Born March 9th 1980

Burcin was born in Istanbul. She is an actress that has done something rare and that is to star in films and TV series at the very young age of 5 years old, and manage to keep popular and still be successful over 30 years later.  Her first movie was in 1985 and her first TV series Perihan Abla was from 1986-1988.

She has worked consistently through the years..appearing in a total of twelve films, and a very impressive twenty three series, Her first lead role was the character of Zeynep in Firtina where she starred alongside Murat Yildirim.

In 2010 she appeared in 2 seasons of Ezel as the character Azad, since then she has worked on Merhamet and also Poyraz Karayel. More recently it has been reported that she has joined the cast of the new Netflix series The Protector alongside Cagatay Ulusoy.

Despite a long career Burcin only received her first award in 2015, where she won Best Actress In the Art and Sports Awards, since then she has  won a further 16 awards and nominations.

Burcin fell in love with Murat Yildirim while filming Firtina in 2006 they married but divorced in 2014. She is currently dating her costar from Poyraz Karayel Ilker Kaleli, and has very recently said she has no plans as yet to marry. She is very good friends with fellow actress Sinem Kobel.   She loves to travel, likes water sports, hiking, and loves to listen music and prepare meals.

She is active on social media and has 2,3 million followers on her Instagram. She has some great holiday photos, and obviously loves animals.

Filming has only just ended for the Protector and no word yet on whether a new series is in the pipeline.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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