After a week’s break, we are back. I think we all missed it, I certainly did.

So in the last episode, we left it where Kadir had found Cansiz, still not knowing who he actually is. Veli and Aysie are watching and she begs Veli not to let Kadir know that this is Cansiz.

After a tense encounter with Cansiz acting like a little helpless old man, Cansiz tells Kadir that he stole watch from him and he can’t get it back so how will he kill Cansiz? Finally, he gives Kadir an address supposedly where Cansiz is. Kadir leaves and Veli confronts Cansiz asking why he didn’t kill Kadir. Now we see the real Cansiz come to light. He marches to the back room where Adem, Selim and another guy are waiting. He shoots the guy in the head and is going to shoot Adem but Veli begs him not to. Cansiz hands the gun to Adem and nods in Veli’s direction. He points the gun at Veli. Veli screws his eyes waiting, he pulls the trigger but there is no bullet. Cansiz questions Veli why he is so desperate to kill Kadir. He tells him because of the 10 million euro, Cansiz knows about his feelings for Zeynep. He then gives Selim a bullet telling him he will need it soon…to kill himself. He keeps two bullets for Veli and Adem. He says that Kadir will die tonight.

Cansiz pays Aysie a visit. I’m a little confused here. He is given a welcome at the door by her companion like she knows him. He knows the way to Aysie’s room without being shown. So does he visit her regularly?  He threatens Aysie and tells her she is better off dead. At the same time, we see Selim hinting at Belma that he is going to get rid of someone for interfering.

Zeynep calls at Kadir’s house she tells Kerem that Cemre is upset, she sends Kerem to talk with Cemre. Kadir comes downstairs in a suit and tie looking smart. Zeynep obviously likes how he looks but he tells her he has something to do and won’t let her go with him. She tells him he doesnt look good. I think Zeynep is a little jealous. Kerem arrives at Cemre’s and he starts to talk as Zeynep comes back in a bad mood and kicks them out of the house to talk. She asks to borrow Cemre’s car.

Kadir arrives outside a club as he approaches the door, Zeynep appears he is not pleased but she won’t leave. Inside its a gambling establishment. Kadir makes Zeynep wait while he goes to investigate. He threatens the bartender in Kadir style to look after Zeynep. He finds a room again he enters in Kador style bu head butting the guard on the door. We see that Canciz and Veli are watching via security cameras. Kadir says he has come for the watch taken from the old repair guy. Kador takes out all the men in the room. I’m surprised that Veli didn’t know he could manage that. Veli knows Kadir’s talents well. Veli gets his gun and wants to kill Kadir but Cansiz stops him. Cansiz also sees that Kadir is in love with Zeynep.

When Kerem and Cemre arrive home, Selim is waiting. He wants to talk to her alone but she makes Kerem stay. She tells her Dad that she is scared of him but not scared of Kerem. Kadir and Zeynep are on the banks of the Bosphorus. She tells him he really needs to see his Mum. He tells her he will but he is just angry. They tell each other that they love one another.

The next day Veli visits Cansiz. We learn that his plan now is to send Kadir on a wild goose chase after a fake Cansiz. He will kill the fake one and then that leaves him free to kill Kadir. Veli isn’t happy saying this will take a long time. We know that Veli just wants this over with quickly so that he has Zeynep all to himself. I may be a bit presumptuous here but why doesnt Veli just kill Canciz. He has plenty of opportunities, he has no security with him, his threats are all psychological rather than physical he is only a little guy. Surely Veli isn’t just scared of him and thinks he is the only one to get Kadir out of the way? Veli too has had the opportunity to kill Kadir. 

Cemre confronts Belma with a picture of the guy she found dead. Belma tells her she doesnt know who it is but knows that he was a gynaecologist. Zeynep bumps into Cemre and Cemre tells her that she saw the man dead. Zeynep asks Cemre to help her get some files from Selim’s computer as she suspects that there is some money laundering going on. Cemre agrees to do this. Meanwhile, Veli calls Selim and tells him that his plan is to put Zeynep in prison. Selim asks Demir to check all documents that have Zeynep’s signature as a way to get her arrested. Demir tells him that tomorrow night, Kerem will also be going to the same place, prison.

Meral goes to see Kerem at work, she finally realises that it’s over and there isn’t going to be another chance. She goes straight to Yakup knowing he loves her so will take her back. Meanwhile, Kerem at work hears his boss on the phone saying he will have to pay the money for the bike that was stolen. Kerem feels bad. Meanwhile, Kadir is visiting Cansiz again for more information. He learns that there are shipments and that they are arranged through death notices in newspapers. Kadir sets some of his police colleagues into tracking them. As Kadir leaves Cansiz he hands over the cassette of his Mum singing to him when he was a child and asks him to mend it for him.

Zeynep has set a meeting between Kadir and his Mum without telling them. Kadir isn’t interested at first and says he is too angry to talk. However, Zeynep manages to persuade him. Finally, Kadir gets to properly be with his Mum. It’s only a short meeting but the first thing he asks her is where is my Dad? She replies that he left when she was pregnant. It’s very emotional and Kadir says they will meet again to talk.

That evening Zeynep arranges a surprise for Kadir, it’s his real birthday that he never knew. She video’s it and sends it to Aysie. Meanwhile, we see Cansiz in his shop he is looking at an old child’s toy a police car and we can hear him in quite an emotional voice saying happy birthday to a son who he thinks is dead. Veli has been watching Cansiz. He knows that if he finds out Veli kept it from him hes a dead man. Also, Veli probably realises that Cansiz loved his son and what would his reaction be towards Kadir? If he doesnt kill Kadir how will he get Zeynep?

Kadir goes to the police station all his colleagues are stood watching at him and smiling. Chief Haydar appears and hands back Kadir’s gun, shield and ID. He tells him that Selim has dropped charges. Kadir knows there will be a reason for this. His guys tell him they have worked out the codes on where the next shipment will be.

Kerem returning home finds the stolen bike outside his house. He calls his boss and tells him he will take it to the shop. Meanwhile, at the shop, Yakup has broken in and kills his friend leaving the gun wiped of prints on the bench. Kerem arrives and sees the gun which he picks up and then sees the body. The police arrive as he stood over the body with the gun.

At the warehouse, Kadir is being followed by Veli. Veli hoping that they can kill Kadir. Kadir kills everyone. He gets a call from Zeynep saying his Mum is ill and she wants to see him. At the same time, Cansiz also gets a call to go and see Aysie. Cansiz arrives and is in the lounge, Kadir is just about to enter and the police are on their way two…all of them set up by Veli. The episode ends as Aysie enters the lounge and Cansiz gets a call saying the police are on their way up the stairs. He turns and looks at Aysie obviously thinking it is her who has trapped him.

Firstly as every week great acting in the emotional scenes from Kivanc. As far as the storyline. This is the first week that I have felt a slight disappointment at the writing of the script in regards to Kerem. The set up to get him arrested. There were too many things that Kerem could have done not to get arrested. Like, call the police when he found the bike. Why did he pick the gun up? And I know the police were called but they just happened to show up at that precise moment?? I would have liked it to be a little more imaginative. I was surprised at the scriptwriters, they have done an amazing job so far with everything else. 

The storyline regarding Belma and Demir is also wearing thin probably why we haven’t seen much of them. Veli was in a more mellow mood this week no crazy things happening just quietly trying to kill Kadir. Although the plan to put Zeynep in prison I can’t quite see how that will work. Kadir isn’t going to give up on her. 

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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