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Every weekend I look forward to watching Carpisma and doing this review. The promise that we will see all 25 episodes is probably a testament to the outstanding online coverage and interest that it has had. The ratings for viewers in Turkey is still pretty poor. I’m sure our international voices are being noticed in this instance. So as always I write the summary as I watch the episode please bare that in mind when all my thoughts are wrong by the end. Off we go…

Episode 11

We start where Adem has the gun pointed at Kadir’s head. Chief Haydar arrives and shoots Adem. Kadir asks Adem if he was really going to shoot him. Adem replies no, but he looked like he was just before Haydar shot him. We also left last week Veli threatening Zeynep not to say anything to reveal to Kadir’s mum who she is. He bungles her away leaving Zeynep shocked, she knows that Selim was the warn to warn Veli. She tells Selim she wants her address or number but Selim tells her he no longer represents her and to be careful as the people involved are a lot worse than Veli. Arriving home Veli is quite aggressive towards her and tells her not to go near Zeynep again. On leaving he tells her companion to increase her dosage of medication… obviously she also works for Veli.

Cemre meets Kerem for breakfast. They talk and Cemre reassures him that she does forgive him for the past and knows that he is devastated for what he did. She says the only issue is Meral. Kerem then reassures her that he no longer has any feelings for her and that his feelings are for Cemre. When he drops her back at work Demir sees then kiss and looks furious but just stands and remains silent as Kerem rides away. Zeynep sees Cemre and asks her to look into one of her father’s clients, Ayshe, she doesnt tell her why.

Yakup along with an injured Cemil return to Veli with the money they stole. Yakup tells Veli that his man ( Adem ) was shot and left in an ambulance. Kadir Adali was the one who arrested him. Veli calls Demir and asks him to find Adem and become his lawyer and make sure he doesnt talk. At the hospital, Kadir gets in to see Adem and questions him. Adem while still under the influence of the drugs from the operation appears to imply that the mysterious Cansiz is responsible for the bombing at the stadium that killed Kadir’s wife and daughter.

Kadir goes to see Seyif who is the detective in charge of the investigation into the bombing. He asks him if he has heard the name Cnasiz. He hasn’t but will let Kadir know if he learns anything. He asks Seyif if he has any clues about the bombers etc and can he see the CCTV footage. Seyif agrees to let him see it but in the station at night.

And now we are back with Meral, she is so annoying. She is laid on the sofa and gets Serpil to answer the door as shes too achy. Its a flower delivery for her, she soon jumps up with no issues to go look! It comes with a note that says ” don’t spend it all at once “. Its the money from Veli hidden in the plant pot. She gets a call from Veli wanting information from her now she has the money. He texts her a number to call if she gets information to give him. She overhears Kadir and Kerem talking about the garage and that he needs to find the money for a downpayment. She offers to help but Kerem makes it clear he doesnt want her.

While at the dinner table Kadir says he will collect Aylin from school and asks her where she would like to go. Aylin says to the park where she went with Uncle Veli. Kadir is not happy and not stupid either, despite Zeynep trying to deflect the questions and leaving the table with Aylin Kadir isn’t convinced. Cemre has taken Kerem for a meal to her favourite place. It is extremely fancy and Kerem looks uncomfortable. He goes to the restroom and bless him he counts his money as he knows this place is expensive. He is honest with Cemre and tells her he isn’t used to this and can’t afford such places. Cemre says she loves him as he is so honest and says what he thinks.

At home Kadir is talking with Zeynep he asks her again if she is keeping something from him, she says she isn’t. He tells her she is the only person that he trusts and if she is lying then that’s its all over and it would crush him. Zeynep lie’s again and says she isn’t meeting Veli. All this conversation is overheard by Meral.

In a very touching scene, we see Asiye at home in her dressing room. She sits in front of the mirror. She removes her makeup and then removes the wig from her head, revealing short hair that obviously is to do with her illness. She plays the tape which is the same song she left with Kadir when she abandoned him. She asks herself who is the real Asyie. Simultaneously we see Kadir, Zeynep and Veli all lost in their own thoughts. We also see Cemre and Kerem they are being very honest and open with each other, a direct opposite to the situation that Kadir and Zeynep are currently in.

Kadir goes again to visit Adem. This time he isn’t under the influence of any medication and doesnt tell Kadie much. Only that he doesnt know where his Mum is as Veli cut her off. As Kadir is about to leave Demir shows up. Kadir makes it known he will be seeing him soon too. Adem knows he has the upper hand as he knows everything. Demir asks Veli if he is sure about Adem as he is doubtful he will keep quiet.

Veli and Selim are waiting for Cansiz to arrive at Veli’s hideout. However, it’s not Cansiz who arrives it’s around ten of his men who Veli thinks have come to collect the money that Yakup stole. They inform him that Veli will take the money to Cansiz personally. Veli also appears to know what happened to Selim’s first wife. Belim has gone to the house of Selim’s first wife’s gynaecologist to ask him if she died during childbirth as she has a photo of her that shows she didn’t die at that time. He physically removes her from his house saying that this ruined his life. She calls Demir and informs him, worried that if Selim finds she has cheated on her he will kill her too.

Kadir is trying to track down a man he has seen in the CCTV footage of the bombing. He asks a known police informant who gives him the name of another informant who may be able to help. Meanwhile, Veli reveals that he has actually met Cansiz and tells Selim the reason for his name. When he was born there were no signs of life, his Dad took him to the grave but he showed signs of life, his Dad ran and his Mum picked him up from the grave. Veli says that Kadir is finding his way into that hell. Selim tells Veli that they too will be if Cansiz finds out where the money came from.

Chief Haydar and Captain Seyfi are talking with Kadir asking if he found anything from the CCTV. Kadir tells them no. After he leaves we learn that they know where the bombing operation came from. A cell that the police will raid. Haydar says he doesnt want Kadir to know this as he will go kill them all.

Cemre arrives to take Sepil out for tea, while waiting Meral gets her claws back out again and tells Cemre how much pride Kerem has etc, basically hinting that her and Kerem are worlds apart. After they leave Meral calls Demir and tells him that she wants his help to break up Cemre and Kerem. He agrees.

Kadir and Zeynep are having tea together he gets a call to say that Adem has escaped from the hospital. He leaves and as he does Veli calls Zeynep to meet. She gets a taxi but is unaware that Kadir is watching and follows her. She meets Veli and asks him who was Kadirs Mum frightened of when she abandoned Kadir, He replies his father. She tries to get more information but he refuses. We see Kadir is watching them but cannot hear what is being said. She hands a letter to Veli and asks him to give it to Kadirs Mum. She leaves and Kadir shouts Veli. All his men surround him and they have words. Kadir fights with his men. After putting up a good fight eventually they overpower him and Veli turns his back and walks away.

At home Kadir confronts Zeynep. He is furious that she is meeting Veli but he gets the reason all wrong but she won’t tell him anything. Veli meanwhile has taken the letter to Asiye. Its the last letter Kadir wrote to his mum when he was 18 years old. She reads it and is so emotional. Kadir learns from one of his informants who the guy is he’s looking for and also that he is responsible for the stadium bombing.

Kerem is at the coffee house. The man who he wants to lease the garage from tells him that he will give him 3 months with no rent as a helping hand to start his business… we know that someone is behind this. Demir calls Kerem and they arrange to meet. Demir really winds Kerem up about Cemre and they fight. Kerem goes to the owner of the garage wanting to know who paid the deposit. He shows him Cemre’s business card. He confronts her and makes it clear that things are over between them.

Belma is at the office with Selim. A man drops a note off for him. Inside is a picture of his first wife, obviously alive after the birth of Cemre. After suffering through the day with pains in his arm he collapses.

Kadir and Kerem meet. They sit on the steps together both looking battered and bruised. Kadir tells him he has found the bomber who was responsible for his wife and child’s death. He tells Kerem if anything should happen to him he has to look after Zeynep and Aylin for him. That night Kadir enters the building of the cell. He gets shot but manages to kill them all and captures the man he’s looking for. After a little gentle persuasion, the guy says that the man behind the bombing was Cansiz. Meanwhile, Veli has come face to face with Cansiz, who we are yet to see but we know now as I thought that he is Kadir’s father,

Wow, another great episode. Firstly we know Kivanc can act but his performance in this episode was outstanding, credit to him he was good. So we have learnt a few things this week. Kadir’s mother has an illness that affects her hair etc but there are lots of conditions and also medication that cause the symptoms she has. Just when we thought Cemre and Kerem were doing so well, Meltem the snake teams up with Demir to break them up. Zeynep and Cemre are moving out of Kadirs house to a place close by and once again Veli we do see the tiny glimpse of compassion.

I actually know who will be playing the role of Kadirs father, Cansiz. I wont spoil it for you but he is a fantastic actor. Again another week of waiting to see the next episode. See you then.

Written by: Rachel Labidi


You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.








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