Hi everyone and welcome to the episode summaries for Carpisma ( Crash ). We have been waiting for what seems like forever for this series to commence. Kivanc and Elcin both back on our screens in a series, not to mention the amazing cast line up. So let’s begin…

Episode 1.

The opening scene is an ariel view of the aftermath of the crash. We see inside each of the four cars. Kadir ( Kivanc Tatlitug ) is unconscious and it shows a photo of a woman and a young girl on the sun visor. Zeynep ( Elcin Sangu ) is unconscious with a bag of money on the set next to her. Kerem ( Alperen Duymaz ) is slumped over and we can see a piece of ladies jewellery on the centre console. Finally, Cemre ( Melisa Asli Pamuk ) is also unconscious. The story then goes back in time to a couple of days before the crash.

Kadir is a cop and along with his young colleague Adem, they are involved in a shootout with a criminal gang the police have been chasing for a long time. Kadir kills the ringleader after he is fired upon, then decides to leave Adem to clear up the mess with the bosses and the prosecutor. Is this an insight into Kadir’s way of approaching things a carefree, stubborn attitude?

Mr Veli ( Onur Saylak ) you know he is the bad guy from the outset, just his presence and demeanour makes this obvious. He is obviously a little paranoid too and very security conscience. The lady that visited him for the night was blindfolded when leaving so not to know where she was. He has security cameras turned off wherever he goes.

Zeynep is having breakfast with her young daughter Aylin. She goes upstairs and hears her husband’s phone vibrating in the draw. It’s obvious that she thinks he is hiding something as she quietly sneaks the phone from the draw and reads the messages. They are from a woman who he is obviously having an affair with. Replacing the phone she goes downstairs to see Aylin off to school. She sees two men parked in a car watching her, she returns to the house and locks the door. Her husband Galip receives a call from Mr Cevdet who he is in debt to for 900,000 TL. On leaving the house the two men intercept him and remind him he has just two days to pay his gambling debt. Zeynep is watching this through the window. He gets a phone call from Mr Veli to meet him.

At the meeting its obvious that Galip has done some dirty work already for Veli, and Veli wants him to do another job, only this time it’s taking 10 million Euros out through the airport after a stewardess leaves it in a safe place. He initially refuses but after realising he has a debt to pay he agrees, however, Veli offers 200.000 TL and Galip needs 900.000TL. Meanwhile, at home, Zeynep rings her friend Cemre to discuss the messages she has seen on Galips phone but backs out and they arrange to meet for coffee at a later date.

Kerem is leaving prison after a five-year sentence for bodily harm to his father. From the very first scene where the prison guard genuinely cares that Kerem is going to be ok outside, we can tell he is a loveable character who isn’t a bad guy and there must be a reason why he did attack his father. On leaving the main gates he is met by his girlfriend Meral who has waited for him for five years, and also his what I thought was a bit of a fruit loop friend, Yamuk. But Yamuk has a little more to him as we find out later in the episode.

Kadir after work is at the local football match, a really loyal supporter of the team, Sariyer. On the way into the ground, he comes across Kerem. They know each other. Kadir was there that night that Kerem was arrested, and he thinks a lot of Kerem probably knowing himself that he isn’t a bad guy and the reason for the attack. They greet one another and Kadir turns to Yamuk, who he checks for drugs, obviously he knows that Yamuk isn’t all he seems. In the ground, Kadir is the orchestra of the crowd chanting support for the home team, while Kerem is on the drums.

That evening, Kerem meets his girlfriend and explains he is on probation so needs to behave or he will go back inside the prison. Cemre is at a surprise party that was thrown for her by her boyfriend, Demir. Her Dad is there along with his wife, Belma, whose smile just doesn’t seem genuine. Zeynep is sat alone looking at a child’s painting that is up on the wall of a police officer and a child holding hands, she has tears in her eyes. That picture I think will come to light later as we go on. The music is great that’s playing in the background (  When The Children Cry by White Lion ).

Kadir has gone home to his wife and daughter. He asks them to go to the cup match with him. His wife isn’t keen but under protest, she agrees they will go together. Meanwhile, Kerem has returned home. We see his Dad is paralysed from the attack on him by Kerem. There is no belongings or anything in the home, they had to sell them. Kerem has no remorse whatsoever for attacking his father, He did it as his father had been beating his mother. He goes to Yamuk’s place, he needs a job for himself but also to help out his Mum with food and bills. Yamuk offers him a job, robbing a safe. Kerem refuses as he is on probation. Kerem thanks Yamuk for looking after Meral while he has been inside…mmmm I wonder…

The next day Zeynep confronts Galip about the messages on her phone. She tells him she wants a divorce. He gets aggressive and says he won’t divorce. He collects the money at the airport but instead of taking it he removes some to pay off his debt then puts the rest in a locker, in the airport. Kadir along with his family attend the football match on leaving his daughter spots a food seller and Kadir goes over to buy some. He spots a man who appears to have a handheld detonator in his hand, as he goes to press it Kadir shoots him dead. He was wearing a suicide vest. Then as Kadir turns to check on his wife and daughter he sees a man next to them he also is a suicide bomber and he detonates it.

What follows for me is actually one of the most well thought out and executed scenes Ive seen. Kadir is dazed, walking around, there is devastation everywhere. While some of it is blurred for Turkish censorship you still get a feel of just how devastating it is. Kadir pics someones leg up and aimlessly walks around with it, sort of looking for his family but also confused whether to help others and his colleagues. He looks and looks but there are no remains of his family.

Meanwhile, Galip is telling Zeynep the extent of his debt and they need to leave the country, she disagrees he warns her these men don’t mess around. He tells her about the 900k but not the 10 million Euro he took from Veli. Zeynep decides to leave while Galip is out she packs the suitcase and heads to the door, only to open it and find Veli stood there. He wants her to rob the money from the bank where she works. She refuses so he takes her daughter. The next day she goes to work, locks the security guard in the safe and takes the money.

Kerem has searched everywhere for a job with no luck and decides he has no other alternative than to join Yakup on the robbery job. Kadir is very drunk and found the death of his wife and daughter very difficult he is obviously suicidal and despite his boss taking his service gun away, he still went and bought one. Cemre is at dinner with Demir she wants him to go to America with her. He literally plinks an engagement ring on the table tells her he won’t go and he wants them to stay in Turkey, then leaves. Kerem and Yakup break into the house, empty the safe but someone comes home, its Demir Cemre’s boyfriend but he’s with another woman, her Dads wife Basum…told you she wasn’t right. While leaving Kerem goes downstairs first and comes face to face with Cemre they look at each other face to face then we see that Kerem has accidentally stabbed her in the stomach as they bumped into each other.

This now brings us to the final moments of the first episode, just how did that crash happen. Kadir full of grief looking at an image of his family hears over the radio that they are pursuing a car. He decides to use this as one last stand and then to go and be with his family. Zeynep is in the car driving from the police, money next to her trying to meet Veli to hand it over and get her daughter back. Kerem is driving and has Yakup with him. They fight as Kerem wants to turn round to check on the girl he stabbed. Yakup pulls a gun on him and threatens him. Cemre has got in her car to get help for her wound, she is losing blood so becomes dizzy and her vision goes.

We see Zeynep and Kadir’s cars heading straight to each other, the impact knocks them both out. The coming from either direction is Cemre and Kerem both not in control and they pile into the crash too. Silence… then we see Zeynep starting to stir. She looks up through her windscreen, sees the driver in the car she collided with who is unconscious she says ” Kadir, Kadir ”  She knows him!!

So that was our first episode. What did you think? We now know how they all came to crash, but it leaves several unanswered questions. Firstly that painting of the cop on the wall that Zeynep was looking at? Who is that? Could it be her dad and her? Could it be something to do with Kadir? We now know she knows? Are they linked from the past? Is it her brother? What will happen to her daughter? Veli has her. How will she get her back? There are lots of secrets in those cars, and a lot at stake for them all. We will have to wait for next week to see how they all manage to unravel their issues.

The aftermath of the crash as was said in all the promotions their lives are all intertwined. As always Kivanc brought us another character. He can really act any part and make it his own. You cannot compare his characters he acts them all so differently. Onur Saylak, they couldn’t have chosen a better actor for the bad guy. He is excellent. Elcin was great as she always is. And loved seeing Alperen and Melisa in new roles too. I really hope that the Turkish people take to this series so we can follow things as they unfold.

You can watch live on Show TV every Thursday at 8 pm Turkish time. Or on Youtube on Show Tv’s official channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi









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