Most of the times I am patient, but I admit this time I was quite tensed! As informed prior there were so many issues that were going on I almost thought that won’t get the subs! I ask for your forgiveness. Well coming back to the episode, again as usual it was a fabulous one with lot of ups and downs. It starts with Çenk trying to blackmail Bariş. I feel for Bariş….the guy is trying hard to get out of the dark but something or the other pulls him more into it! I guess that’s how you repay. So yes Bariş has to bear the consequences eventually. For the time being, he tries to cover his misdeeds in front of Filiz quite successfully.

Yet we see that he is carrying the burden of guilt conscience crystal clear. Even he was that close to speak the truth but he couldn’t. Life isn’t easy! That scene between Baris and Filiz stand evidence to the fact that we just can’t lose the people we love, we are afraid and hence we mess up! That portion of the episode was so beautiful.Bariş being uncomfortable takes Filiz out of Tülay’s wedding so that he can speak probably the truth to her yet Filiz’s happy face and gladness holds him back. And Filiz, this girl is a darling. She is fighting against all odds and when she says “iyikvarsan”(hope I am right with the spelling) to Bariş and expresses how he affects her….pure and innocent is what comes to my mind. It was one of my favourite moments in this episode. Also my heart goes out to Fikret this time. The kid is a bit weird but what can I say! His circumstances are such,not easy. That brother-sister moment was very emotional. Little Fiko speaks the bitter truth to his elder sister, even Filiz understood that he might go astray if not saved this time. But the way Filiz holds together….heart-warming and overwhelming. That is why Family is so important in each of our lives (just a thought)!As we witness some romantic, nervous and emotional scenes throughout we do have this fun quotient up from Bizim Hikaye….all credits to Fikri and this time to Şeyma too. Fikri…I don’t find a better word apart from “disgusting” for him in my vocabulary. Yet he gives us a hearty laugh with his foolish activities! Man, how heartless is he.

He skips his own son’s meeting and proceed to be a parent of Müjde! Only Fikri can do this right. Filiz, Rahmet and Hikmet become helpless just because of the younger ones as they always hope their Babam would be better one day. Yet what we see till now Fikri won’t give up! The hilarious part is that this man is so curious to eat his Helva as he play-acts his death to escape from those creditors! Typical Fikri.So, yes that comic factor of Bizim Hikaye never fails. As we discussed Çemil is coming off to his true colours. He is coming over Bariş, partly as a police officer and more out of jealousy. We all knew that. It will be great to see this tussle though (my POV).I personally will love to see how Bariş
handles Çemil and that stupid Çenk. Both are the biggest problems in his path besides his cover of lies. So the real identity and what Bariş is dealing with is becoming an interesting saga with each passing episode. In totality, a fascinating and happening episode with a question mark climax (it’s so Bizim Hikaye to be precise), leaving the audience anxious! I like the little moments of #BarFi ,their companionship growing and I want more of them to be honest.
My patience was fully rewarded this Saturday morning as I visited the page on FOX TV and found the episode. Extremely glad to have watched it and waiting for the seventh chapter.

Have a lovely day

Written By – Debapriya Chakravarty


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