Hi again. Back for another great episode, I’m sure. As some of you may know we have a crossover between series. Cukur another highly rated and successful dizi will be in a small way incorporated into Carpisma and Vice versa. My thoughts at the end of the summary. So lets go…

So we are at the table and Selim is bombarded with accusations and proof of his wrongdoings. He tries to worm his way out but fails. Kadir tells him he wants firstly Kerem taken out of prison, secondly, he wants Cansiz and thirdly he wants Cemre to know what happened to her mother. Kadir’s phone rings. We see Cansiz outside the restaurant, he with a voice changer, tells Kadir that he has 48 hours to find him, or he will kill Kadir. Kadir stands a mixture of anger, surprise and confusion on his face, he runs outside looking followed by Zeynep but Cansiz has gone.

Kadir returns to the restaurant. He tells Selim if he has 48 hours then so does Selim to give him Cansiz. Cemre tells her father that she doesnt feel sorry for him and won’t feel sorry for him for what will happen in the future. Belma tells him at least she can start her life again, he can’t.

Last week we saw Veli distraught after shooting Adem under instruction from Cansiz. Veli tells Adem that he will kill both Cansiz and Kadir. Cansiz returns to find Veli still there. He casually steps over Adem’s body and sits down. Veli can barely contain his hate for Cansiz. He tells Veli that he has given Kadir 24 hours to find him and Veli has the same amount of time to find that cassette and give it to him.

The police are preparing to raid Yakup’s house. However, Demir calls and tips him off. Yakup and Meral escape and are picked up by Demir. Demir has words with Yakup all were listened to by Meral. Demir also tells Yakup that Meral also went to him to save Kerem. The police call Kadir to let him know Yakup escaped. Zeynep suggests she could maybe talk with Meral maybe she has information. We again have a cute scene where Kadir makes fun of her age and about being too old to be a cop.

Belma meets with Veli and wants the copy of the video he has of her and Demir. He refuses and says he will use it to get help from someone and if they refuse then he will use that video.

Kadir visits Cansiz. They have words and Cansiz gives him the name Cevdet. He tells Kadir if he can find Cevdet then he will lead him to Cansiz. When leaving Kador gets a call from Veli asking him to meet and speak like gentlemen. Meanwhile, Veli meets with Selim. He tells him in 48 hours someone will win someone will lose and he, Veli will be on the side of the winner. He also tells Selim for a special discount price, Veli has arranged for Kerem to be killed in prison but will make it look like a suicide.

At the prison, Kerem is attacked in the bathroom by two guards. They already have the noose rigged up. They choke Kerem into being unconscious but not enough as he manages to fight them off. Cemre is at the prison and is informed that Kerem has been taken to the hospital for a check and the reason why. Cemre visits him and he asks her to try and get him out asap.

Veli and Kadir meet. As they do Cansiz calls Kador and tells him to look in his car. He finds Adem’s body. He immediately blames Veli but Veli says its Cansiz that killed him. Technically it isn’t of course but we know what Veli means by this. He tells Kadir that they are both now enemies with the same man and he too is after Veli.

Chief Haydar arrives and tells Kadir that soon the intelligence team will take over this case as they are now getting involved. Kador tells Haydar that he will deliver him Cansiz’s body in 24 hours.

Kadir goes to find Cevdet. He finds him and after a little confrontation with his guards, he takes Cevdet to a quiet location until he cooperates and tells him where Cansiz is. Meanwhile, Cemre has told her father that the attempt to kill Kerem failed. Selim contacts Veli and Veli assures him that he has a second man to kill Kerem in prison. Someone who is already serving a life sentence. A new man enters Kerem’s cell. He takes the bed next to Kerem and introduces himself as Metin. Someone who is already serving a life sentence. Zeynep has also persuaded Meral to turn on Yakup and help them.

Selim has ordered Demir to shoot Yakup. As Demir arrives at their meeting Yakup sees him and also prepares a gun, as he opens the door he is greeted by a punch from Kadir. We see Demir hiding narrowly missing out on getting caught there himself. Now he is worried that Kador has got to Yakup first. Kadir takes Yakup to meet with his team.

Veli goes to where Adem’s car is. He opens the boot and finds Kador’s cassette in Adem’s coat pocket. Once again he talks with Adem and tells him not to worry he will kill both Cansiz and Kadir.

Demir goes to tell Selim that Kador has arrested Yakup. Selim immediately says he will be his lawyer and that he doesnt trust Demir. Demir opens the office door and Kerem’s father comes in. He will make a statement saying that the gun that killed Cemil was his. Kerem took it by force saying that he was going to kill Cemil. He asks Selim if that statement will keep Kerem in prison for life…he says it will.

Kadir arrives at the police station leading Yakup by his ear, he turns him round a few times slaps him on the back of the head and tells them to take him to the hospital to be checked. Injuries were from resisting arrest.

Veli is with Cansiz. Cansiz makes a call to Kadir making him mad so that whoever is in front of him claiming to be Cansiz will be killed leaving the real Cansiz to go free. He also reminds Veli he wants that cassette. Veli still hasn’t given it to him even though we know he has it. Cansiz after Veli leaves asks his man to find Bahar, Aysie’s assistant that went missing.

Zeynep is meeting with Aysie. She tells her about the call from Cansiz saying Kador has 48 hours. Zeynep thinks that if Cansiz actually learns that Kador is his son he wont kill him. Aysie isn’t so sure. Zeynep says she will do anything to stop Cansiz killing Kadir.

The cross over scene with Cukur

Veli is stood waiting outside Cansiz shop. Up drives Vartolu and Mehtin. In the series Cukur, Yamac is Vartolu’s brother and his wife Sena has gone missing with a guy called Mahsun. In Cukur’s episode this week we saw Veli visiting Cukur and being asked for help. So Cansiz has found them an address for Mahsun.

Selim arrives at the police station full of himself. Saying he is Yakups lawyer and he has a witness too against Kerem. In comes Kerem’s father. He says that a lawyer bribed him to lie about his son. Selim is shocked. We get a flashback to where Kador had visited his Dad and had a very moving but firm talk with him. It appears to have worked.

In prison, Kerem is surrounded by 4 men with shanks including Cetin who introduced himself earlier. The fight breaks out and Cetin takes out most of the guys. He tells Kerem later that Kador sends his regards. Kadir had put Cetin a cop in there to protect Kerem. Meanwhile at home Aysie has come for dinner. Kadir is surprised but actually looks ok with it.

Kadir goes to visit Kerem in prison. Kerem thanks him for what he has done. Kador tells him he needs to give his Dad a second chance and that his Mum and Dad are here. As Kador leaves he receives a call from a colleague. Kerem’s workmates and his boss want to retract their statements against Kerem. obviously as a result of Cemres’s earlier visit. Kadir meets with Cemre and tells her she also says there was no gunpowder residue on Kerem. Yakup’s phone records show he was in the area of the murder at the time too. They also have a statement from Kerem’s father. Cemre says she will present all the evidence and hopefully get him released. Kadir tracks down Demir. He gives him a good beating and then takes him for questioning.

In a very well acted and emotional scene Kerem is sat with his father. His dad accepts that it was his fault that Kerem’s life is how it his and that he took away his childhood, he tells Kerem not to forgive him. Later Kerem in his cell is contemplating just how many people really care for him.

Veli catches Selim as he is leaving Cansiz. He tells Selim that Cansiz is going to set him up and make Kadir think that Selim is Cansiz and Kador will kill him. Selim isn’t convinced. Veli shows him the video of Demir and Belma.

Kadir arrives at a yard with shipping containers, led here by Cevdet who he puts in the boot of his car before setting off for a look around. We Cansiz also is there. Cansiz is watching his men get picked off one by one by Kadir. A motorbike arrives, Kador shoots the rider, another bike then appears, Kadir also shoots this one. Selim arrives on the scene.

Meanwhile, we see Kerem has been released from prison and has been greeted by Cemre.

Zeynep has got Cansiz’s number she calls him but he doesnt answer the first time. She calls again and tells Cansiz that Kadir is his son and not to hurt him. Cansiz believes her immediately. Selim shoots Kadir three times. We see Cansiz running closer saying ” Yusuf “.  The episode ends with Kadir lying on the ground.

Another amazing episode with some great acting. Most noticeably Kerem and his father in prison but also the scene where Kadir goes to talk with Kerem’s father.

The cross over scenes with Cukur was good. Vartolu and Mehtin are quite the characters. I’m pleased that Veli and Cansiz stayed in character more the mean don’t mess with us look. Also, please to see Yamac and Selim from Cukur too.

Obviously, Kadir will be ok, who will watch the remaining 9 episodes without Kivanc??? No blood from the wounds so probably has his Kevlar vest on. We see Cansiz obviously cares that he is his son, but it has opened up a whole can of worms.

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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