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Last week as you will remember Kadir had come face to face with his Mum. He asks if she left a child on his own, she says she did. Then he tells her he finds it difficult to say the word mother as it brings back memories of those 18 years in an orphanage. Still standing a room width apart Kadir asks her name she replies Asiye. She calls him son but he tells her he wants to get used to her existence first. She tells him that she loved him but he replies that’s the trouble I’m always let down by things that love. He walks out telling her not to touch him. Ayise runs after him begging him not to leave. He tells her his name is Kadir, not Yusuf. Kadir drives away with Aysie stood in the middle of the road. Kadir is heartbroken. Zeynep calls him and she can hear him crying. She tells him to send where he is she is coming to him.

Ok so as you know I always write my thoughts but I couldn’t go any further without congratulating Kivanc on this piece of acting. 

Meanwhile, at the Hamam, The Georgian arrives with his guys and we see Veli already there. He produces a gun and goes to follow them. He shoots the men dead and then turns to his main issue. The Georgian offers him money, Veli pretends to think for a second and then shoots him in the head.

Zeynep meets with Kadir. He tells her yes he has found his mother but more importantly he has lost her. He tells her he can’t share her and after seeing her with Veli…  Zeynep tells him there is nothing with Veli and as Kadir starts to walk away she grabs him. He warns her not to buts she carries on. There is an intense moment where they stand face to face… then Kadir walks away.

Veli goes to see Aysie. She is furious with him for not telling her Kadir was alive. Veli says that he was her son too and she can’t abandon him. He tells her she is his and so is Zeynep. Aysie appears to realise just how mentally unstable Veli is. She tells him she has only one son and he ( Veli ) cannot keep them apart. He will die with no one to love him. That he will lose Zeynep. She tells him she hates him. This really hurts Veli. Its as if is competing for his mothers love with his brother.

Haydar tells Kadir that The Georgian was murdered but they don’t know who by. Kadir gives him a withering look. Haydar asks him if he thinks its Veli…who else could it be?

Last week we left Cemre as she discovered the photo of her mother on her desk. Her Dad calls but she ignores it. She comes across Zeynep outside the building and tells her that she has found this photo. Zeynep tells her that she left the photo. She also explains she threatened her father with it to tell her where Kadir’s Mum was. She asks Cemre not to reveal to her Dad that she knows, so they can work quietly to get the truth. Cemre agrees.

Kerem is working at his new job when Cemil arrives trying to cause trouble. Telling his boss that Kerem robbed a safe etc. Kerem gets mad. Cemil leaves and Kerem apologises. His boss tells him it’s ok but you can see it has troubled him. Cemil goes outside to Yakup whos waiting and obviously instigated it all. He then calls Demir to say the plan is working.

Demir finds Kadir sat in his office. Kadir threatens him and says that he is looking for Cansiz and Demir needs to tell him if he knows anything. Leaving the office he calls Kerem to invite him for a boy’s night out, At the same time, Zeynep is arranging with Cemre to have a girls night out.

Kadir meets with Adem at Veli’s old house where his family were killed. He asks Adem where Cansiz is, he says he doesnt know but he knows a hitman that worked for him and tells Kadir where to find him. Kadir tells Adem he knows that Veli still has influence over him and knows what Adem did for Veli and he hasn’t killed him as he is a merciful person, however, if he finds that Adem has set him a trap he won’t think twice about killing him.

Zeynep has got dressed for her night out according to her mood which is bad. And Kadir at the small restaurant is also in a bad mood too as he sits with Kerem. He tells Kerem what happened with his Mum and his meeting afterwards with Zeynep. He asks Kerem if he thinks he was harsh with Zeynep, he says yes. He says if she walked in now he wouldn’t even look at her face it’s over. And who should walk in? Zeynep and Cemre. An uncomfortable silence passes and Kadir asks Kerem if he has set this up, which of course he hasnt. Zeynep airs her feelings to Cemre loud enough for Kadir to hear and then Cemre airs hers too for Kerem to hear. In reply, Kerem tells Kadir he was harsh with what he told Cemre.

What follows is actually quite funny as they talk about each other so the can overhear, that is until Kadir starts to tell Kerem what happened when he was 19 years old. He said he was about to propose to her. This makes Zeynep shocked. He says she just left in 15 minutes that’s where his life ended. Zeynep by this stage is a little drunk and gets up telling Kadir to come outside to talk. They talk, or rather Zeynep talks telling him she loves him and did it all for him, and as she is going on and on Kadir smiles and gently kisses her to shut her up. They hug and we see that Veli has been watching them from a distance, He looks both mad and heartbroken. Kadir and Zeynep leave in a cab as Kerem and Cemre come out of the restaurant. Kerem asks her if the can start over again but Cemre says she gave him her heart and he broke it. At home, Cemre gets a call from Kadir asking her to do something for him.

The next morning Meral goes to see Veli. She tells him that Zeynep and Kadir are close. This affects Veli, and Meral says something that’s the best thing and the most truthful thing she has ever said. ” You look so cute when you are sad”. Veli gets angry and tells her to leave,

Kadir and Zeynep leave the hotel after Cemre has brought them a change of clothes. They go to the Bospheros and shoot balloons asking each other questions if they hit a balloon. Spending the day like they used to do when they were 19 they get on a bus. They go to a club where Zeynep gets on the stage and sings, reliving those past years. Back in the neighbourhood, they start bickering again but part smiling about each other.

As Zeynep approaches the door and Kadir has driven off she is grabbed from behind and dragged by Veli. He tells her he has been waiting all day and that he won’t give her to Kadir. He will give Kadir to Cansiz. Zeynep fights back and tells him it doesnt matter, she won’t hide anything from Kadir anymore. Veli pins her against the wall and says he won’t help her anymore he will sit and watch what happens to them. He turns and walks away leaving Zeynep in shock.

Yakup and Cemil are breaking into a store and stealing a motorbike. The next morning Cemre asks Kadir for some help tracing a number. At the office, Selim is escorting the doctor out that covered up for him during Cemre’s birth. Zeynep and Cemre arrive just in time to see Selim bungling him into his car. At the workshop, Kerem arrives for work to discover the police there and that a motorcycle has been stolen. Suleyman suspects who has done it. Kadir again meets with Haydar at the coffee shop. He gets the record of the hitman that Adem told him worked for Cansiz. He also tells Haydar that he has asked the guys to trace a number for Cemre. At this point, I think Haydar just lets Kadir do what he likes.

Selim is with the doctor he shows him a photo of Cemre and asks if it’s her that visited him. He says not, He then shows him a photo of Belma he confirms it was her. Selim is stunned. The doctor tells him she knows too much and that Selim paid him to keep quiet. Selim shows him the photo of Cemre and says if she visits not to tell her anything.

Aysie drugs her companion Bahar and goes to see Zeynep. They hug when Zeynep tells her she knows who she is. Aysie thanks her for being there for Kadir. Kadir has got the information for Cemre that she wanted. Aysie and Zeynep are out walking. Zeynep tells her about how Veli kidnapped Aylin and that he wants everything that Kadir has and the reason that he blames Kadir for the deaths of his family. Aysie explains to Zeynep why she was scared for Kadir. Here we get a flashback.

Aysie is in a car with a man called Arif and a young boy in the back seat called Murat. They are arguing and as they turn a bend in the road a car blocks their path. Two men approach the car and open fire. They leave thinking that they have killed them inside the car. When they leave Aysie who is heavily pregnant realises that Murat has been shot. She is rushed to the hospital and tells Zeynep the day that Yusuf/Kadir was born was the day that his brother died. She runs away scared she will lose another child because of Cansiz. She takes him so he wouldn’t die like his brother. After staying with relatives Arif finds her again. She takes Yusuf and leaves him in the park with the tape of her singing to him. She is heartbroken but knows that Yusuf will be safe. So we now know Cansiz real name. Back to the present and while Zeynep and Aysie are hugging we see that Veli has been sat watching them.

Veli gets a call from Selim saying that Kaan the doctor won’t keep quiet and he wants Veli to kill him. Veli says he will give Selim a gun as a gift to do it himself sort of welcome back to being a killer as it was 27 years since he last killed someone, his wife.

Kadir is following one of Cansiz’s hitmen through a market, he calls him and tells him he wants Cansiz. the guy sets off running, Kadir gives chase. He finally catches him and overpowers him. He asks who is Cansiz. The guy shows Kadir his nad with his thumb and finger severed. Cansiz did this to him as he wouldn’t kill a child for him. He too had a child that age/ He then tells Kadir that Cansiz took his child then his fingers. The guy also gives Kadir a name. Its Cansiz old partner Zarif.

Cemil arrives at the repair shop again and winds Kerem up again saying that he stole the bike and the Master must be very patient and forgiving. Kerem has had enough and starts to fight saying he will kill Cemil. They break up the fight and Cemil leaves. Demir is laughing at this across the road with Yakup. His plan is to kill Cemil and then blame Kerem who has just said in front of witnesses he will kill him. Yakup does look uncomfortable about this.

Veli has gone to visit Aysie. She tells him she doesnt want him there, however, Veli his ever charming self manages to turn on the charm and asks her how was her talk with Zeynep? Aysie asks Veli how does he think Canciz will act when he knows the lies Veli has told about his son and how he has treated Zeynep. Veli tells her to call Cansiz and let him know and that when Kadir meets Canciz he will be his fathers killer.

Kerem goes for tea with Cemre. He tells her his feelings but Cemre says she needs to be apart for more time she isn’t sure she knows him well enough. Kerem isn’t happy and says when he’s with her his life is good. He leaves angrily. This is all set up nice for Kerem to be wrongly accused of murder and people like Cemre doubting him. The next morning Cemre goes to speak to Kaan, the door is open so she enters. She sees him on the sofa but as she gets closer she sees he is dead, shot in the head. As she leaves we see that it’s her father that has shot him.

Kadir finds the shop where Canciz partner works. We know that this is actually Canciz. Kadir tells him he wants to find Cansiz. We see that he has been around Kadir all of the time getting to know him and the people that are close to him. Veli brings Aysie to the shop and she sees her son stood talking to his father. Veli tells her that Kadir’s wife and daughter were killed and Cansiz had a hand in their deaths. So if he knew that was Canciz in front of him, he would kill him or Canciz would kill Kadir.

Another great episode. We finally get to meet Canciz. Who by the way is played by a great actor, Ali Surmeli. Probably best known for his part in Valley of the Wolves. Only a small character but has such a commanding presence. We have learnt that Kadir had a brother who was killed too. We know the reason why Asyie abandoned Kadir as a baby.

I was thinking that maybe Cemre’s mother was still alive however Veli confirmed to us that Selim murdered her 27 years ago. Demir and Yakup plan to kill Cemil and fix Kerem up for the murder and everything so far seems to be falling into place for them.

The acting again this week has been phenomenal. Kivanc in those opening scenes was amazing. But we also saw the fun side of his character too this week which he acts equally well. I’m hoping to see more of Alperen ( Kerem ) in the next episodes. He too is a great actor and I would like to see him with this part of the story shows off his talents. And finally Onur. We didn’t see so much of him in this episode. However, I still managed to want to a hug a psychopathic murderer. He has the knack of making you see what he has been through and what he craves…to be loved. He just goes about it in totally the wrong way. Finally like I said Canciz looks like he can be menacing and ruthless however unlike Veli he is just that, no excuses no background just a plain evil man.

Finally, as we know Carpisma hasn’t got great TV viewing figures in Turkey. We know that it will be shown until its conclusion episode 25. It has enormous social media success all over the world, so here is my thought. Will Carpisma be nominated for an International Emmy? I really hope so.

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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