerem arrives at the place where Meral told him she was but he doesnt find her. As he leaves crossing the road Yakup with Meral in the car tries to knock him down. He misses and turns the car round to try again. As he approaches Kerem throughs a spanner at the windscreen. Yakup drives off. Kerem vows it will end.

Kadir meets with Veli. He tells him he has information who killed his family. In return, he wants the proof that will release Zeynep. We see that it was Ivan who was the leader of the gang who killed Velis family. As we know this was the point that Veli’s whole life changed. Yes, he was a corrupt cop but this changed him completely. He agrees and tells Kadir he will Kill Ivan. Kadir says he wants to kill him so that he can pay his debt to Veli for his family being killed. Veli tells Kadir that he will never forget this and he will pay his debt. So it looks like at some point Veli will come through for Kadir. Even Kadir who hates Veli genuinely feels for him with regards to his family and he knows that is why Veli is where he is now.

Selim didn’t leave his money to Belma which she is furious about. He left it to Cemre. Demir calls her and says he has the evidence that can get Zeynep released… for a price.

Veli bursts into Cansiz shop he is furious. It takes of few men to hold him. He asks Cansiz if he knew who killed his family and did he have anything to do with it? Cansiz says he can’t remember and warns Veli that he isn’t to come back until he knows all the details. Veli promises he will. Later Cansiz takes the bomb to Ivan and tells him it will explode when he calls the number on the phone. He still won’t tell Cansiz who is the target. As he leaves Cansiz asks his man why doesnt Ivan go after Kadir and Veli himself. He is told that Ivan is suspicious and will do so when he is ready.

Cemre agrees to give half of her Dads money to Belma in return for information that will free Zeynep. She meets with Demir. She hands over the paperwork and Demir gives her a USB with the recording of her Dad’s voice telling Demir how to trap Zeynep. Cemre knows this won’t be enough on its own. As Zeynep is leaving for court Kadir sees Veli who has the proof and a signed confession from Selim. Veli hands it over. With this Zeynep is released from custody.

We see when leaving that Ahmet the bad cop has been paid by Ivan to place the bomb Cansiz made in Kadir’s car. In the car is Kadir, Zeynep. Cemre and Kerem. Ivan waits at a location with Cansiz. Kadir notices a car following them. They open fire and give chase. They are made to go to an area in front of where Ivan and Cansiz ae watching. Ivan makes the call to explode the bomb. Kadir who has got out of the car realises its a trap and turns to run back to the car shouting “no!”

So again another excellent episode. I write that every week but they really are excelling themselves with the script and the acting. Will Cansiz have made the bomb live, if it doesnt go off he too is at risk from Ivan.

This week Veli has stolen the show again. His scene descending in the elevator whistling then the Russian music playing was so funny. The scene where Kadir gives him the information who killed his family was brilliant. As I said last week will it come to Veli and Kadir joining forces against Ivan and the Russians. My hope would be at the end of the series Veli and Kadir could again have some sort of truce although I think its come too early to be lasting. 

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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