The season 1 finale of Bizim Hikaye picks up from the shocking incident at Filiz’s house, where her husband Cemil arrests her for the possession of drugs. If this was a shock for you, just wait till you get to the end of the season finale! I’m so glad the second season is just around the corner…

Everyone is astonished by Filiz being arrested, and they assume she is being framed by Omer. In the courts, Filiz is released temporarily and she needs to get a criminal lawyer since the case seems serious than they thought. And who comes to the rescue with a lawyer…?  Sevret Aktan!

As everyone assumed Omer is behind this incident, Baris confronts him at the jail, where Omer smugly tells Baris he should ask his own dad first, who then confronts Sevret. Of course Sevret denies having anything to do with Filiz, but this leads Baris to blackmail him, where he either come clean about framing Filiz or Baris will reveal all of his dirty work. In the end, having no choice but to help Filiz, he promises to provide the best criminal lawyer.

 Back at home everyone wonders where Fikri is, and Mujde tries to console Seyma, who is crying over Fikri as they pack everything for Ankara. Fikri, who convinces Melek to just go with the flow, ends up spending the night together in the middle of nowhere.

We also learn that Cemil did not get permission from his senior officer for the search warrant, which wasn’t a surprise at all to me. He finally decides to get divorced from Filiz and that makes everyone at Filiz’s place happy for a short while in the middle of all this drama.

Sevret invites Filiz’s family for dinner at Ayla’s (Baris’s mum) for the next evening, where he reluctantly apologizes to Filiz and her family for what he did in the past. His ulterior motive for this dinner was to get Filiz’s fingerprints from her coffee cup with the help of Ayla’s maid. They do this very successfully, and the next day we see Cemil and his team searching the laundry where Filiz works. They find another small package of drugs with Filiz’s fingerprints.

Fikret and Rahmet give their parting gifts to Ayse and Mujde (Rahmet decides not to go to Ankara because of Filiz’s hearing) The same day Mujde and Seyma leave Istanbul, Fikri returns and gives Rahmet the shocking news that he got married to Melek.

On the day of the next hearing, Ayla finds out that her maid helped Sevret getting Filiz’s fingerprints.  Sevret’s excuse was that he wants Filiz out of their son’s life, and he also wants to show Baris who the real boss is. Ayla calls Baris (who is at the courts by this time with Filiz) and as he doesn’t pick up, she decides to go there and let them know what Sevret has done. But as I expected, Ayla doesn’t get to go to Baris as she falls off the staircase and comes to a halt. (This part was a bit cliché to me, but oh well, it’s Turkish dizi after all! And I hope nothing bad happens to Ayla.)

At the courts, the new evidence with Filiz’s fingerprints are produced before the judge and a devastated Filiz, and the lawyer that Sevret appointed resigns from his duty. The judge orders her to be arrested because of the strong evidence that she committed the crime.

As a shattered Filiz is taken away to the jail, a new lady lawyer walks in, and literally steals the whole scene. Filiz’s family thinks this is the substitute lawyer, but that’s only until she says, “I’m Savas’ wife”

I cannot imagine how poor Filiz must be feeling. She looks flabbergasted. I can’t understand Baris’s emotions though. He looks surprised to see her out of the blue, but this was such a shocking finale! Baris seems to have a lot of layers that need to be revealed, hopefully in the second season…


Written By – Nethmi


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