The episode begins with Kiraz discovering Bariş’s lie, if I may say so,as a strange message sits in his inbox from a woman named Ayla! Bariş is definitely not at ease as he continues to fall in the trap of his lies. Yet he cannot reveal. Such a pity! Why ? Wish he could let it out to Filiz for once but we wouldn’t have a story then, so quite understable. While watching BizimHikaye today I realized that it’s the contrast in the characters of the two protagonists in the series potentially spikes up the chemistry. While Filiz is pretty straight , Bariş on the other is layered. Till now everyone has successfully managed to keep up with this contrast to woo us the audience.

Life is not easy for the children nor Filiz and they all collectively try to escape from their situations. The sweetest part is despite the worst each of them got their backs. It is indeed nice to see how he Bariş tries to ease Filiz in all her conquests. So when he surprises Filiz by picking her up from the bar to home, there is this feeling of gladness inside my heart. The drive to home, these two exchanging glances at each other, their happiness is beautiful. In fact when for the first time we see BarFi not running into each other gives relief. Finally out on their own, only these two. How nicely Bariş explains Filiz that amidst all chaos she can spare a moment and see the beauty of the things around. It is worthy enough for her to do so and Filiz happily agrees to not to rush once in a while. Seemed so sorted but there is this heavy heart as Bariş’s lies increase. Bariş is like a riddle now!As everyone impresses can Fikri remain behind? A new feather to his cap as a disgraceful father is to see him beg and shamelessly using Ismet,his own child in it.

I have no mercy even when he repents as the kid gets kidnapped by the two goons. Though it broke my heart to see all of them suffer from anxiety but I felt satisfaction in Fikri’s penance! The bond of the siblings, the way Filiz takes up with the mafia speaks a lot about what she is made of and to what extent she can deal with. Simplicity, courage and strength are the attributes that makes Filiz so loveable. As the story progresses we see Çenk trying to play and blackmail Bariş. Knew Çenk would add up to “already worst condition ” of Bariş! But have to thank him for we got to see the car thief Bariş.

Burak Deniz literally sweeps the ground beneath my feet with his ultra-cool style in this sequence. The finishing touch by giving it back to the fool Çenk,Bariş seems to be deep and dark into this crime . God knows what he is upto

But all his lies, I love Bariş Want him and Filiz for forever be together.The last interaction of BarFi in this episode where Filiz clearly tells Bariş that she doesn’t need any saviour but just be quiet and appreciate the beauty of things around,shows that despite the mess she is strong enough to stand on her own.This only I guess will increase the hindrances of Bariş! Want to give a loud shout out to Bariş “Come on, don’t be afraid and speak the truth ” from my side

Of course, as the chapter closes with Kiraz catching Bariş red-handed, we are in for an exciting journey in the coming episodes.

Can not wait for Episode 8 on Fox TV Turkey

Written By – Debapriya Chakravarty



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