Of course, our hero found Kiraz!
Remember in the previous episode when someone grabbed Kiraz by the hand? That, someone, was Emre. Kiraz had called him and told him that she was dying, so he, in turn, called Baris, not knowing that Kiraz and Baris knew each other. Kiraz, seeing that Baris was taking care of her, asks him; why are you taking care of me, why do you care, if you abandoned us all”? Baris explains to her that he did not abandon any of them. He tells Kiraz that he will call Filiz because she has to be worried sick about her. Baris asked Kiraz what happened. Kiraz tells Baris everything that happened at school is so tight living 9 people in that small house. Baris tells her that it does not matter what anyone calls her a liar a loser, that she is neither a liar nor a loser. To never let anyone make her feel that way. She says she will not go back to school. That she is very lonely. Baris tells her that she is very intelligent that she needs to think things through and she will realize that she is not alone that she has her family and her sister and him.

When Selim found out that Kiraz is with Baris, his face was sad, but always supporting Filiz. Selim wanted to stay until Baris arrived with Kiraz but Filiz told him it was not necessary. Baris took Kiraz to the house when the brothers saw him they went crazy knowing that she called Baris. They treated him badly. Baris explained that she had not called him but that Emre called him because he did not know what to do. Baris tells Filiz not to scold Kiraz very much and Rahmet told him among other things that he is dead to the Elibols. Hikmet confirms that he is dead and buried. Baris tells him that he is not looking for anything that only brought Kiraz. Filiz tells the brothers when Baris left that they already told him what they had to say, she does not want to hear another word about Baris.

The next day Filiz, thinking she was doing something good for Kiraz, talked to the children in her class and once again embarrassed. Kiraz called Baris to please come to pick her up from school. Baris, picked her up and brought her to his home, they talked about Melek, she asks Baris to please find her. After introducing Savas to Kiraz, Baris leaves them alone to find out about Melek. Savas, trying to make conversation with her, asks if she has any brothers or sisters, she tells him that she has Fiko and Ismo, Kiraz is a bit cold with Savas. He asks if she wants to play, Kiraz says no. He asks, “If you were my sister, would you play with me”? She asks him “Why do would you want any siblings if you have everything”? Baris enters and takes them to the kitchen and they cook together. Nihal enters and hears the conversation between Kiraz and Baris in which Kiraz asks him “why did he abandon them, especially when his sister was in prison”? He replies that it was because of things that he had no control but that it had nothing to do with them.

Kiraz asks him if he stopped loving Filiz. He replies that Filiz is the most intelligent and wonderful woman than the known. She is better than all your siblings and me. Nihal was behind the door listening to the conversation, she enters and Baris introduces her as his wife and she tells him to come out for a second to talk. She asks him; “What is Kiraz doing in the house?” He answers; “She needs me and I’m waiting to tell her that her stepmother is dying”? And he does not know how to tell her. Kiraz hears it. Baris tells her that she has a big family, a beautiful sister and that she can always count on him. Nihal listens to the conversation. Nihal is presented again but now more understanding. I do not think Nihal has any other choice but to accept Kiraz and treat her well. Under the pretext that Filiz owes Selim a dinner, he takes her home. She was a little shy and nervous at first but he made her feel comfortable.

Tulay tries to convince with Cicek to call Filiz and tell her that she is going for the children so that Filiz stays longer with Selim. Filiz meets the beautiful kitten Pompom.

Fikri and Zeynep are like crazy trying to make an auction with the bust. What they have not realized is that this is a contraband piece of art. But neither of them give up and they are scheduling the auction in at Tufan’s Café. Tufan reads about the contraband and shows it to Hikmet. Hikmet is furious and warns him that the artefact is stolen, that they cannot go ahead with the auction. Zeynep ignores Hikmet and Fikri and she leads the auction.

The auction begins!

! Cemil arrives, everyone leaves! Fikri and Cemil fight with the bust. .. What will happen?

Baris takes Kiraz to the house, no one sees him but Tufan. The go together to Baris’s house. Once there Baris begins to remember the beautiful memories Filiz and he shared there. Suddenly he looked out the window and he sees Filiz and Selim getting out of the car. Baris lost it. Tufan tries to calm him down, tells him that it was normal for her to move on, but no way, he went crazy and comes out of the house to meet Filiz and tells her he wants to talk to her. Selim tells him to stay away from the family and after several words back and forth, Selim releases a punch and a fight is begins. Filiz takes Selim to clean his face in the house while Baris stares as they walk side by side to the house. Hikmet tells Baris that this is the second time they meet like this, the third will not be forgiven. Baris is devastated, defeated and sad.

The next day Baris meets Filiz in the park. He tells her that he just wanted to talk about Kiraz. She only answers him; “Are you trying to block my life”? That he wants to be married and wants her to be alone. That he wants to have his cake and eat it too. She reminds him that she went to prison because of his father, that she asked him to take care of the kids while she was in prison and he abandoned them, that he abandoned all of them. He tells her that he never abandoned anyone that he was always looking out for them. “They did not see me but I was always there”. He confesses that he lied to her, that he wanted her to hate him because he still loves her. That he loves her so much that he cannot live without her. Filiz tells him that he ended their life together and he has to accept it.

Tolga is crying and sad because Deniz left him. Derin tells her sister that you have to convince Rahmet to enter the competition so he can take a scholarship abroad. Denis, tells her Rahmet is not her problem. Apparently, Deniz thought it over and proposed a job to Rahmet. She tells him that she has a friend who wants to enter the math competition but she needs him to do the work for him, that he pays very well. Rahmet tells her that if she realizes that everything is due tomorrow. She tells him that her sister will be in the library all night working on the project that he can stay with her all night. He accepted! (You finally did something good). Derin and Rahmet are in the library and Tolga comes with coffee Rahmet tells him that he has to work and leaves. Not without first telling Tolga not to cry anymore and let Derin work. Tolga with his beautiful innocent looking face tells her he will stay with her and bring her coffee and toast all night. (I do not know about you but I think that Tolga and Derin make a beautiful couple). Rahmet is going to work on the project and of course, here comes Deniz. He tells her that Derin told him what happened to him and the university. That she’s going to stay with him to make sure it does not happen again. She asks him if he really fell asleep oh if he sabotaged himself. Oh, maybe he is happy with his life and has no courage for more. He just answers maybe. He asked her, what is behind that pathetic and reckless and vengeful person; “What do you really get when you use people as napkins? What happened your father did not give you enough attention, he loves Derin more than his own daughter? Oh, perhaps your mother abandoned you? Deniz gave him a well deserved slap. (However, what is really behind her hurtful ways, what has made Deniz so vengeful?)

The following morning, Rahmet gave the work to Deniz, she pays him and leaves. Rahmet tries to apologize for last night, but she just moved on.
Payback is a b****, Fiko put lice on the kid’s hair, now he made sure all the kids knew they had lice and laughed at them. It was funny when Ipek says that she cannot catch lice because she uses an American shampoo. Ha!

Filiz goes to Selim’s house again. He confesses that she is the only woman he has fought for. He tells her that he cannot handle a relationship that does not have a name. That he is confused. He does not know what to say or as current. Filiz believes she is ready to start again and tells him. “Let’s name it them.” He remains silent. Filiz asks him; “you have nothing to say”? He answers, “a lot” and asks if she is sure. She answers him; “Yes, she thought a lot and made a decision.” They both sit down to watch a movie with a little apprehension Selim takes her hand. What will happen? How can Filiz make this relationship, with the great love she has for Baris? We will see in the next episode.

Nihal decides to go to Baris and tells him that she understands his pain because she felt the same when he left her. That thanks to Savas she was able to overcome it. She knows that she will never have his heart. Nihal said that all she wants is to help with his pain, he asks; “How”? She answers him; “I do not know how together we’ll try. I don’t want you to carry the sacrifice you made for my son alone. Let her share his pain. That she is willing to help Kiraz because her situation saddens her”. She takes his hand. It is seen that he does not want this and does not know how to get out of this relationship. What will happen when Baris finds out that Selim and Filiz are a couple?


WRITTEN BY – Diana Gonzalez



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