Last week the episode ended with Cansiz. Kadir and the police all being called to go to Aysie’s apartment by Veli to try and get them all killed. Cansiz got a call to warn him and he saw Aysie and looked accusingly at her….

This is where episode 15 starts. Kadir and the police enter together and search the house finding that Cansiz had escaped. Aysie denied all knowledge of him being there. Veli is stood outside watching and is disappointed his plan hasn’t worked. Kadir goes in the ambulance with Zeynep to hospital. A good scene where they are chatting and we can see they really do love each other.

Veli calls Cansiz and asks what’s happening. Cansiz wants to see him. When Veli arrives he finds Kadir’s tape. Veli is held with a knife to his throat as Cansiz questions him about his loyalty. I’m sure Cansiz knows its Veli and interestingly lets him go. At the hospital, Adem visits and wants to help Kadir for a reduction to his sentence. He tells him he can get information about payment from the Russian’s. Kadir says he will help him but he also must find him Cansiz too.

Poor Kerem has been arrested. Set up for murder by Yakup and Demir. He gets one phone call and calls Cemre. Not for her help but to apologise for everything. He will get a state lawyer. Cemre arrives at the station and Kadir tells her he has been arrested for murder, found with the gun in his hand. Neither believes that Kerem would do this. She goes into the room where Kerem is. She berates him for not calling her. Kerem is so happy she did come. Kerem says he thinks that it is Yakup that set him up. He says Yakup isn’t bright enough and must have had help. Cemre knows its Demir that helped him.

Demir is meeting with Selim he has told him about the Kerem set up. Selim tells Demir to go and see Kerem’s father offer him money to testify against his son. Also to visit the victims family too offering help. Demir is a little unnerved to find that Kadir has been reinstated to the police. Meanwhile, Meral sees on the internet that Kerem has been arrested. She knows that Yakup has something to do with it. While he’s in the bathroom she searches and finds a check for a lot of money.

Cansiz meets with the Russians with Veli, Selim and Adem there too. He tells Veli to organise things, but doesnt tell him where or when yet. Demir has gone to visit Kerem’s dad. He offers him money and he agrees to talk.

Zeynep tells Kerem’s Mum about his arrest and she leaves saying she can help him. She meets with Meral and asks her if she set Kerem up. Meral is very honest saying she would never do that.  Zeynep calls Veli and tells him that she will meet him…at an antique shop. Veli is shocked and panicky. He knows she means Cansiz’s place. Veli is with Adem, he tells him he needs to get the cassette from Cansiz’s place as if he listens to it he will realise that Kadir is his son and they will both be dead.

Zeynep is watching Cansiz in the shop from the doorway. Veli arrives and drags her to the side. She tells him to leave Kadir and her alone or she tells Cansiz. Veli threatens her saying that he can create more problems just so they can meet. Zeynep again stands up to him and tells him not to be so obsessed…as she walks away Veli says he wishes he could.

Kadir has got his men investigating the murder. They have CCTV and saw Yakup and Cemil go in together and only Yakup leaves and Kadir wants them to trace Yakup’s phone and watch him. Meanwhile, Yakup is meeting with Demir. Demir tells him he needs to leave the area. The report comes back that there was no gunpowder residue on Kerem’s hands. Kadir says they both know that Yakup didn’t mastermind this plan. At the same time, Meral is with Serpil and they have gone to see Demir. Meral tells him Serpil kept quiet about her kidnapping and Demir putting a gun to her head for Kerems sake. She threatens Demir to sort it out for Kerem or they will say something.

Selim tells Demir to open a bank account in Zeynep’s name. They will transfer a large amount of money from the company to the account to try and get Zeynep arrested for embezzlement. Selim also says that there will be a surprise waiting for Kerem in prison too. On returning to his office Belma is there saying she wants a divorce from Selim and she loves Demir. Selim is leaving but remembers something and turns back. He goes in the office and Belma and Demir hides behind the door. When Selim leaves Demir loses it and tells Belma it’s over he doesnt want her anymore.

Kadir is at Cansiz shop playing with the car, the one that Cansiz loves so much as it was his sons. He gets angry and tells Kador to leave it. Kadir asks for the tape, they play it but there is nothing on it. Obviously, Adem has swapped it. Cansiz goads Kadir about his wife and daughter making Kador mad. As he leaves we see Cansiz smiling. I wonder whether this is a sort of a respectful smile he likes the way Kadir is. He has had numerous opportunities to kill Kadir but hasnt.

Kadir and his men are with Chief Hayder. They get a call that a suspicious plane is landing in 4 hrs from Russia, they also learn a ship is going to dock from Russia too the next day. Kador sends his men to advise the airport. The chief tells Kador he needs to choose which to follow up. The plane or the ship. Kadir quietly goes to one of his men and tells him to give the word that they will be raiding the ship tomorrow…but will they?

Kerem is in court looking very smart too. Makes a change from that awful leather jacket! The judge remands him into custody pending the trail due to the flight risk and also the evidence against him. As he is being led out he hugs Cemre and his Mum.

Cansiz gets a call informing him the police will raid the ship. He sends Veli and Adem to get the money from the pilot of the plane that will be landing soon. He says he will send Veli the pilot’s vehicle details. Kadir gets a text telling him the drop will be via plane. He sends the men to get ready. Belma is waiting to speak to Kadir.

Cemre finds Demir at a cafe he has just handed an envelope over to a man who leaves in a hurry. She slaps Demir and tells him she hates him. She tells him she knows he set Keren up with Yakup. Demir tries to play innocent but tells Cemre if he gets caught and jailed he will take her Dad, Selim with him. He tells her to choose, Kerem or her father. Meanwhile, Selim is with Veli and asks him if he can arrange it for Kerem to be killed in prison. Veli agrees.

Kadir succeeds in getting the money and lets Veli know that he let him get away on purpose. Kador visits Cansiz and tells him he has got the Russian money and asks him who’s side is he on. Cansiz says no one’s side. Veli and Adem are at the shop and Cansiz asks them about the tape going missing. Both deny its them. Cansia has CCTV od Adem breaking in and taking the cassette. Cansiz asks where the tape is. He gives Veli the gun. And tells him to shoot. Veli does killing Adem. Cansiz leaves and Veli is heartbroken.

Selim meets with Kadir at a restaurant. He accuses him of laundering money for Veli and Cansiz. Zeynep appears with the evidence from his computer. Then Belma appears with proof that he transferred a large amount of money to the doctor who looked after his first wife and is now dead. Finally, Cemre enters. She shows him the photo of her Mum proving she was alive and asks did he kill her Mum and also set Kerem up.

So that’s where this weeks episode ended. I’m so sad to see Adem die as he really was trying to turn things around and never really blamed Kadir for killing his girlfriend. I again felt sorry for Veli. Yes, I know he shot Adem in the head but it really did affect him he genuinely thought as Adem as family. I dod feel for him when he broke down crying he just wants to be loved. Cansiz has a real hold over Veli. Veli is scared of him and would shoot his family rather than go against Cansiz. He just looks like a little old man so I’m sure more will come out about him. Burak the bodyguard doesn’t say much.

What will Selim do? Will he cough and give them all the answers they need? Will he bargain with them to help bring down Cansiz? Will he actually use that bullet to kill himself as Cansiz intended? I really don’t like Demir is such a weird one. A bit slimy and creepy. He was so lax in the set up of Kerem. He should have known there was CCTV and is he really stupid enough to think Yakup won’t bring him down too?

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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