Back again for what I hope is another great episode.

We start where Kadir has found out that the man who ordered the bombing on the stadium which killed his wife and daughter was Cansiz. He sets off in search of him. Chief Haydar arrives at the scene after Kadir has left. He is mad when he finds out someone called Cansiz has ordered the bombing and Kadir has gone off in search of him.

Kerem arrives at the new house as Zeynep and his Mum are unpacking. He tells her what Kadir had said and that he has found the killers responsible, but he’s worried as Kadir is ignoring his calls, he asks Zeynep to try. Kadir answers and she goes to meet him. He tells her that he’s looking for Cansiz. Zeynep remembers her conversation with Veli when he said that Kadir’s father was bad and that Kadir would kill him if he knew what he did. Meanwhile, Kerem has learnt that Cemre’s dad has had a heart attack.

At the hospital Demir puts Cemre off from going in to see her dad, we see this is because Veli is in there. He tells Selim that the reason he is still alive is that Cansiz wants Kadir, dead or alive. He hates him. Outside the room, Cemre is waiting when Kerem arrives. He hides and sees Demir appear and sit next to her. Belma arrives and Cemre leaves. She sees Kerem outside but still after talking they aren’t getting along.

At home, Zeynep gets a call from Veli to meet him. Meanwhile, Kerem arrives at Kadirs house and discovers the money that Veli paid Meral. He confronts her but she won’t say where it’s from, as they are talking Kadir comes home. He tells her that these people she is involved with have some involvement in the deaths of his wife and daughter. For once we see her face drop, although possibly as she has lost the money and been discovered rather than any actual feelings. Yakup has the fake passports ready to leave and calls Meral, Kadir tells her to arrange to meet him.

Zeynep is meeting with Veli at the orphanage. She asks him if Cansiz is Kadir’s father he confirms he is. She also asks if he was part of the bombing that caused his wife and daughters deaths he replies, yes but not directly, she then asks if his Mum knew and he tells her no that she was innocent. Zeynep asks Veli to at least give Kadir his Mum, Veli replies he will but she will have to do something for it. He tells her to leave Kadir and he will give Kadir his Mum, she says she cant but Veli reminds her that Kadir chose her. He tells her to think about it and he will call her.

Yakup is in his car with his headphones on when Kadir appears and drags him through the car window. Kerem rounds up Cemil and Kadir tells them just who Veli is in business with, Cansiz the man who killed his wife and daughter. Yukup genuinely looks shocked. Kadir tells them they will help him, they agree. The money is burnt by Kadir which Cemil gives him the lighter for… Aptal.  Yakup Cemil and Meral all look uncomfortable that much money going up in flames.

The guy who they stole the 10 million from is on the phone bragging his security has been tightened and has new guards, meanwhile on his new CCTV while he isn’t looking Kadir enters takes out a couple of his men. Asked how he got in Kadir replied, “through the door “. He tells him that it was Veli who stole his money and he wants to know where Veli is.

Veli is with Kadir’s she asks why he only brought that letter now when he has had it years. Veli asks her if she really thought her son was dead. Then surprisingly he tells her they were like brothers but then he hated him. He doesnt tell her that Kadir is alive and leaves. Meanwhile, Zeynep found the photo of Veli’s wife proving she didn’t die while having Cemre. She goes to Selim and says she wants to know where Aiyse is. Belma has also discovered that Selim paid the doctor a large amount of money to cover up that she didn’t die in childbirth and she confronts the doctor.

Veli gets a visit from The Georgian, who takes out his men and holds Veli at gunpoint. Not like Veli to be so lax with his security. He is astounded when Kadir enters the room. He hits Veli and ties his hands before escorting him from the room. And I wondered where he was, Adem just happens to be outside watching.

Kadir takes Veli to an abandoned building after some persuasion Veli tells him that his real name is Yusuf, Kadir needs to take a break and goes to another room. He is upset. His phone rings, Haydar asking how he is. Kadir tells him his real name and that he is with Veli, Haydar begs him to bring him back to the station and not kill him. Kadir composes himself and returns top Veli who tells him how he found his Mum. He checked the records of a mental Institution and found one woman in her notes said she left a tape for her baby. Veli tells Kadir that Adem knew his Mum was alive but not where. Despite being punched several times Veli won’t say where his Mum is. Adem enters with gun drawn and tells Kadir not to. Veli feeling pretty relieved tells Ardem to untie him but he says he’s come to stop his brother from becoming a murderer.

Kadir takes Veli to the police station. Everyone crowds round to watch. Veli asks for a phone call. Of course, we know he is calling Zeynep to drop charges. Haydar gets a call from the prosecutor saying exactly that. Kadir is furious, Haydar tells him he has 3 hours to get something on Veli before he is released. Veli gives Haydar the address of Kadirs Mum.

Kadir goes straight to Zeynep to ask why? he knows she did it for him but he didn’t want her to. He basically accuses her of something more with Veli. She tells him you don’t know how much I love you. He then goes to Serpil to see if she will press charges for kidnapping her. She refuses. We see that Veli had also threatened her with Kerems life. Finally, Kerem spoke with Veli on the phone but they need a witness to this… Cemre. Kerem goes to see her, things are frosty and she refuses too, but we know as this is because she knows what Zeynep is doing for Kadir too.

Back at the station time has come to let Veli go. He walks from the police station with a great song playing and that grin on his face. He is met by Adem. He tells Adem he hasn’t decided if he will give Kadir to Cansiz.

Veli’s music… love it!!!

At the station, Haydar gives Kadir the address for his Mum. We see Zeynep with Aylin sat overlooking the Bosphorus. Aylin asks her what its like to be a Mum. As she is explaining we see Aiyse reading the later from a young Yusuf. We see Cemre discover the photo of her and her mother proving she didn’t die during childbirth and Kadir arriving at his Mums house. Veli appears and sits next to Aylin they hug each other. Zeynep takes Aylin and leaves.

Kadir knocks on the door. He tells the young woman that he is Yusuf. Aysie overhears and says to let him in. Kadir is stood facing the window, he senses his Mum walk in the room and turns. They stand and stare at each other, a million emotions shown on Kadirs face with one look. His Mum says, ” son “.

So once again a fantastic episode. Kivanc in the final scene was outstanding. That one look is so hard to pull off all the emotions. Onur again an outstanding performance. That man can act. I love him, hate him, feel sorry for him and could hug him all in the space of 20 minutes. I know this won’t be a popular theory but after some scenes today emphasizing sacrifice etc I think maybe Kadir may sacrifice himself in the end for the ones he loves and I think Veli will turn good but he too will not make it. I have a 50/50 success rate in guessing endings so I may be completely wrong.

The scenes of the week. Number one has to be Veli leaving the station in slow motion that walk and that smile with the great music playing… loved it. Kadirs scene when he meets his Mum was outstanding. Also when Kadir is in the lift going to his apartment, anyone realise that cameraman ran the steps all the way round in one shot got to the top and still had a steady hand, I would have been tucking my lungs back in!

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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