Remember when Baris finally kissed Filiz in the last episode’s ending, we were so happy that they finally seem to have a chance to be together again? Well, it didn’t go so well because Filiz pushes him off angrily. Baris doesn’t expect this, but Filiz is so angry that Baris is married to Nihal while still being in love with her.  She tells him that he can’t be jealous of him because he’s now married and to leave her alone and pull himself together. Both of them leave the dinner separately.

Baris goes to Tufan’s café that night to talks to him. Tufan is worried about Tulay’s behaviour, but Baris convinces him she’ll need some time to settle down after what she went through. We then finally find out that Baris didn’t know he had a son until he met Nihal again the day Filiz was arrested. His son has arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and he married Nihal to support them.

Cemil notices the lights in the café in the middle of the night, and while Tufan manages to hide Baris from him, Cemil gets suspicious that Tufan is cheating on Tulay. He tells Cicek to keep an eye on Tufan, and they go to his café the next day together. Cicek prattles a bit but somehow finds a women’s scarf hidden in the kitchen. They believe that Tufan is seeing another woman and decide to wait and watch together. Tufan gives that scarf later to Tulay and begs her to let him stay with her. But Tulay knows she’s different now and asks him to leave.

Baris and Nihal get into a big fight when he tells her he can’t do this anymore. He wants to tell Filiz the truth and get back to her, but Nihal swears that she’ll never let that happen. Savas, who had been watching them fight, gets sick again and they rush him back to the hospital. The doctor instructs them to keep him in a calm, peaceful environment, and Nihal blames Baris for his sudden heart attack because he wanted to leave him for his old love. Apparently, Nihal came back to Baris’s life because Savas wanted to see his dad before he would go for his surgery. And Nihal had given Baris one condition if he wanted to be with Savas; that is to cut Filiz out of his life and live with them. If he agreed with her condition, she offered to get Filiz out of the prison. Baris agreed, and voila! This is the missing piece of the puzzle we were looking for this whole time!

When he doesn’t go to work the next day, Tulay thinks he ran away from Filiz finally. She wants Filiz to be with Selim, who sends his colleague to work with Filiz from now on. Selim doesn’t answer her calls and Tulay thinks Filiz offended him by leaving him last night. When he finally answers, Filiz realizes that Tulay is correct, so she goes to talk to him. Selim tells her that he likes her, but since she doesn’t feel the same way about him he wanted to stay away from her. Selim wishes she’d find someone who’d make her happy. Filiz tells him that she’s in love with Baris and she knows she can’t be with him. She says she has no space for anyone else in her heart, but if she wants to be with someone, it’ll be Selim.

Baris calls Tufan to meet him somewhere in secret, and Cicek and Cemil start following him and they see him meeting with Baris. Baris explains everything that has been going on since Filiz went to prison. He tells him that he can’t live without Filiz, and he doesn’t know what to do. Tufan says his son’s life is more important than anything. In the meantime, Nihal meets Filiz and asks her to stay away from Baris. She tells her about their son’s sickness. Filiz understands the situation. She meets Baris the next day and they finally sit down and talk without getting into a fight. Filiz tells that since he’s married and has a kid, it’s impossible to be together. She doesn’t want them to be enemies and wants to move on with their lives. They sit together for a while in silence, reminiscing and finally shake hands for good-bye. I really hope it’s not a good-bye. This was a very touching scene.

Zeynep makes a plan with Kiraz and Fikret to go back to Melek’s house. They see that the house has been put on sale, and Zeynep tells Fikri that he needs to do something to get the house back somehow. The kids force him to try and remember something (looks like he really lost his memory) and something triggers him suddenly to get flashbacks of an incident that we didn’t know about. Clearly, he went through something back, and this memory makes him want to leave the house immediately. In the meantime, Kiraz’s friend Ipek comes looking for Kiraz, and Cicek and Cemil realize they’re missing. Cicek starts to panic and Cemil comforts her. They have a small moment together, which was interrupted by Kiraz, Fikret, Fikri and Zeynep. Ipek makes fun of Kiraz at school for being poor. Fikret hits the kids and gets into trouble.

Selim comes back to meet Filiz and tells her he will wait for her, but Filiz says he can’t promise anything. Fikret’s school calls Filiz because of the fight, and the parents of the kid who got beaten by Fikret wants to sue him. Selim, who goes to solve the problem with Filiz comes to the rescue. Fikret tells everyone that he hit the kid because they made fun of their poverty and made Kiraz cry. Kiraz goes missing and everyone starts looking for her. At home, Fikri gets another random flashback, where he’s in the back of a vehicle and hears gunshots. He had found the stone head there. He remembers that he tried to go to Switzerland hidden in a truck.

In the university, Deniz is getting ready for the ball and her boyfriend asks Rahmet how to deal with her. Rahmet tells him to run away and save himself! Derin is still upset with Rahmet, but he explains the situation at home to her, and how he missed the exam to enter university. She understands, but when she tries to kiss him, he tells her now is not the time because he has too many things in his head. I wonder if Deniz is also one of them… At the festival, Derin explains that Deniz might be plotting her revenge from someone from the band because they leaked an absurd video of her in the past. Rahmet notices Deniz putting some ice on the drinks and wonders if she has added something to it.

Derin gets drunk and Rahmet takes her out of the party while he hears everyone screaming back at the pool. When Rahmet goes back he finds out the Tolga has drowned and everyone was blaming Ilker (the band member who leaked Deniz’s video in the past) for drowning him. They start filming the scene from their phones and Deniz blackmails him to tell everyone what he did to her for the video. He admits that he drugged her and he everyone catches this on film. Tolga wakes up and threatens Ilker to remove Deniz’s video from the internet. When Rahmet asks why Deniz acts like there’s no tomorrow, she says maybe she doesn’t have a tomorrow.

While everyone is panicking and looking for Kiraz, she’s roaming around the streets alone in the night. The episode comes to an end when someone grabs hold of her and pulls her to the side. Let’s pray nothing bad will happen to poor Kiraz…





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