The last episode ended with Selim telling Filiz that he had to name their relationship. Filiz agreed and told him we’ll give it a name. They sat to see a movie and Selim took her hand. With a little fear, they looked into each other’s eyes. Baris and Nihal spoke and Nihal told him that she was going to do her best to help him with his pain, because of his great sacrifice for his son. That she does not know how but she will try.

Filiz prepares a special dinner and nobody knows for whom. Selim arrived with beautiful flowers. Everyone was surprised that the dinner was for Selim. (He always has a frightened face). Filiz announced the new courtship with Selim. Fikri asked for gold for his daughter’s hand. The brothers Hikmet and Rahmet told them, that they should get to know each other better.

Cemil and Cicek stumbled, into each other. Cicek brought him some cakes and he says he likes them a lot. She told him that if he wants she makes some to him. These two are falling more each day. Cemil is writing a poem to Cicek. But it’s a little weird. Cemil went to look for her at the house and put it in her jacket pocket.
Savas doctor calls to inform them that Savas is next on the transplant list. They hugged. Telling themselves that our child will be saved.

Tufan tries to be kind and loving during dinner with Tulay, but Tulay gets up and leaves. Filiz and the others tell Tufan to go after her and to talk that love is worth fighting for. She warned him that she is going to divorce him. He asks her; why are you going to be divorcing me for? “She asks him; “why would I stay married to you?” “If you come back home, can you bring our babies back?” He replies “no, but if I leave they will not return either”. Tulay tells him that she was not crazy, that she only pretended to be, because she wanted to be, but that did not work either. Tufan tells her that he is also in pain, that he also lost his children. Tufan begged her not to do this, that he knows she loves him and he loves her, that they will have other babies. That if it happened once it can happen again. She was furious and slapped him. He tells him that they cannot be replaced like a broken cup. She told him to leave and that everything is over. They are both destroyed.

Cicek asks Filiz if he really is in love with Selim. She tells her that, if she is doing this to forget about Baris, it is not right and you will not succeed. Filiz tells her that he is a good man and that she loves him as a person. What you call love comes with time. She says he is the logical one. Cicek asks him. “Are you going to embrace him at night with logic? Are you going to have children with logic? Without love, it will not work. Selim will also be angry.” Filiz tells her; “Selim knows my feelings for Baris that he will not get angry. There are other things more important than love, such as trust, peace, and respect. Selim is someone I can walk within this life. At least I think I made the right decision”. Cicek tells her that in her opinion it is not correct that if you ask her, she would never approve.Hikmet and Rahmet are going to talk to Selim. When they get to Selim’s office the see that Tulay, Cicek, Zeynep and Fikri, are also there. First, enter Hikmet and Rahmet telling Selim that they will investigate him. They ask for his driver’s license. They ask for a criminal record. Selim smiles with the questions that the boys are asking him but he gives them everything. It is the f Cicek and Tulay turns to question Selim. Among many things, they ask to meet his mother. And now it’s up to the crazy Fikri and Zeynep to interrogate him or rather to ask. The first thing that Fikri asks is a bottle. He wants to go to Switzerland to find Melek. Even Zeynep asks for a house. He does not know what to do with them and has that puzzled look on his face. (Well he always has that look☺)

Baris comes to work very happy and tells the nurse to go for some cakes. When she leaves he goes to see Filiz with the excuse of bringing a book to Kiraz. Filiz tells him that she and Selim are together. He was speechless. Suddenly he tells her that she can’t be with him. That he needs to leaves and leaves her alone. Do not do that to “us.” Filiz tells him that there is no “us.” Baris asks her what the need for her to have someone is. That she does not love that man. Filiz asks him to leave. He tells her that he will not allow her to throw herself into the fire as he had to do. He tells Filiz that he is going to tell him the truth about the relationship between Nihal and him. She tells him that she already knows the truth. That he did the right thing. That he needs to let her do the right thing for her, have my own family, a life. Baris tells her that if she tells him she does not love him, he leaves and she will never see him again. She tells him that it does not matter anymore. Baris tells her that he will not allow her to marry a man she does not love. She tells him that she loves Selim. He yells at him. “The man that you love is in front of you”. Let’s talk, let’s find a solution. This has a solution. She tells him that she has a lot of work and will not deal with it now. Filiz ignores him and goes to work. He says he’s going to lose his mind. Baris still insisting on finding a solution. Filiz reminds him that he is a married man. Baris tells her that he had to do it for his son. That they do not sleep together. She tells him that she does not care. That he can do whatever he wants. Filiz is furious and reminds him of Hulya. She lets him know that she has someone in her life and that she loves Selim. But Baris is reluctant to accept this relationship. Baris asks her; “What do you know about Selim, does he have any siblings? What his favourite dish? What colour are his eyes?” Filiz tells him “It’s true, I do not know the colour of his eyes or his favourite dish, nor do I feel butterflies when I look him in the eyes, nor do I feel excitement when I see him. I only know that Selim is an honest, decent, honourable man. I know that Selim is his real name, that he is not a thief, and that his ex-wife will never come. If he had a son he would come to tell me because he is honest. He would not make me hate him either. I’m sure of that. I’m tired Baris. Tired of your stories. You make me sick I want to heal, Leave me alone, please. The girls arrived. Either start sewing or leave. I do not care”.

Baris, can’t take it anymore and calls Tufan to meet at theneighbourhoodd house. Baris has gone crazy with the courtship of Filiz and Selim so much so, that he is thinking of kidnapping her. Tufan begs him to think well what he is wanting to do. That he should leave her alone, to look for another job. Baris was furious with everything and everyone that he tells Tufan that this is not the advice he seeks. Baris, says some very hurtful words to Tufan; “What do you know? Just look at your marriage, your wife to left you and is divorcing you?” Tufan hurt and furious and tells him to remember that he did not leave the woman he loves to marry another. Baris tells Tufan “SHE IS MINE”. Then he calms down and asks Tufan how things are with him and Tulay. Baris tries to advice Tufan. He tells Tufan to act differently, you need to make her remember why she fell in love with him. Baris gave him the key to sleep in the house and not in the cafe. He asked for “apology” for being furious with him, but told him that he is furious with everything and everyone these days.

Filiz went to have a coffee with Selim and he told her about all the requirements that his Brothers, dad, Zeynep and Tulay asked him. When Filiz arrives at the house, she asks everyone for an account. At last Fiko and Kiraz tell the father that Melek is dying.

Fikri turned away from the house and looked for Cücü and started drinking again. When the mother-in-law goes to look for him and tells him that Melek died. He told her that she understood why she decided to spend her last days with him. Because she made happily. She tried to get him drunk so he would sign a document. She gave him a bottle after bottle until she got him to sign. Cücü also drunk leaves behind Fikri and mother-in-law because he suspects something. Cücü stays with him.

Filiz returns to the atelier. Filiz found the poem that Cemil wrote to Cicek and thought that Baris had written it and went flying to where Baris was. The poem was so ridiculous. That a primary school child can write something better. Baris tells her that this poem is an insult to him and to poetry. That he never wrote that. She tells him who could have been and Baris answers; “The idiot of the lawyer”. She asks him again; “Are you sure it was not you”? He asks her; “Did you forget my handwriting also? I have to write like a doctor, if I had written it I, you would not be able to read it. I would never write such nonsense. “Then Baris began to recite a love poem. When he finished Filiz tells him that he must recite this to his wife and not her that she has a boyfriend. Filiz went back to the Atelier and there was Selim with the girls trying not to go to the clinic. Selim told her that he could not believe she allowed Baris to write her a love poem. And she tells him that Baris was not the one that who wrote that. Selim asked who would have done it. “Do you have a secret lover”? Filiz says; how can you believe I have a secret lover. Selim is starting to show his true colours. He is starting to investigate how to get Baris out of that clinic.

When Tulay sees Tufan leaving the house of Baris, she asks him what he is doing, he tells her that it is not her problem, that they are already getting divorced. At last Tufan is getting hard on Tulay.

Rahmet finally confronted Deniz and asked him, if her whole game is to separate Derin from him. Deniz entered Rahmet in the Mathematics competition as Ahmet Saritas. Rahmet learns that there is no Ahmet Saritas, but Deniz used that name to enter him into the competition. Rahmet insulted her and she tells him that she only thought about him and that she thought that maybe by winning the competition he would give more value to himself. Rahmet throws the money to her face and she tells him he is a coward. Derin went to the professor and told him that Rahmet is Acmet Sarita. The winner of the competition.
Derin and Tolga are spending time together who knows maybe these two will fall in love.

When Filiz enters the house she found Derin was waiting for her. Derin tells her the whole truth about Rahmet. She tells Filiz that Rahmet is not attending school as a student but as a janitor. Derin also told her, that he could not do the exam because he fell asleep, because he was very tired from work. She also tells him about the competition, that he won a scholarship abroad and that he does not want to accept it. When Rahmet arrives Filiz asks him; “How can you look me in the eyes and lie to me? When I ask you about your studies, you lie to me”. She tells everyone that she is tired of the lies. “How can I protect you if you always lie to me? All my loved ones have lied to me but never, not when Baris, or mom, or dad, never before, have I felt the pain that I feel now. Rahmet, you are my biggest disappointment”. Rahmet runs and leaves. Only to run into his father and Cücü. All three get drunk.

Rahmet arrived at the club where Deniz was, grabbed her by the arm and kissed her. They spend the night together at Deniz’s house. The next morning Deniz tried to hide Rahmet from her sister and her father, but she could not evade Derin, and Rahmet confessed to Derin that he fell in love with Deniz. Derin got very sad. (I hope that Rahmet suffers. I hate what he is doing to Derin).

Cicek goes to Cemil’s house to bake a cake. Both were having a lot of fun. When Cicek asks Cemil for a sheet of paper and he tells her where to look for it. Cicek finds the poem that was in Filiz’s pocket that everyone thought was for Filiz. Cicek threw the flour at Cimil’s face and left without Cemil knowing what was happening. She called Tulay and went to see her crying. (Looks like she fell in love with Cemil).
Selim finds a way to get Baris out of the clinic. Tulay starts to be jealous of Tufan and does not understand his new attitude.

Cücü tells Fikri that he signed his inheritance over to his mother-in-law. He gave her the millions that Melek left to him. Fikri was speechless. (How will he be able to recover his inheritance, Selim will help you?)

Baris receives a letter telling him that he has to vacate the clinic. He meets Filiz and furiously tells her to tell his boyfriend to leave him alone. The much-anticipated call comes in, a heart has been found for Savas. Baris and Filiz leave together. Filiz tells him that she is with him, she takes his hand. (Will Savas heart transplant be successful? Baris and Filiz, what will happen to them?) We will see next week.

WRITTEN BY – Diana Gonzalez



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