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Another week I have been waiting for this. As always I write my summary in real-time whilst watching the episode and will add my thoughts as we go along and highlight them. So by the end, I’m usually wrong but let’s start…

We start where Meltem has been shot and killed by Adem. The Chief arrives and Kadir tells him there is a second informer at the station. Chief isn’t happy but agrees to Kadir’s idea not to say anything after he reveals that this is the way to get Veli but also find his Mum. I wonder if Kadir is hoping to turn the informer and use him to find Veli and his Mum.

Adem has arrived at the scene. He is stood looking upset and Kadir comforts him. Kerem is at the hospital waiting for news of Meral who was shot. Cemre arrives and she still believes that Kerem isn’t over Meral yet. She refuses to let Kerem walk her out.

Meanwhile, at his hideout, Veli is brought a USB by one of his men. On it is a man that has obviously not paid Cansiz his/her money back. He is buried alive in the rubble. Veli does look disturbed and now knows that they will be coming for him. Adem arrives and tells Veli he realises that Veli is just as responsible for Pinar’s ( Veli’s sister ) death as Kadir. Veli isn’t happy and tells him never to put him and Kadir on the same side.

While at the hospital Kerem comes across Yakup who is trying to find out how Meral is. He is genuinely concerned and obviously has feelings for Meral. Kadir and Zeynep go out for tea. She lies again and doesnt tell Kadir that she has met Veli already and will be doing so in the future. There are two great scenes, firstly he complains that the tea tastes terrible then a man who went to college with Zeynep comes over. Kadir’s face is priceless. The man touches her arm and Kadir coughs and nods for him to move his hand.

Selim has got the same video that Veli got and they meet. Veli needs to get the money and says he will steal it from someone called The Georgian. Selim wants nothing to do with it. Veli isn’t happy. Kadir meanwhile drops Zeynep at work and pulls up at a red light. The windows in the car next to him go down and they open fire on Kadirs car. Kadir meets with The Chief and tells him he doesnt think Veli was directly behind the attack. He informs Kadir that intelligence picked up communication that Veli will be killed if he doesnt come up with the money.

Meltem comes home from the hospital escorted by Kerem and her mother. When Kadir arrives home he questions Meral she looks uncomfortable about it. She tells them that she went there to meet Yakup. Kadir tells her she needs to get better and then leave the house. Of course, we know where this is going, she is really going to play on this and wind Cemre up in the process. Why can’t she go to stay with her mother? Kadir also speaks with Kerem’s Mum about the time she was kidnapped did she have anything else to say, she says no he knows everything. Kadir isn’t stupid you can tell he doesnt believe her. 

Veli enlists the help of Yakup and his sidekick to rob The Georgians safe. Kadir meets up with Adem. Adem tries to subtly find out what Kadir knows or what’s happening with Veli. I think that Kadir probably has a feeling that the other informer is Adem. Just the body language and how intense he was when talking to him. 

Demir and Belma know that Cemre’s Mum didn’t die while giving birth to her and agree to use this information when the time comes. Having some food with Kerem and his Mum Cemre becomes upset as she misses her Mum who she never got to meet.

Kadir meets with The chief again who brings him a USB. He tells Kadir that Veli will be looking to get the 10 million from somewhere and this info on the USB could help. Kadir is touched that he is going out of his way to do this for him.

Veli is getting advice for his love life from Kadir’s Mum. He asks how he can get this woman to love him. She says she may love you if she thinks she can change you. Veli once again with his weird perception of life says he has already changed her to be stronger but she doesnt know it yet. Veli does tell her the name of the woman is Zeynep. Asiye appears to be quite a perceptive lady, very much like her son, Kadir.

In such a sweet scene Aylin returns home from school with a bunch of flowers that a classmate, Burak has given her. Kadir in a funny way takes the role of her father asking to send Burak a message. All so sweet until Meral opens her mouth. All the smiles disappear. Meral gets a call her phone is on silent. She makes the excuse to go to the bathroom. Suddenly she is like a rat up a drainpipe and doesnt need help. Jeez, this woman! Its Veli calling and he wants her to give him information. As it involves money you can be sure Meral will agree. We see a flashback to where Zeynep tells Kadir that there may be two informants. As yet Meral doesnt tell Veli.

Meanwhile, Yakup and Cemil are buying guns from a guy called Birol. After they leave Birol calls Kadir and informs him although doesnt know the reason why. Birol obviously knows Kadir from football. Kadir isn’t fooled and knows it’s him that sold them the guns.

Aysie goes to Selim’s company. As Zeynep leaves the room Selim calls her name and Asyie’s ears prick up recognising the name that Veli told her. She has come to ask Selim what troubles Veli. He tells her more or less that it involves Cansiz. she is visibly worried. So she knows this Cansiz, who is he/she? Could it be her ex-partner? She said that she gave Kadir up as she was scared and for his safety. 

In a very touching scene, Kadir visits the graves of his wife and daughter. He removes his wedding ring and buries it in the soil. At the same time, Adem visits the graves of Veli’s family and was obviously in a relationship with his sister. He talks to her saying that he killed Meltem. As he leaves we see Kadir who has seen him stood at the graves. Kadir knows immediately that the other informant is Adem but doesnt want to believe it.

Zeynep takes Aylin to meet Veli after he had told her that Kadir’s father is alive. He confirms this but says he too thinks that his son is dead. Veli tells Zeynep that they will be together as that is what will give Kadir his Mum and Dad. Aylin was so happy to see Veli.

Its Valentines Day and Kadir bless him buys Zeynep a climbing plant in a pot. She has got all his football friends to chant outside the house. Meral tries to kiss Kerem and Cemre sees he runs after her and we get two kisses in one scene! Practically unheard of. Meanwhile, Kadir gives Zeynep a peck on the forehead. I doubt the relationship between Cemre and Kerem will run smoothly as we see Selim telling Demir to set Kerem up for a crime so that he goes to prison.

Asyie goes once again to Selim’s company especially to see Zeynep. Selim calls Veli to let him know. Asyies says Veli found her around 6-7 years ago, but before she can say anymore Veli appears. Zeynep has already guessed that this is Kadir’s Mum. Veli threatens her not to say anything to her or he will kill her.

Since Kadir was informed that Yakup had bought guns he has been following them. They meet up with Adem and attack The Georgian’s house, the safe is open and the money is all out on the table. They gather all the money and run. Kadir is waiting for them. He shouts and they scatter. He follows Adem. After learning that Adem has been following Zeynep since she took the money from the bank, Adem surprises Kadir and it ends where Adem is pointing the gun at Kadir’s head.

And that’s it for this week. Another action-packed episode. They fit so much into episodes and nothing gets dragged out. Probably as they know this will only be a 25 episode series so don’t have to carry it on like some series do.

The storyline is still strong and gives us some twists and turns. I’m still interested to see what exactly Aysie’s medical condition is. It gets mentioned all the time about her medication so maybe this will be relevant in the future. Veli I still think is a fascinating character. An excellent actor plays the role and I would be struggling to think of anyone else who could do the role as good as Onur Saylak. Finally, I still wonder can Kadir talk Adem round to work with him and give information on Veli. Adem is already doubting Veli. 

Written by: Rachel Labidi


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