This week starts off with Baris taking his family for lunch, and Selim taking Filiz for their lunch, more like the “revenge” lunches of Baris and Filiz. We knew it won’t go well, but only it happened in a different way. On the way Filiz gets sick and they end up taking her back home. At the restaurant Savas (Baris’s son) gets sick so they end up leaving too. Nihal teaches Savas to talk to Baris so he won’t leave them again. She tries to take the opportunity to get closer to Baris, and they talk as if they knew Savas would get sick like this. Is there something serious with Savas?

Hikmet tries to leave home to find a job instead of going to school. He argues with Filiz when she tries to make him understand he can’t take care of his wife alone without proper education and a job. He doesn’t agree with Filiz. Zeynep is now staying with Tulay, and when Hikmet comes to take her away with him, Zeynep stays back so Hikmet leaves everyone alone. Kiraz blames Filiz for sending off Hikmet without taking care of him. This provokes Fikret too, and both of them blame Filiz for not looking out for their dad and making them stay in their poor house. Filiz gets very angry at this accusation and sends them both off too.  Hikmet starts to stay at Tufan’s café. Rahmet tries to put some sense to Hikmet, because he doesn’t like Zeynep, but Hikmet says he really loves her a lot.

Selim realizes that Filiz is not ready for a relationship again, but his friend encourages him to chase her. Filiz is worried about her dad now that there’s no news about him. Kiraz and Fikret are wondering how to go back to Melek’s house and they decide to make a video that their dad is missing and upload it. Filiz seeks helps from Selim to find him.

We finally see Fikri at an asylum in Turkey. He is so funny wherever he is, and he starts leading the other patients there, but a nurse recognises him from Kiraz’s video. But when Kiraz and Fikret visit him he pretends not to remember them. They need an adult to discharge him from the hospital, so Filiz and Selim go to do that. Fikri keeps calling Selim “the husband” and “the groom”, and when realises Selim has money he wants to go and stay with him. But he ends up staying at Filiz’s place, still holding on to the stone head we saw from last episode. Kiraz and Fikret are desperate to go back to Melek’s house and get Fikri’s memories back.

Zeynep wants to go back to Baris’s annexe, but Tulay doesn’t let her. Zeynep is manipulative as usual, and now that Tulay is also quite animated about everything it’s an easy task for Zeynep. She takes her for a complete makeover, where Tulay looks like an entirely different person with her new blonde hair and new clothes. Cicek couldn’t even recognize her at first. Tulay had completely changed her home too. She had thrown away Tufan’s bed and all of their old things. They want to change the house to a modern one, and this makes Tufan really angry at both of them. Tulay gets really crazy and tells Tufan to get out too. He joins Hikmet at the café to stay with him.

Zeynep goes to meet Baris and manipulates him too. She tells him she’s stressed because of her situation at home, where her husband’s family is fighting and how she’s not allowed to live in the annexe because it belongs to her sister-in-law’s ex-boyfriend. She pretends that she didn’t know Baris is the ex-boyfriend, and Baris tells her she can live there as long as she wants without rent. Baris tells Filiz to let the kids live there, and as usual,l they end up fighting.

At the university, Rahmet tells Derin her problems at home, where he sees Deniz with another boy. Is Deniz doing this to make Rahmet jealous?  He sure looks upset to see them together. Derin wants Rahmet to tell the truth to Filiz and not waste his skills being a cleaner at the university. Deniz is organizing a festival, and Rahmet volunteers to help. They get into an argument again. Derin makes an appointment with the head of the maths department for Rahmet, but this makes Rahmet so angry, though he instantly regrets it. I think he’s angry because of his confusion on the sisters. He confronts Deniz next, asking what exactly she needs from him. They leave things on the edge as usual.

The next morning Filiz and Selim take Fikri to a doctor. The doctor says he might have gone through a shock to lose his memory. Fikri still keeps calling Selim “the groom” and tell Filiz to marry him because he’s rich. Filiz is very uncomfortable about this, but Selim is not! Selim jokingly gives a bottle of drinking yogurt wrapped like a beer to Fikri later, and this makes him dislike Selim immediately. Selim asks Filiz to join him at a ball, but Filiz doesn’t give a proper answer. Fikri is angry with Zeynep too, for giving him a grandchild so soon so that he feels old. Filiz tells everyone that Zeynep and Hikmet will live with her in the same house.

Nihal finds out Selim and Filiz’s names in the list of attendees for the ball, and wants to take Baris with her. He reluctantly agrees to go with her. Tufan meanwhile calls him to meet and talk later. Filiz is at her place having dinner with her big family. Hikmet and Zeynep have also joined them. They start arguing about where to live (Fikri, Kiraz, Fikret want to go to Melek’s) while Selim comes to take Filiz to the dinner.

As they walk in to the dinner, Filiz sees Nihal and Baris together. Baris too notices her, and Selim goes away to answer a call. Filiz leaves immediately and Baris follows her, and they start arguing again. Baris tells her to get out and plan her wedding with Selim, then Filiz tells him that Selim is only her friend. Baris also finds out that Mr. Mansur is only her boss, not her future father-in-law. He finally realises that Filiz is not together with Selim, and this new information leads him to finally kiss Filiz. Yes, he kisses her! Can we expect them to get back together now? I hope the kiss was worth the wait! Let’s see in the next episode…




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