Welcome again to another week of this brilliant series.

We left last week where Zeynep had called Cansiz and told him Kadir is his son. Selim shoots Kadir and he falls to the floor. The episode ended with Cansiz looking at his son laid out on the floor.

Selim walks towards Kadir and realises Cansiz is also there. He shoots at him and Cansiz returns fire. Selim runs. Cansiz goes to Kadir and checks him to find he does have the kevlar on but he has still been hit elsewhere. Cansiz tells him ” Don’t you die!”

Selim runs to a car where Veli is waiting. He tells Veli Kadir is dead. Veli asks if he shot him in the head. He says no. He tells Veli that Cansiz was there. Veli is shocked. Chief Haydar arrives at the scene. He is distraught. Cansiz is watching all this from a distance.

At the hospital, Haydar tells Zeynep that it is serious and they need to wait. Aysie arrives at the hospital. Cansiz is outside and sees her arrive. He tells one of his men to fetch Veli and Selim. The man asks ” Dead?” Cansiz thinks for a second and then says !”no alive so I can kill them”

Cansiz gets into the hospital and drags Aysie into a room. He threatens her with a razor to her neck. She confirms that Kadir is his son. And she tells him he killed his own daughter in law and granddaughter. Zeynep finds them in the room and she tells Cansiz to stay away from Kadir. She is fearless and doesnt care that Cansiz is a threat. The doctor gives them the news that Kadir will be fine. Everyone is relieved. We see a little emotion from Cansiz too. 

Veli meanwhile knows that Cansiz will send his men for him. He is prepared. They do come and a short gunfight ensues. Veli leaves one man alive to return to Cansiz and tell him he isn’t dead and if he wants him he should come to get him. Ah, Veli ah. I don’t know whether to love you or hate you. Selim at his office is collecting things from his safe in a hurry. Cansiz men arrive but he manages to escape from them.

Selim meets with Yakup. At gunpoint, he asks him what does he know about Demir and Belma. He tells Yakup to go to Belma and get her to sign papers.

Veli calls Cansiz. Cansiz isn’t happy and tells Veli that now Kadir will be stronger as he will have his Dad supporting him too when he is looking for Veli. After the call, Veli is thinking who could have told Cansiz that Kadir is his son. Cansiz holds the toy car that was Yusuf’s. He says that no one can take Kadir away from him now. They will be together until they die.

After spending the night together Kerem and Cemre are walking. He tells her he will help her find out what happened to her Mum. Cemre tells Kerem she wants to pay the repair shop for him, as a loan. He agrees. At the hospital, Kadir is now awake. Zeynep tells him to drop things with Cansiz it will leave him old and lonely. Kadir is adamant no matter what he will not drop his issue with Cansiz.

Veli arrives at the hospital holding a bunch of flowers. Two of the cops stop him and we see Veli at his best. He makes me smile. He tells them he wants to speak to his old partner. He has been absolved of all crime now. They search him first including the flowers. Veli wants them to be careful with the flowers. He enters the room and tells Kadir he will tell him what will bring Cansiz to his feet. Meanwhile, outside the room, Cansiz has arrived and back in his little old helpless man role says he is an old friend of Kadir’s to the officers.

Cansiz goes into the room. Veli and Zeynep look very uncomfortable. Kadir asks him how he knew he was shot. Cansiz replies he was there. Kadir tells Zeynep to leave the room. Cansiz tells Kadir he heard he was going to be ambushed, and he looks straight at Veli. Kadir asks if they know each other. Veli says no. Cansiz says he knows who Veli is. Veli tells Kadir he needs to get Selim. He explains that Selim came to him to escape but needed to do one more thing first. Kadir realises he is talking about Belma so sends a message for the police to check on her at the hotel. As the police go up to her room Belma has sneaked out and hails a cab. Selim who is in his car outside the hotel sees her and follows.

Back at the hospital, Veli leaves after a parting spat with Cansiz. Aysie and Zeynep are outside the room. Veli realises it was Zeynep that told Cansiz Kadir was his son. He warns her that one day Kadir will find out the truth. Has she prepared herself for the fallout of that and that they will lose each other? Kadir is informed that Belma has left the hotel. Kadir wants to leave but Zeynep tries to stop him. Cansiz leaves the room and has a smile on his face. As he goes outside Veli is waiting. Pretty confident as he is waiting near a group of police. He tells Cansiz that if he tries to kill him he has made a video that will tell Kadir everything and it will be sent to Kadir. He asks Cansiz if he has any conscience at all that he killed his own granddaughter. Cansiz says no. Veli tells him they both have a common enemy…Selim. Because if Kadir gets to Selim first then they are both in trouble.

Belma has gone to meet Demir in a dead end alley. Demir tells her he loves her but she thinks he is saying it to get the money she will get from Selim. Selim arrives and after a discussion about that video, he shoots Belma. He walks away in shock leaving Demir to hold Belma in his arms shouting for help.

Veli gets a call from a distressed Selim. He tells Veli he has killed his wife. Veli replies “again?” ( I love this about Veli ) Selim tells him to bring Cansiz so they can all meet. Veli reluctantly agrees. At home, Zeynep has told Cemre that her father was the one to shoot Kadir. She calls him and begs him to hand himself in. He tells her if she had believed him all this wouldn’t have happened and Belma wouldn’t be dead. Cemre asks him what has happened to Belma. He shouts in the middle of a crowded street “I killed her!!”  Cemre then gets a call from Cansiz although she doesnt know it’s him. He tells her if she wants to see her father she must come alone. Kerem wants to go with her but she won’t let him.

Arriving at the police station Kadir get a mouthful from Haydar for returning to work. He is told that they have a sighting of Selim’s car and also that Belma has been shot. Selim has chosen to meet in a public area. Veli is watching from a distance as Cansiz all covered up goes to Selim. Veli approaches too. Selim threatens Cansiz he will call Kadir and tell him everything. He makes the call at the same time Cansiz makes a call. As he speaks to Kadir Cansiz shows him that Cemre is there and if he tells Kadir he will kill her. Selim ends the call to Kadir.

Cansiz tells him he needs to do something or he will kill his daughter. Meanwhile, Kadir arrives. Veli spots him and ushers Cansiz away. Cemre sees her Dad too but Kadir makes her stay away. Selim runs and Kadir chases after him. The chase is too much for Kador and he stops to rest on the floor. Veli and Cansiz see this. Cansiz is about to approach him to make sure he is ok, but Kadir’s colleagues arrive. Veli watching all of this with interest now knowing that Cansiz has a soft spot for his son.

Cemre gets a call from her father asking her to meet him. Kadir also knows where Selim is likely to be. Selim is at the grave of his first wife. Cemre arrives and we see that the police are there, also Cansiz is watching and Veli has a rifle trained on Selim. Cemre begs her father to hand himself in she tells him that Belam didn’t die. Kerem arrives and Selim wants to shoot him. Kadir has arrived silently at the back of Selim and holds a gun to his head. We see the conversation that Cansiz had with Selim telling hin mo one can hurt Cemre until he says so. Selim puts the gun under his chin and pulls the trigger. We know now that the bullet that Cansiz gave him weeks ago was for this purpose. Cansiz who is watching says “Its not art to kill a man, its an art to make the man kill himself”

Meanwhile, at home Zeynep has a call from the police. She needs to go with them. Obviously, Selim’s last plan to get at Zeynep. Kadir and Veli is working.

Veli is putting the gun in his car when Cansiz calls. Cansiz reminds him that he, Veli is dealing with the Russians about the money, and the Russians have arrived. He finds a file that has been placed in the boot of his car, its a file on him. We see the Russians arriving to look at the guns. They also have a file on both Veli and Kadir.

So Selim is gone. We see the Russians are after both Veli and Kadir. So could we see Veli and Kadir help each other? Will Zeynep come into play with the Russians. Will Veli and Kadir both have to rescue her at some point? 

The Russians are certainly here. Say hello to Ivo Arakov. He will play the role of Ivan. Vay Vay Vay things are looking up.


Written by: Rachel Labidi


You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.








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