BORN: December 24th 1984

STATUS: Married.

He was born on December 24th, 1984 in Istanbul. He lived with his father, Bulent and his mother, Ceyhan. He has one sister Burcun Deniz. His great grandfather had the nickname Karadayi. He had shrapnel in his leg his whole life. He started to work as an apprentice making baklava. He finally decided his profession was kebabs and he moved from Antep to Istanbul in the 1950s and opened the first kebab place in the city. The family had three generations of kebab makers, then along came Burak.

At primary school, his favourite lesson was painting. He graduated in photography from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Marmara University. While at university he also did some modelling.

In 2003, Burak was elected the Top Model of Turkey and he began working with Model Agencies. In 2005, he became the 2nd Best Model of the World and he took part in the most important fashion shows throughout the world. Then, he began his acting career with the TV show “Eksi 18” (Minus 18). Later he appeared in TV shows such as: “Zoraki Koca” (Forced Husband), “İhanet” (Betrayal) and “Baba Ocağı” (Home Sweet Home). Then Burak Özçivit got a role in the movie “Musallat” (Infested).

He starred in “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (Magnificent Century) as Malkoçoğlu Balı Bey (seasons 2 & 3) during which he wore a moustache. The famous actor is one of the most wanted faces for commercials. Especially shampoo ads with that thick dark hair. Burak Özçivit also owns BRK’S Production.

His movies have been a hit too. He says that he prefers comedy parts as that is what he is more like in real life. He acted alongside Murat Boz a famous Turkish singer in the films Kardesim Benim and Kardesim Benim 2. Both very popular.

His private life is no less interesting than his career. He met his love, actress Fahriye Evcen while shooting the TV show “Çalıkuşu”. He played Kamran in the adaptation of “Çalıkuşu” novel. Their relationship drew even more attention to the TV show. Later Burak Özçivit and  Fahriye Evcen appeared in the movie “Aşk Sana Benzer” (Love Resembles You) together.

There were rumours that the young couple had been dating since 2015. Then finally they got engaged on December 24th, 2016 on Burak’s birthday. The official engagement was on March 8th 2017 in Solingen, Germany where Fahriyes family live. They were married in 2018 and welcomed a son called Karan in 2019. The couple has kept him out of the public eye since he was born.

Burak is currently in the series Kurulus Osman, the sequel to the popular Dirilis Ertugrul. He is playing the lead role of Osman Ghazi. The series has proved to be popular in Turkey. He did a great job as Bali Bey in his last historical series and has worked hard this time to perfect his sword fighting and horsemanship.

Kuruluş Osman'ın yıldızı Burak Özçivit'in eşi Fahriye Evcen'le ...

His favourite colour is black, lucky number is 7. He likes to eat kebap and midye dolma. He is a fan of “Fenerbahçe” football club. As you can imagine he is very popular on social media. His Instagram account alone has a whopping 13.5 million followers. He posts regularly, most are professional shots with the exception of a wedding photograph.

Burak is a handsome and talented actor. He is well known in over 70 countries around the world. He is now in a series that is a sequel to a massive hit show in Turkey. I’m sure that this again will make Burak more popular and get him thousands more fans.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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