The last episode ended with Baris and Filiz on the way to look for Savas to take him to the hospital for a heart transplant. They could not communicate with Nihal because she was in court. Filiz was dying of fear of the erratic way Baris was driving, she begged him to please calm down.  She took his hand and tells him not to worry that everything will be fine and that she is with him. 

We also find that Rahmet no matter how much Rahmet tried running into Derin at her house he meets Derin as he is leaving the house and confesses to her, that he is in love with Deniz. Somehow Deniz found it funny, you can see Rahmet getting upset with her. Derin asks him why he played with her. 

Baris, Savas and Filiz arrived at the hospital. When they arrive, Nihal is not there yet. Filiz tells Baris she needs to leave before Nihal arrives.  Baris asked her to please stay at least until Savas goes into surgery. Baris tells her, “you being here with me, gives me strength, I don’t want to feel alone”. She stays. Savas tells his dad that, he does not want to go to surgery without seeing his mother. Savas was very agitated and scared, he even told the doctor to shut up. Baris was going to reprimand him when Filiz told Baris to move and she began to tell the story of the mini Elibols. (I think Baris fell in love even more with her when he saw with the love and tenderness that Filiz spoke to his son). So much so that she convinced him to get the injection and go to surgery. They took Savas, into surgery and Baris broke down, Filiz begs him to calm down that everything will be fine. Filiz gives him a big hug and tells him she’s leaving before Nihal arrives. Filiz asked him to please call her when Savas is out of surgery.

Selim calls Filiz when she is leaving, Filiz tells him where she is and he gets furious, tells her that if she is now Baris’s escort. Filiz tells him what the hell he is talking about, that to her there is nothing more important than the health of a child. Selim tells her that it is true that she is right, that they see each other later.

Zeynep and Fikri go to see Selim and ask what they can do to take the inheritance back.  Zeynep tells Selim that his father-in-law signed a document while he was drunk returning the estate to Melek’s mother. Selim tells him that there is nothing legally he can do because nobody forced him to drink. Fikri tells him that he will solve it his way. Zeynep and Fikri leave. Zeynep is becoming Fikri’s accomplice in all this foolishness. Hikmet is not liking it.

Tulay enters the cafe very sensuously calling Tufan when she looks and sees Fikri and Zeynep are also there. Tulay ignores them and asks Tufan if he likes the dress, but Tufan ignores her and asks if she wants tea. Tulay very sensual, tells him that she came because she cooked for him at home and wanted to invite him. Tufan tells her that he can’t go, that he has plans with his friends. Tulay asks him, “what friends”? Tufan tells her that she does not know them. It was very difficult for Tufan to refuse her, but he did it. Tulay was very angry. Leaving the cafe she meets Cicek. Cicek begins to give him love advice, but Tulay leaves her and tells her that she does not need advice from her. Cemil sees them and comes to talk to Cicek telling her that she must apologize for the other night. Cicek said no, when she mentions the poem he wrote to “Filiz”, Cemil tells her that if she is crazy, that the poem was for her, that between Filiz and him there is nothing. Cicek was happy and at the same time tells him that she liked it a lot. Tulay, tells Cicek that she got that way because she felt jealous of Filiz.

Filiz tells her family that Savas is undergoing a heart transplant. Kiraz, he says “he’s so small”? Filiz says yes but he was very sick. Hikmet asks Filiz if this is the reason why Baris had to get married. Filiz says yes. Everyone was very surprised and sad. They were crying and ashamed of everything they had done to Baris. Tulay especially was devastated, asking God that nothing happens to Savas. Filiz tells them not to worry that they have already found a heart and everything will be fine. Everyone is waiting for news from Baris. Tufan wanted to call him but Filiz tells him I’m waiting. That’s what Baris calls, everyone gets so happy.

Baris and Nihal await news from the surgeon. The doctor came out and tells him that everything went well. Nihal just wants to see her son. Nihal and Baris embrace. What joy to know that your son will be healthy. Nihal sees Baris on the phone, asks who he talks to and he says Filiz. Nihal was not happy with that. 

Fikri tells Zeynep that he has to find Melek’s mother.

Everyone is worried about Rahment. Rahmet comes to pick up his things and leave. Filiz is very angry and asks if he accepts the scholarship. Filiz tells him that his girlfriend was in the house, he asks, “What girlfriend?” Hikmet tells him how many does he have?  Filiz tells him it was Derin. There is no school, you are right “I am your biggest dissolution, it’s over, I’m leaving, I have accepted it, you should too”. Filiz tries to tell Rahmet that she was sorry for her behaviour and what she said to him, but she was furious at that time.  She begged him to please come home and not leave. Rahmet left. Of course in the car outside was Deniz waiting for him. (Do you really believe Deniz? Do you think she will accept his poverty?)

Rahment has his own studio/apartment and Deniz stays with him that night.  Rahmet asked Deniz, “Why is she always wanting to live, life in a hurry”? She asks him “why do you want to live so slowly?” (What does this girl hide?)

15 Days later

Savas has recovered from his surgery. All the Elibols came to visit Savas. Nihal was very tense and you could tell she did not want any Elibol there. Savas was very happy to meet the children and played with Ismo. Nihal also noticed the relationship between Baris and Fiko. Well everyone was very happy that Savas was fine. When Filiz wanted to leave, Baris tried to stop her but there was a lot of tension. Savas told them not to leave, but Baris promised to visit them at home. When they left, Nihal immediately goes after Filiz, confronts her and says, “that if she is using her son to approach her beloved, that if she thinks that she will take away her husband and her son too”. Filiz, could not believe what she was saying and tells her, ”the only reason I’m there is for Savas, for me the health of a child is of the utmost importance.  Nihal, asked her “why do you want Savas to visit your house? Then Cicek got upset and tells her that they only came to visit her son that Filiz is in a relationship with the lawyer Selim. Nihal asks Filiz, “is it true”? Filiz replies, “Yes it is.” Filiz tells Nihal that the reason why Savas knows about the Minibols is that Savas did not want to go into surgery because you were not there, the only reason he went was after she told him a story. Tufan, upset tells Nihal to return with her husband and son and not to think about so much nonsense. 

Filiz went to speak with the Dean of the School of Mathematics at the University, trying to see how they can make Rahmet enter the University. She begs him to help him, all she wants is for Rahmet to get the education he deserves. The Dean explains that because he is not a student, there is not much he can do for him. That the only thing he can do is allow him as a visiting student, but that he will have to take the exams again to be able to enter as a student.  On the way out Derin meets Filiz, Derin tells her that she and Rahmet do not speak to each other. Filiz tells her what the director told her. Derin, tell Filiz that she did it all for nothing. Filiz said not for nothing I will never give up I will find a way for Rahmet to return to the university, I do not know how but I will do it. Derin, says, “Although we’re not talking, I do not want him to be wasted, talk to Professor Ali, he’s the craziest teacher there is, he does not care about the rules, and I think he can help you. Tell him that Rahmet was the one who solved the problem he posted on the door”.  Filiz thanked Derin and went to talk to the teacher.

When she arrived at his classroom, it was locked and he was sitting inside, but he ignored her and did not open the door, Filiz stayed waiting. When she opens the door she asks him to talk to him. He tells him not to waste his time, “give me a reason why he should listen”. Filiz tells him that Rahmet was the one who answered the problem he put on the door. The teacher is immediately willing to listen. Following her conversation, she went to see Rahmet, but he became furious and told her “that studying is not for them. That he will not study, because something always happens with them. That the worst that could of happen has happened to her, because something bad always happens to the Elibol’s. I do not have the strength to dream and then be disappointed. Please let’s leave now”. Filiz tells him, “No matter how horrible things have been for me and us, that no time have I felt defeated, we cannot give up”.  

Fikri comes up with a brilliant idea to turn Zeynep into a high society girl. The two are always climbing something. They found the mother-in-law, and Zeynep started with the plan. Zeynep meets Melek’s mother posing as a high society girl.   Zeynep tells Fikri that tomorrow they will prepare a nonprofit lunch. Zeynep also tells him that she believes that the mother-in-law is ashamed of him. Fikri, says, you’ll see how much she’s going to be ashamed of me. The next day they arrive at the party and embarrassed the old woman in front of everyone. The lady faints.

When Filiz arrives at the atelier with Selim, Baris is waiting for her. Baris tells Selim to tell Filiz everything he has been doing, the threats for them to move out. Calling the owner, but you’re not going to get away with it, I will buy this building. Filiz tells Baris that this is not possible, that Selim is not that kind of man. Baris tells her that she is very innocent, that he talked to the owner, and Selim was blackmailing the owner. That he went to him to tell him to kick them out of here. When Filiz asks Selim, he says he could not continue allowing Baris to treat her badly. Baris insults him by telling him how many peoples lives he has affected, how many people come here to see the doctor here and the people who work there, you want to leave everyone on the streets. “You’re a selfish bastard. Filiz left them alone fighting and she entered the atelier. Tulay and Cicek are surprised that Semil can do something like that, without taking into account the sick people of the neighbourhood and the nurse. 

Savas, begs Nihal to take him to see the Minibols, Nihal is reluctant, that’s when Baris comes in and the boy tells him he wants to see the Minibols. Nihal goes to sleep insulted. Baris and Savas call Filiz to ask if they can go tomorrow. Everyone is happy with the upcoming visit.

Baris called Filiz in the morning to confirm the visit with Savas later. Baris arrives at Filiz’s house, everyone is very happy to see them. Ismo and Savas play together and they all get along very well. Filiz goes out to take some air and breath and Baris follows her. She tells him; we cannot continue like this, this won’t work, we cannot continue seeing each other. You have a family. “Baris tells her; “you’re right. You also have a life, and I do not let you live it”.  “I will leave the clinic”. Filiz says “That would be the right thing to do”. Filiz tells him that she is going for Savas and says goodbye to Baris. “I’m going and I’ll bring it to you.” Baris, he says, “Filiz, do not go! I cannot be without you”. “I cannot be without you either. But, Baris you have a family”. “I made a promise to Nihal because she helps me get you out of jail. Yes, Savas was sick so I stayed with her. But there’s no reason, you’re free and Savas is healthy”.  They kissed and embraced with all the love they feel. Filiz asked; “Baris did you get married for me”? “Yes! she found evidence to get you out. Nothing matters anymore. Filiz holds my hand. It’s okay? Never let go. We will fight against everyone and everything, together”.

Nihal and Selim arrived at the same time when they stop at the entrance to the house they see Baris and Filiz kissing. Nihal starts shouting at them and tells them if they are making fun of her. Nihal yells, “I’ll ruin you, I’ll ruin both of you. Do you understand me”? Baris tells her to calm down.  “What’s going on here?” Nihal answers him. “The husband of the great Prosecutor is kissing with one of the neighbourhood girls.” Baris replies, “What a husband, look here our marriage is just a formality, it’s only on paper. We got married for our son. But it’s over, it’s over”. Baris takes Filiz’s hand and tells both of them; “I’m with Filiz. I love her! I cannot continue without her. Nihal, understand, I’m with Filiz.”  Baris, calls Selim an opportunist and Selim lost it and starts a fight.

Cemil comes in the middle of it all to tell the girls that someone robbed the Atelier. 

WRITTEN BY – Diana Gonzalez



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